Tom Delay Beats “Echelon” – Electronics Gone Wild! From Sharks in the Sky

Eclectic, contemporary Hip Hop producer Tom Delay Beats makes electronics come to life in “Echelon”, the second video from his Sharks in the Sky instrumental project!
You can watch “Echelon” below, along with Delay’s haunting video for “The Living Dead”, which was directed by photographer Louis Martins and Poet102 Productions!

Sharks in the Sky is currently available on iTunes via Brake Fast Records.
Tom Delay Beats SITS
A dexterous producer, Tom Delay, showcases his skill with a myriad of beats that touch a number of Hip Hop subgenres. Sharks in the Sky contains head-nodders like “Dream Lab” and “The Living Dead”, quirky but hard hitting 8-bit-sounding beats like “Echelon” and “So Filthy”, and smooth joints like “Just”. Then there are tracks like “The Lives” and “Panoptic” that give off a triumphant indie/electro rock vibe, as Delay seems to toy with the effervescent boundaries of the genre.

“The Living Dead” is a dark, relentless video directed and produced by Louis Martins and Poet102 Productions. This collaborative duo from London’s visionary style encapsulates a bleak world, where surrealism, fine art and abstract interpretation meet. Poet102’s work creates a window to another realm, while Louis Martins, better known for his work as a photographer, provides a cinematic journey into the world before us.

Tom Delay Beats has provided instrumentals and executive production for an increasing number of breakthrough releases, including Dirt Platoon’s underground classic Deeper Than Dirt, as well as battle rap veteran A-Class’s
Deathsuit EP. In 2011, he was recognized by the Baltimore City paper as the “Best Beat Maker of the Year”. Delay has also featured an array of emcees on his beats, including Trace Blam, Ill Conscious, Skyzoo, Big Remo, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Chaundon, and countless others.

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