PVT – Homosapien album review

Electronic trio PVT recently released their fourth album “Homosapien,” bringing thirteen warped, some even eccentric sounds While the album showcases the abilities of all three members, it does have a slight early eighties feel which causes the songs to lose a bit of quality. In the song “Electric,” PVT pull pieces from Gary Numan & The Tubeway Army’s 1979 album “Replicas.” “Evolution” resembles an ‘80’s pop group if you listen closely. It is as though PVT time traveled back thirty years, when they should have stayed in the present.

PVT, an experimental rock band based in London and Sydney are made up of three talented musicians: Richard Pike (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards), Laurence Pike (drums, keyboards, percussion) and Dave Miller (laptop, production). The fact that the word “laptop” is now considered a musical instrument can be disheartening to some, but the band does find its way to groove themselves out of the typical electronic sound. “Homosapien,” delivers a strong mix of vocals and guitars, with a live drum kit. Pike’s vocals resemble Thom Yorke’s style, especially in the tenth track “Casual Success.”

One of the highlights of the album is “Shiver.” It features more of a psychedelic sound, remarkably close to “The Postal Service” and “The Knife.” As the song progresses it has a trippy vibe, causing it to sound fascinatingly weird. “Vertigo” has a dream-like effect, and is less pop-oriented compared to the other songs.

While “Homosapien” is definitely interesting and vibrant, I wouldn’t consider it their best work. The main problem with this album is how the listener must dive deeper into the songs to realize it will eventually pick up in tempo. Living in this fast-paced world where many people want to try and get to the point quickly, artists lose their audience if they delay the true quality of their performance.

It is very clear that PVT have taken a turning point on their musical career. “Homosapien” is very different from anything they have created in the past. Nevertheless, PVT are definitely taking a step into a new direction. Whether they should take one step back, or stay exactly where they are is debatable.

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