Tyler, the Creator – Goblin review

Odd Future Wolf Gang… KILL EM ALL!

Normally I would I start this review with some stupid crap about how I feel and what I learned this time round with this Tyler, the Creator album. Instead I’m going to throw out a quote from Tyler himself. It basically sums up every review I have done and every review that I will do in the future.

“Listen deeper into the music before you put it into the box.”

It’s true. Before I reviewed this album I read reviews throwing his style out the window and how he’s a lyrical disaster. Now, disaster? That seems a little harsh, his style is no different from many other top notch lyrical geniuses. Yes, he mentions rape, abuse, drugs, killing, and bashes the hell out religion. In all retrospects I have heard worse on the news and other artist. Tell me the difference between Tyler and Eminem. Early years Eminem was smashing all barriers and touching every controversial theme on the planet. What makes Tyler a disaster?

If there’s a theme with this album, I couldn’t tell you what it would be. All I can say is he’s a hair short of insanity. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either, look at the crazy people in the world, does it bother you? If he’s providing you with entertainment what does it matter?

“I just want to know if my father would ever like me/But I don’t give a fuck/so he’s probably just like me…Goblin” How many times do I have to say that if I can relate to a song I will love it. Tyler is great and I will not be surprised if he’s on the cover of the next XXL magazine. Oh, wait, did I mention that with the release of “Yonkers” he signed a one album release with XL?

For some great examples of his highly outrageous lyrics listen to “Her” and “She.” If you aren’t hooked from there listen to Yonkers. Yonkers is your radio hit which you will never hear on the radio, it’s the meatballs to your grandmas famous spaghetti.

What’s done is done and I would be incredibly disappointed if his next album does not go above and beyond this. Yes, he’s doing well now, but now won’t matter when his next album sucks. I’m excited and thankful. I now I have a solid playlist for my summer. I’m not sure if Tyler had a goal in mind, but I hope it was to show everyone that he’s insane.


J. Cole – The Album Before The Album review

Yo! Who Dat Who Dat!

I was incredibly excited to get this review under my belt. He has been releasing tracks day in and day out for the past couple months. I have caught some snippets here and there, but finally I had the chance to listen to the “The Album Before The Album” Boy oh boy! I was not disappointed in any which way.

He has Kanye West flow and Lil Wayne lyrics. After this album I wouldn’t be surprised if see him every where. Of course signing with one of the biggest and most respected artists in the world didn’t hurt him in any way. Obviously signing with Jay-Z would be the best things for anybody’s career. Yet, it takes a real man with real talent to make the most of it. If you listen to “Premeditated Murder” you will realize why Jay-Z acted so fast. In a small biography that I read about him he mentions that a lot of music tells stories. I repeat this in a lot of my reviews, but, one of the only ways for me to connect with the music, or even enjoy it Is for me to relate in one way or another. J. Cole does this incredibly well. “Show Me Something” is definitely the album’s outstanding track for it’s passion and depth.

“Premeditated murder” is just a taste of what he’s capable of. It tells a story of the journey he or any musician has had to go through to get where they are now. I have so much respect for people that have had to work incredibly hard to get to the point of success. One of the struggles that he talk about is if people will recognize him when he’s famous. For any individual, success is the hardest thing to handle. People change and become different people. He asks a question mid way through the song “Do you prefer the broke me, or rich me”? I could only imagine what the changes would be like for a spouse, girlfriend, and family. One day your wearing your bunny slippers, the next your walking the red carpet to the Grammys.

Overall J. Cole showcases his talent, passion and drive. Nothing has compared to this in a while.


Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5’9) – Fast Lane

Eminem, Eminem, Eminem.

Where can I start?  The very first rap album that I ever had was The Slim Shady LP. I must have been in grade five or six when my best friend Jesse Taylor told me to listen to a song. From that point fourth I was hooked. I saved all my coin I could get my hands on and bought the album. Not sure if I purchased it or my mother. Either way, I had to have it. My favorite song was “Bitch,” keep in mind the most violent thing that I ever saw would have been on the news; my mind at this point had so many questions.

My mom, now concerned proceeded to purchase the new albums as they came out…(Record Scratch) yes, I know, what a terrible mother. I was officially scarred for life. Probably where a lot of my imagination comes from to be honest. Luckily enough growing up I had huge family, and I learned very quickly how to decipher between good and evil.

Still do this day I make sure to stay on top of what Em is doing. Record deals, big singing’s and new tracks. Well Em is at it again, hows this Ladies and Gents! This is one of those songs that you have to listen to several times over. Amazing.


Zion I & The Grouch – Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation album review

This album reminds me of my younger days, when all I wanted for lunches were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No matter what you do, you cant screw it up.

This is way better than your T-Pain, Radio Killa auto-tune crap. However, even though I couldn’t attach myself to a lot of the songs, I did find myself listening to the same songs over and over again, a lot of them had captivating beats and depth lyrically. If you want Zion I to give you a complete rundown of what is happening in our lives, and the non-sense that a lot of people get caught up in then you must listen to “Frankenstein,” it Literally sums up the average life for a lot of our youth.

After listening and listening I started to notice a trend; not a single song had a negative vibe, it either spoke the truth and told a story, or it was about being positive. “Journey To Forever” and “Be a Father To Your Child” are both songs that happen everyday in the world. “Journey To Forever” is about elevating your life and extracting all evils. Isn’t that what life is about? Being happy and enjoying life? Not to mention this entire album had not a single “bad” word. How often do you hear that? Besides radio edited versions of your favorite songs and Christian hip-hop what else can you let your kids listen to?

Initially I had no intention of giving this album a chance, but I popped it in and “Leader” came on. Normally, I’m all about the the “thug” life gangster rap music. But something kept me listening, so I gave it a thorough chance. I highly recommend “Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation” and it’s songs. Those that I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.

Press Releases

Devin Miles – Finding My Own EP review

Listen I’m a young writer. I Don’t have the experience of going to a record shop and picking up a fresh vinyl. Nor have I walked 10 miles to school uphill both ways.

As a young writer, I tend to find things that I can only assume would give you the same feeling as a new vinyl would. For me, it’s about going to my favorite site and finding out that my favorite artist has just released an EP or just that he dropped an exclusive track with some top notch producers.

As a lot of you may know Devin Miles released his Finding My Own EP recently. It was highly anticipated and lots of us could not wait. I have literally sat here listening to the CD on repeat. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I’m speechless. Im blown way with each track. You listen to “The Beginning” featuring Young Scolla and already the bar is set high. Now this track was released many weeks back and even then I was amazed. Then “Heart Strings” starts, and Devin kills an acoustic track. How many artists can do that?

I could have sat here all day listed off each track and what I loved about them. That would just get boring, but I will promise that if you are a fan of Devin then you won’t be disappointed at any single moment. It’s like when you go to grandma’s house for her famous apple pie. No matter what, it will cheer you up.

Devin Miles is young, not to mention hes basically a rookie. When a rookie gets in the game its hard for them to stand on their own two feet and take the hate and disrespect. Even though he has major support of some of the biggest names in Hip-hop right now, just to mention a few; Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. He still has some hurdles to get over. Honestly, Im not in the least bit worried. I think he’s here for good, so get used to it.


Swollen Members – Daggermouth Album Review

I would be a liar if I sat here and mashed on the keyboard and told you how much I hated this album. However, I would also be liar if I sat here and told you how much I loved it. This metal/hip-hop mash up is not something you would find on my iPod; Nor would you find the CD case sliding around in the back seat of my car. A small part of me feels like I have to love this album because they are Vancouver music veterans.

Every second song was about drugs, dying and depression. It was like if I wanted to write a suicide letter I would use half these lyrics. Although, the songs that didn’t have pure hatred about life were surprisingly good. They were deep, real, and a small part of me could relate to them. For example songs like “Bring Me Down” featuring Saigon have depth and give you something to relate to. That’s what all music needs. Regardless of who it is, a song that has depth and realness will always keep me listening. That’s why I cant make up my damn mind with this damn album. I guess I can just be thankful that they saved the best for last.

Swollen Members has always been very original, and when they weren’t rapping about knives, guns and drugs I was intrigued and I was only hoping the next song would carry out the same beat and rhythm. Well, it didn’t. Instead, after one great track would finish “Chemical Imbalance” would come on and then I had to scramble to change the song. If only they were consistent through out the whole album I would highly recommend buying it.

Swollen Members is one of those groups where you love them or hate them; the type of group that has the same loyal fans since day one, and the group that will make music regardless of record sales. Let’s be honest; did you even know they were coming out with a new album? In all honesty, a small part of me has much respect for someone that does it just for the fans and not the fame. That’s hard to find these days. Overall, I don’t think they will stop making music anytime soon. So if you like a good show, try to catch them live. Otherwise, I’m on the fence about this one.