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DL Incognito’s ‘Someday is Less Than a Second Away’ LP out April 16

Juno-nominated rapper DL Incognito returns with his fifth album, Someday is Less Than a Second Away, out April 16, 2013 via URBNET/Fontana North.

Check out “Super,” the first single from Someday is Less Than a Second Away, produced by Techtwelve.


Since his 2002 debut, A Sample and a Drum Machine, Toronto’s DL Incognito has toured and recorded non-stop, earning his place as one of Canada’s elite hip-hop artists.

“I look at my music in the same way Porsche looks at automobile design,” DL says. “I keep trying to improve on the things that have allowed me to build a strong grassroots fanbase. I think it’s just evolution over revolution—the little changes that I hope will perfect my original ideas.

“My goal is always to have fun making intelligent music,” he continues. “I base a lot of tracks on my life or close experiences, but I want people to have a good time when they’re listening. On Someday is Less Than a Second Away, I hope listeners can hear some of the hunger they heard on my earlier LPs, with a more mature and focused sound.”

Again, Someday is Less Than a Second Away will be released April 16 via URBNET/Fontana North and is available for pre-order via iTunes and the URBNET online shop. Available formats include digital, CD, and a limited edition run of vinyl LPs.

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