The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique documentary trailer

The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique documentary trailer

Immortal Technique emerged from prison a changed man. As his inner journey continues he travels the world promoting a revolution of consciousness through hip-hop. His path from a troubled youth to a fearless revolutionary is an inspirational must-see.

Immortal Technique on Russia Today + Rahsaan on FOX

Immortal Technique on Russia Today + Rahsaan on FOX

Immortal Technique spoke with Russia Today TV a few weeks ago. If you missed the interview, check out Immortal Technique speak on US Democracy, Foreign Politics, his personal global contributions and views on Revolution. Also expect to see an interview with Viper Record’s own AKIR later this month on Russia Today TV. AKIR is also expect to release his next album in March 2010.

SoFlo Entertainment recording artist, Rahsaan and more importantly owner of StockXChange in Hollywood, FL was currently featured on WSVN’s Deco Drive (Fox Network). Rahsaan speaks on the fashion forward element that his store, StockXChange brings to South Florida. Cash Money recording artist, Jae Millz, was also on hand in support of the store. Rahsaan will release his debut album “Georgetown” in Spring 2010 on SoFlo Entertainment with production and features by Justice League, Needlz, Mickey Factz and more.

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Rapper Immortal Technique, known for his hugely influential underground albums Revolutionary V. 1, Revolutionary V.2 and The 3rd World, has just returned to the US from a two week voyage to Afghanistan where he personally participated in opening of the Amin Institute. A dream he helped to fruition by doing a number of benefit concerts and donating his own money. The Amin Institute, opened in conjunction with San Francisco based OMEID International, will serve the children of Afghanistan as an orphanage, school and medical facility.

While in Afghanistan, Immortal Technique helped with final construction on the institute, procured supplies, hired staff and spread the word. The opening ceremony took place and the first students were enrolled. During his time in Kabul, he stayed in both a safe house and the home of retired Afghan military officer, giving him further insight into the inner-workings of the country. Of the people of Afghanistan, Immortal Technique says, “If you are a visitor, they will treat you like one of their own and more…they are some of the humbled and more respectful people I have ever come across. You have to admire their resilience of their spirit fighting again and again [against the Soviets, Taliban and Al Qaeda] to retain their independence and identity. I hope the operations there are handled with extreme care and respect for the sovereignty of the nation. If the situation worsens, and the people of Afghanistan are fully turned against the United States, it will not be a winnable war.”

Traveling to Afghanistan and not merely throwing money at the cause is a testament to the type of individual Immortal Technique is. More than just a rapper, he is a Revolutionary thinker and a man of action who isn’t afraid to literally make change happen with his own hands. The subject matter of his music ranges from introspective and historically poised, to violent and painful. His work as a philanthropist mirrors his inspiring work as an artist, not afraid to ruffle feathers and go a step further than what is deemed safe. His experiences will be documented in a movie he is producing with filmmaker C. Stuart who accompanied him to Afghanistan.

Viper Records Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a Revolutionary label whose sole purpose was to release material with social relevance which otherwise might not get to market. Through music, they hope to promote what is most important to all of us: knowledge, culture, struggle, peace, respect for all, personal responsibility, and a sincere desire to help move this civilization forward into the 21st century.

Immortal Technique joins a small group of artists who have shown such a commitment to having an affect on the world around them. His work with Omeid International to open the Amin Institute continues this tradition. When an artist is willing to literally risk his own life for a philanthropic and Revolutionary cause he believes in, instead of just giving out toys for the cameras – there is no better way to embody that principle.

Revolutionary Rapper Immortal Technique Urges New York’s Hip-Hop Generation to Vote

Renowned rapper and activist Immortal Technique, in conjunction with Fat Beats Record Store, will be encouraging the hip-hop generation to register to vote at his record release party in New York for his third album, The 3rd World. The party will start at midnight on Monday, June 23rd at the New York location of Fat Beats Record Store.

Immortal Technique and Fat Beats owner and founder Joseph Abajian decided to include a voter registration booth at his record release party with the shared goal of getting the hip-hop generation involved in the presidential election. Says Mr. Abajian, “The original intent of hip-hop was to lead a more informed, righteous life by getting kids out of gangs and educating them. Back in the day, we had Melle Mel and Public Enemy to hold the torch, but nowadays, Tech is one of the last standing emcees who talks about politics in his rhymes. We need to wake up the hip-hop generation, who has been blinded by bling, money, and women.” Tech corroborated, “Even though democracy can be circumvented (and it traditionally has been) it is important for us to remember that voting is just one aspect of it, voting 25 times every century is only a part of democracy, what holds a society together are the institutions that it sets up. Those will outlast any regime and echo throughout history. Voting is important because all politics is local and what we do locally can be seen nationally, and then…globally.”

With the release of The 3rd World, Harlem-born Immortal Technique is breaking a five-year hiatus since his last LP. Featured artists include Chino XL, Ras Kass, Crooked I, and Poison Pen, as well as producer DJ Green Lantern. The 3rd World will be available nation-wide on Tuesday, June 23rd through Viper Records. The record release party will be held at midnight on Monday, June 23rd at Fat Beats Records, New York at 406 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor. For more information, please call 212.673.3883.

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Indie powerhouse Babygrande Records, home to such acclaimed acts as Hi-Tek, GZA, Hell Rell, JR Writer, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique, & many more, announces today’s release of its first three records in 2008: Blue Sky Black Death’s “ Late Night Cinema,” Randam Luck’s “Conspiracy of Silence” and Ransom’s “Street Cinema,” These offerings are as diverse as the Babygrande roster itself and foreshadow the breadth of releases to come in 2008.

Blue Sky Black Death – “Late Night Cinema”

After numerous collaborations with the underground’s finest (including two full-length records with Wu-Tang affiliated emcees Holocaust & Hell Razah), URB next 100 producer duo Blue Sky Black Death foray into a unique and eclectic soundscape with “Late Night Cinema” (their first fully instrumental release), broadening horizons with an album that will also undoubtedly further diversify their fan base.
With influences ranging from electro to boom-bap and folk to funk, this sonic venture, co-authored by forward thinking producers Kingston and Young God, is a testament to the progressive stylings of the buzzing producer duo.

Randam Luck – “Conspiracy of Silence”

Over eight years of local support have made Randam Luck a force in the San Diego indie hip-hop scene. A raucous live act, Randam Luck have appeared with the likes of Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Jayo Felony, Don Carlos, De La Soul, KRS-1 and many more. Their debut albumfeatures a who’s who of independent hip-hop: Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks), ILL Bill (of Non-Phixion & La Coka Nostra), Sabac Red (of Non-Phixion), Kool G Rap, Outerspace & more. “Conspiracy of Silence” is as much a tribute to hardcore independent hip-hop as it is a fresh take on the sub-culture that spawned franchise powerhouses Jedi Mind Tricks, Non-Phixion and many more.

Ransom – “Street Cinema”

Hailing from Jersey City, Ransom was an integral member of the “A-Team” crew that also included Joe Budden and recently slain member Stack Bundles. Ransom recently experienced heightened attention owing to his highly publicized falling out with Budden. Having recorded and/or collaborated with such A-list acts as Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, Jadakiss, Styles P., Sheek Louch, Fabolous, Flo-Rida and more, Ransom’s street and blog-based buzz has reached a fevered pitch in anticipation of the release of his debut offering, “Street Cinema.”

Featuring Jadakiss, Stack Bundles & more, Ransom’s “Street Cinema” is an homage to the streets that raised him, and the life he left behind in pursuit of lyrical legend.

Rumor has it…

…that at the first Rock the Bells date on July 26th at Tweeter Center in Boston, David Banner took issue to having to perform before Immortal Technique (as originally planned). According to witnesses, when Banner was told that no changes would be made to the line-up, he “threw a tantrum,” left the venue and dropped out of the remainder of the tour. Banner did not appear at the two RTB New York dates since.