Irv Gottie Goes Hollywood in a Reality Biopic….

Tune In Monday, Oct 15th @ 10:30pm EST on VH1

Gotti’s Way

The reality TV show “Gotti’s Way” will follow Irv and his crew as he begins the journey back from desolation. Can he take Ja Rule back to the heights of a platinum selling king or is his time in the limelight over? Will Irv’s unlikely pairing with pop singer Vanessa Carlton produce million selling hits or an album that no one wants? Can Irv take a street thug like Flashy and create another star or just another rapper with unfulfilled promise?

The true heart of the series, and the man, lies within the dynamic relationship between Irv and his family; Deb, his estranged wife (and best friend), and their kids Angie (15), Sonny (11) & JJ (8). We’ll see a family as they try to continue forward as an unusual, but successful and loving unit. But, Irv’s crazy work schedule will constantly pull him from his family – creating tension with Deb. Deb will begin dating again, forcing Irv to play babysitter while she is out on the town. And after years of legal separation, Deb will officially file for divorce, forcing both to re-examine what kind of relationship they have – and ultimately want. Will the challenges of rebuilding his empire strain his family beyond the breaking point?

This is the story of a fallen king fighting for his throne and of a father fighting for his family. Follow the journey of hip-hop’s greatest comeback this season on “Gotti’s Way”.