Day – Land of 1,000 Chances album review

Although his name might not ring a bell to many underground fans, Palm Springs-based artist Day (previously known as DJ Day) has 17 years in the music business under his belt lending his talents to the likes of Aloe Blacc, Clutchy Hopkins, and People Under the Stars, to name a few. Day released his first album, “The Day Before,” in 2007 exposing listeners to his deliciously chill sound. His sophomore release, “Land of 1,000 Chances,” continues Day’s legacy in his most ambitious project yet.

Laid back, heavy, and melancholic: Day accurately summarizes the emotions evoked from this album upon the first 20 seconds into the first track. VQ and Mama Shelter sets up the jazz-influenced foundation for the album. Qualudde, FML, and Hopefully are notable interludes that are easy on the ear and warm to the touch. The title track “Land of 1,000 Changes” served as the peak of the album, providing a beautiful reminder of the jazzy hip hop days. Green Fin and Boots in the Pool are a melodic reminder of those lazy days in the summer spent by the ocean or pool. W-E-L-O-V-E brings the jazz influence full circle ending the album on a good note (literally).

“Land of 1,000 Chances” is a gem that is sure to please those who seek a warm, melodic reminder of the summer with an infectious hip hop beat. The album is painful reminder for music fans alike that in order to seek innovative sound, you must dig deeper into the underground.

By Angie Veras

Angie Veras is a freelance writer/blogger currently based out of Miami, FL.

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