Author name: Kara Evelyn

Kara Evelyn considers herself to be a keen purveyor of Canadian culture, and more specifically, the Toronto music scene. A graduate form York University with a degree in English Literature, and strangely enough she holds her paperless accreditation in music appreciation in much higher esteem. Due to a strong desire to cultivate a diverse and broad inventory of favourite tunes among many genres, Kara has taken her search to Toronto street corners, stages, basements, garages, and recording studios to get a first hand understanding of what it is like to make, market and move music across Canada today. She's made some great friends among great artists along the way, and best of all she keeps on discovering her new favourite tunes to cry, laugh, ponder and hum to -- her list of favourites grows ever on. Kara is glad to be sharing her observations and writing with the MVRemix community, and hopes you enjoy what she has to say.

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