Lindstrøm – Smalhans album review

Norway isn’t well known to be one of the major centers of dance music in Europe. However, Lindstrøm rose to the ranks and quickly became one of Europe’s most respected producers. Born Hans-Peter Lindstrøm in a country suburb of Stavanger, Norway, Lindstrøm launched his own label Feedelity in 2002 which propelled him to become one of the staples of Norwegian dance music. Lindstrøm has released critically acclaimed gems such as It’s a Feedelity Affair, Where you Go I Go Too, and Six Cups of Rebel, which was released earlier this year. Smalhans, a six track EP, is no exception.

Lindstrøm serves up a smorgasbord of Norwegian dance hits, literally, since every song is titled with the name of a traditional Norwegian dish. The lead track, Rà-àkõ-st, reinforces Lindstrom’s “space-disco” brand, one that is very present in his previous work. Lindstrøm constructs soft and melodic sounds that draw you in, only to release a collection of beats that keep the momentum going, imperative for any dance track. Vos-sako-r and F??r-i-k??l are two of the most notable tracks that display this skill that Lindstrøm has mastered beautifully.

The EP was mixed by Todd Terje, another notable name in the Norwegian dance scene. Smalhans delicisiouly portrays the best of what Norwegian dance music has to offer. Lindstrom’s ability to serve you a delicious Norwegian dance dish will leave you wanting for more.

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