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Thug Life Army Records to Release In The Shadow of an Icon 12/14

Thug Life Army Records to Release In The Shadow of an Icon 12/14

One of a Kind Hip Hop Project ‘In The Shadow of an Icon’ to be Released on digital download sites 12/14 and in stores nationwide January 15th 2008.

The latest project from Thug Life Army Records is titled ‘In the Shadow of an Icon’. It is a collaboration of artists who all learned and grew out of the words and teachings of the late hip hop Icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac). Thug Life Army Records is a division of Star Sound Group International based in Hollywood, California.

The album will be distributed thru Fontana/Universal/AMG on Thug Life Army Records. The album will be available for digital download on Itunes, Umusic and all other download sources December 14th. In stores nationwide January 15th 2008

The project contains no music by Tupac (2Pac), but it does reveal artists who grew out of the shadow of the hip hop Icon.

As Tupac did in his short life, Thug Life Army Records looked for hip hop and rap artists who could use a ‘hand up’ to get their talent noticed. The VP of Thug Life Army Records, RB says “We hope this project will do just that. Our hope is this project will bring ‘light’ to those artists who have participated out of love for Tupac and what they learned from his lyrics. Hip Hop is not ‘Dead’ as many people believe; most people are just not looking in the right places.”

When asked about the direction the music takes in the CD, RB explains “The various sides and teachings of the ‘man’, Tupac Amaru Shakur are represented on this CD – from his street side, to his political side, to his deep inner self. A total look is taken at the course Tupac had traveled in his short life. A picture of Tupac’s life is a picture of many of our lives. His up’s and down’s are roads many of us have shared along the way. That is why Tupac gained the respect of almost everyone in the hip hop community – we could feel his pain and joys, as he felt ours. His words and teachings remain relevant today because the situation has not changed since Pac first started exposing the real truth of hood life, and the artists on this project continue with

Pac’s message of ‘keeping it real’ thru real talk. No spinning rims or drinking in the club, just solid true about the reality of being raised in a society that does not understand you or your situation.”

“Violence has touched many in this country, not only the hip hop community. This is not only a requiem for the life of Tupac and for all the fallen ‘souljahs’ who have died needlessly or have found themselves in situations they cannot control, but it also emphasizes why the lyrics that Tupac spit and the knowledge he put forth is still relevant today; because nothing has really changed over the last 11 years since Tupac was murdered, and the artists on this project came together to put out a hip hop album with a ‘meaningful message’.”

With over 25 different artists participating in the project, there are many backgrounds and each artist has their own region where they rep from and their own experiences in life.

The official ‘leak’ song titled ‘Speed of Life’ by K-Loron, was released on MySpace HERE. This is the first single off the album. It along with the second single ‘We Live and We Die’ by Hustle Creed are being serviced to radio nationwide. Everyone who has heard the tracks by K-Loron and Hustle Creed are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the full project.

Here is the track list for ‘In the Shadow of an Icon’ and more information can be found HEREor on the Thug Life Army Records web site HERE.

The album will be distributed thru Fontana/Universal/AMG on Thug Life Army Records. The album will be available for digital download on Itunes, Umusic and all other on line sources December 14th. In stores nationwide January 15th 2008

Track list for ‘In the Shadow of an Icon’

Disc One

1.) Boo Kapone – KNOWLEDGE
2.) Concrete Souljahs – Walk wit me
3.) allfrumtha i – Everywhere I Go (good and evil)
4.) SUPe – The System
5.) Hustle Creed – We Live and We Die
6.) Purple Lounge “H.O.P.E”
7.) Nolan – PEOPLE
8.) 1223 – Wish I Knew
9.) Jasiri X and Franchise – 2 Pacs More
Producer: Paradise Gray (X Clan) and GM3
10.) Page 1 – Fallen
11.) Ebony Burks – Choice
12.) G Luv – Revelation
13.) FAME – Next 2 Kin
14.) U.N.D feat. Teeka – Understand
15.) binky mack – Conflict Of Interest

Disc Two

1.) Kemo the Blaxican – Breathe
2.) Celly Cel – No Tomorrow
3.) Dolo – So Much Drama
4.) Qwiccshott – Never
5.) Sammy B feat Big Dee – No Half Steppin
6.) 3RDegree – Broken Home
7.) allfrumtha i – Me & My Dawg
8.) K – Loron – Speed of Life
9.) Concrete Souljahs – Related to the Underground
10.) Tommy Danger – Run for Cover
12.) binky mack – Taken Over
13.) Malign20 – Hopes and Dreams
14.) Queen Josie – Young Men of Today (Spoken Word)

2pac/Tupac Press Releases

The Best Of 2Pac New Double Disc In Stores 12/04

More music from the late, great Tupac Shakur will be hitting the streets on December 4th on Amaru / Universal. The Best of 2Pac, his 9th posthumous release will be a double CD featuring familiar bangers like ‘So Many Tears’, ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’, and ‘Keep Ya Head Up.’ The album will also feature two previously unreleased tracks and two new remixes including ‘Dear Momma’, now featuring Anthony Hamilton. Advances ready mid-November, please let me know if you can confirm a review for your site.

So Many Tears
California Love – ORIGINAL MIX
How Do U Want It
I Ain’t Mad At Cha
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Hail Mary
Unconditional Love
Dear Mama featuring Anthony Hamilton – NEW MIX

Definition of a Thug Nigga
Brenda’s Got A Baby
Keep Ya Head Up
When I Get Free
Until The End Of Time – RP REMIX
Never Call You Bitch Again
They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us
Still Ballin – NITTY REMIX
Ghetto Gospel

The Best Of 2PAC (Double Disc)
In Stores 12/4
Amaru / Universal

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Makaveli – The 7 Day Theory review

Makaveliwritten by Low Key

Tupac Shakur- the name means a whole lot these days. It carries more weight than almost any other Hip-Hop artist in history. He is looked at in so many different ways it is tough to actually grasp his legacy or figure out what to think of him. But one thing is for sure, while he was with us, 2pac was one of the most influential rappers in the history of the game.

Before his death, 2pac along with his fellow outlaw members put together different personas or alias from various historical figures, thus spawning the birth of Makaveli. This new persona 2pac displayed characterized a different side of 2pac, a side many emcees did not want to cross paths with. This new Makaveli side of Pac brought anger, vengeance, raw energy and a thug life image that was looked at as so real, no one would be able to duplicate it, even years after his death. After his tragic death, Deathrow decided to release 2pac’s first posthumous album, entitled, Makavlei “The 7 Day Theory”

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2pac – Nu Mixx Klazzics review

written by Low Key

Leave it up to the geniuses at Death Row Records to continue finding new ways to tarnish the legacy of 2pac even years after his death. With no new material coming out of the company they are forced to come up with even more extreme ways to release 2pac material just so they can make some money. This years disgrace to 2pac comes in the form of a remix album entitled the “Nu Mixx Klazzics”, where Death Row’s production team, Tha Row Hitters, try and remake 2pac’s classic material off of “All Eyez On Me” & “Makaveli”.

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2pac/Tupac Reviews

2pac – Better Dayz review

Better Dayzwritten by Low Key

While he was here on this earth 2pac was one of the most influential, controversial, and hardest working artists in the Hip-Hop industry. This uncanny work ethic has lead to what seems like a never ending release of posthumous releases from 2pac. While some have been memorable such as the 2pac/Outlawz album, most have been lackluster such as his last album “Until The End Of Time”. The main problem with “Until The End Of Time” was the album’s production staff’s decision to remake most of 2pac’s unreleased material. Instead of releasing the exact material 2pac made when he was alive, they tried to cash in on a quick buck and liter the album with guest appearances, corny R&B hooks and worst of all new production that didn’t match anything like the original. While most prayed that this trend would not continue on this year’s edition of 2pac album’s entitled “Better Dayz” it has and to everybody’s disapproval it has gotten worse.

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