Jim Jones – Vampire Life: We Own the Night mixtape review

Dipset member Jim Jones adds another mixtape to his extensive discography with the release of Vampire Life: We Own the Night. Sporting a hefty 24 tracks, Vampire Life features more of what is expected from Jones: an honest look at the life in the fast lane of the streets. He doesn’t do much to switch up the formula from previous releases, but if you’re a long time listener to CAPO then this should come as no surprise to you. The mixtape is laced with audio clips of the Joker from ‘The Dark Knight’ film. This plays well with the Halloween feel of Vampire Life along with the selection of beats with tones that lie on the darker side of the spectrum.

Any mixtape with 20+ songs is bound to struggle with a sense of repetition and this one is no exception. It is can be difficult to distinguish between the more mediocre songs and the free styles that Jones includes feel unnecessary. There is plenty of material here for 2 or even 3 separate tapes. What is evident is that most of these songs were aimed at the car and the club. Some of the tracks are clear attempts at repeating radio hits that Jim Jones had been a part of in the past. This works to some degree but in the end, the tape as a whole comes off as more of the same material we are used to hearing every day.

There are some tracks that stand a cut above the rest. ‘Grand Slam’ features Jim Jones at his most creative as he compares baseball to sex in his lyrics. ‘Gangstas Don’t Die’ is built on a great beat with solid rhymes from contributing artist Chris Luck and a catchy hook from Sen City. ‘I Like’ is made for the club and has a based hook by Young Swift that will draw some laughs. ‘Scream’ is a deep reflection on the fun and danger Jones experienced in his past and another solid hook from Sen City (It should be noted that Sen City is a frequent feature and often steals the show with his verses).  ‘I’ll Be Back’ is a perfect song to ride to with another gem from Jhalil Beats and great verses from Meek Mill and Fred da Godson. ‘Goin Thru It’ is an excellent close to the mixtape featuring hard rhymes from Jadakiss, a solid hook from Jones and a haunting instrumental.

Bottom line: if you love Jim Jones and need music to ride to, Vampire Life has more than enough to satisfy your needs. If not, then you aren’t missing out on much.

Jim Jones – Capo album review

Jim Jones once again graces us with his skills and a new album. Capo will be the 5th studio album for an artist that has earned his stripes. This once hype man turned artist, and now record executive, has taken fully used his talent and know-how to flip his own success. Capo is just one more notch in Jones’ belt. He has come a long way in sound, lyrical content, and style since he was first interviewed by the MVRemix in fall of 2004.

The first single, “Perfect Day” is introspective, thoughtful, and even carries moments of poignancy; all the things that a good single should be. This single showcases the mutli-faceted quality that Jim Jones is known for. “Let me fly” that masquerades as one just for the ladies; but don’t let that smooth beat fool you; the song is for everyone; something to let thump in any stereo. Jones especially with the release of a deluxe album which features an additional 5 tracks: Baggage Claim (Feat. Sen City), Salute (Feat. Camron & Juelz Santana), Hockey Bag (Feat. Camron & Juelz Santana), Dope Boi (Feat. Mel Matrix), Bussa Move (Feat. Shoota,Hard Luck & Mel Matrix) which make the extra work to find the deluxe all the more worth it.

Arguably, some critics and fans have commented that they have heard all this before from Jim Jones; but they have greatly underestimated the elevation of rhythm, lyrics, and overall tone that this album has to offer over those albums previously heard from Jim Jones. This album is one that bridges fans from what was seen before to what talent lies ahead; it is like the preview to what’s next for the un-fade-able rapper.

If you want an album that takes you from the club, to your car, and maybe even the bedroom; Jim Jones’ “Capo” has what you need. This is an mc that deserves a lot of respect for creating an album that exhibits his talent and ability to create music that speaks to the masses along with those who rock to a slower beat.