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Labelle Announces Their National Back To Now Tour This Winter

Labelle Announces Their National ‘Back To Now’ Tour This Winter

Labelle just announced their first national tour since 1977 kicking off Dec 19th at the Apollo Theater in NYC. The long awaited reunion of Sarah Dash, Nona Hendryx and Patti LaBelle as Labelle released one of the most anticipated albums of the year Back to Now (Verve). Some stops on this limited run, Labelle’s first since 1977, include the Chicago Theatre in Chicago (Jan. 10), Fox Theatre in Detroit (Jan. 18), Paramount Theatre in Oakland, Calif. (Jan. 30) and Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. (Feb. 13).

Labelle has been called “a phenomenon whose music helped change the very idea of what pop and the artists who made it — especially women singers previously confined to ‘girl groups’ — could be”. (Los Angeles Times, 10.12.08). The NY Daily News explains, “As in all the best harmony groups, these singers resonate in a special way as one.” It is the combination of “LaBelle’s soaring sass, Hendryx’s rock-edged stance and Dash’s earthy accents” (Billboard, 10.18.08) that make for a unique and electrifying combination not to be missed.

Tickets for the Apollo show are available at, with other shows going on sale in the near future!

Labelle Back to Now Tour Dates
Fri, Dec. 19 – New York, NY at The Apollo Theater
Sat, Jan. 10 – Chicago, IL at Chicago Theatre
Sat, Jan. 17 – Atlantic City, NJ at Taj Mahal
Sun, Jan. 18 – Detroit, MI at The Fox Theatre
Thurs, Jan. 29 Los Angeles, CA at Nokia Theatre
Fri, Jan. 30 – Oakland, CA at Paramount Theatre
Fri, Feb. 13 – Washington, DC at Constitution Hall
Sat, Feb. 14 – Atlanta, GA at the Civic Center

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Check out an exclusive remix of K’Naan’s ABC’s with legendary MC, Chubb Rock

Check out an exclusive remix of K’Naan’s “ABC’S” with legendary MC, Chubb Rock!

K’Naan featuring Chubb Rock – ABC’s (remix)

See K’NAAN on the road this fall with Matisyahu:

11/26 – Park City, UT @ Harry O’s
11/29 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
11/30 – Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
12/06 – Louisville, KY @ Headliners Music Hall
12/07 – Nashville, TN @ Cannery Ballroom
12/09 – Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note
12/11 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
12/14 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
12/16 – Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre
12/17 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
12/18 – South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

For more information on K’NAAN including video and audio streams, interviews and updated news, please visit him online at:



The name alone conjures up images of unbridled destruction, merciless warlords and ruthless terror. A place where nobody–children, the elderly, religious figures–is safe from the atrocities of war, and where the idea of “childhood,” where 8-year olds handle AK-47s like toys, exists in chronological terms alone. When Forbes magazine recently unveiled their “Most Dangerous Destinations,” Somalia, above Iraq and Afghanistan, topped the list. But it’s also “The Nation of Poets,” where a poem can both inspire peace and end wars. Where every weekend, regardless of the climate, one can find a play or concert at a local theatre.

Growing up, it was both of these Somalias that informed musician/emcee K’NAAN Warsame, whose sophomore album Troubadour will be released in January 2009. The grandson of Haji Mohamed, one of Somalia’s most famous poets, and nephew of famed Somali singer Magool, the emcee is creating his own musical path through reggae, funk, pop, soul and, above all, hip-hop. Recorded primarily in Kingston, Jamaica where K’NAAN was granted unprecedented access by his friends Stephen and Damian Marley to their father Bob Marley’s original home studio at 56 Hope Road and the legendary Tuff Gong studios Troubadour is a hip-hop album like no other. K’NAAN successfully blends samples and live instrumentation for a sound that’s both rooted in traditional African melodies and the classic hip-hop tradition.

“I’m not interested in being mediocre,” declares the rapper. “If there’s not a necessity to what I’m doing, I just wouldn’t do it. If I don’t have something to add to the conversation, I’m just not gonna talk.” Luckily for us, he has plenty to say. Utilizing everything from folk guitar to the actual Hammond B3 used on Bob Marley’s Exodus, the emcee deftfully finds a balance between earnest tales of growing up and clever, braggadocio rhymes straight out of Big Daddy Kane’s rhymebook. It’s this mix, both musical and lyrical, that earned his 2006 debut album The Dusty Foot Philosopher a Juno award for Rap Recording of the Year, a BBC Radio 3 Award, and nomination for the inaugural Polaris Music Prize, Canada’s equivalent to the Shortlist Music Prize.

In a country whose name is synonymous with strife, it’s easy to brand K’NAAN with the “political rapper” tag. But that’d be both easy and disingenuous. K’NAAN lyrics lie in stark contrast to emcees that use their medium as a pulpit to promote their beliefs. Consider his words more front-page reportage than editorial page. “My job is to write just what I see/So a visual stenographer is who I be,” he rhymes in “I Come Prepared.” Doubtless, K’NAAN is not without his opinions, but in Troubadour, songwriting always comes before sermons.

Growing up, the extent of Western music that reached the musician was limited to “Bob Marley and Tracy Chapman.” While driving with a cousin’s boyfriend one day, though, a 10-year old K’NAAN became fascinated by the brief rap emitting from the tinny car speaker. “I had heard a rap verse, but I had no idea what it was back then,” recalls the emcee. “I told my dad, who had moved to New York to raise money for my family, and he said, ‘That’s hip-hop.'” When Eric B. & Rakim’s Paid in Full arrived from New York later that month, the tracks transported the musician to a different world. A world where the rhythm and feeling of language superseded any understanding of the words. “I memorized ‘Eric B. is President’ and could spit the verse as if it was Rakim,” says the emcee. “I would be outside of the house and all the neighborhood kids would listen. One boy would take some sticks to rock the beat. No one, including myself, knew one word of what we were saying. I was relying on the rhythm and the feeling and energy that you got from the track. That helped me a lot with both the phonetics and texture of the words when I would eventually learn English.”

It was albums like Paid in Full that would provide temporary salvation from the bullets and carnage that constantly surrounded K’NAAN. At 14, the rapper and his three best friends were attacked by warlords, just one of countless indelible images for the impressionable teenager. Having chased them through the streets of Mogadishu, eventually cornering the four boys in an alley, the men began shooting. K’NAAN avoided injury, but his three friends were brutally gunned down.

On Troubadour, events like these don’t need to be glorified or exaggerated for the sake of art. “I think there are some people that are struggling in hoods [in Canada and America], but it is so much harder and so much more violent [in Somalia],” says K’NAAN. “If you want to be like, ‘I’m from the hood. We got it rough. We got gats,’ I think you should know the alternative exists. I’m speaking in the same language of hip-hop which decidedly speaks about rough neighborhoods. So if there is a place for rough neighborhoods, then here comes the Mother of Rough Neighborhoods.”

Certain that it was only a matter of time before her family met the same fate, K’NAAN’s mother would travel daily through the firefight to the U.S. embassy in the hopes of securing visas for her and her loved ones. Despite daily denials, she persisted, and on the last day the U.S. embassy was in Somalia, received visas to leave for America. “You can’t even describe it,” says K’NAAN. “It is the most sensational, liberating feeling. There was the weight of a world of hope on your shoulder that has suddenly landed. It was only then that I started to get this certain value of life that I never had before.” With little possessions and no knowledge of English, K’NAAN and his family boarded the last commercial flight out of Mogadishu for New York before settling in Toronto.

Troubadour represents the sum of these experiences and more. Having spent the better part of the last two years traveling the world, taking his message directly to the people , soaking in everything from Bob Dylan to Fela Kuti to and Mos Def , Troubadour is the sonic document of an artist who has a lot to share, but clearly has a lot more in the coming years. For anyone who’s said that hip-hop has nothing left to say, Troubadour proves that it all depends on where you look.

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Raphael Saadiq on the Zune Marketplace and tour with John Legend

Free Exclusive Raphael Saadiq Download on the Zune Marketplace

Raphael Saadiq is currently the Zune Ignition artist of the month, and as such is giving away a free exclusive download of the a cappella version of “Sometimes.” In addition to the free track download, be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes interview Raphael did for Zune’s Green Room series, as well as his track-by-track album breakdown on the Zune Marketplace.

Download the acappella “Sometimes” here

Check out the trailer for Raphael Saadiq’s Green Room here

Raphael Saadiq Green Room Trailer – Zune from zuneartcs on Vimeo.

Check out all the Raphael Saadiq Green Room videos here

Raphael Saadiq On Tour With John Legend:

Nov. 19th – Northrop Auditorium – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nov. 20th – Chicago Theatre – Chicago, Illinois
Nov. 21st – Chicago Theatre – Chicago, Illinois
Nov. 24th – Wharton Center For Performing Arts – East Lansing, Michigan
Nov. 26th – Masonic Temple Theatre – Detroit, Michigan
Nov. 28th – Roy Thompson Hall – Toronto, Ontario
Nov. 29th – Wellmont Theatre – Montclair, New Jersey
Dec. 1st – Wellmont Theatre – Montclair, New Jersey
Dec. 2nd – Orpheum Theatre – Boston, Massachusetts
Dec. 5th – Tower Theatre – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec. 8th – Lyric Theatre – Baltimore, Maryland
Dec. 9th – Constitution Hall – Washington, DC
Dec. 10th – Peace Center – Greenville, South Carolina
Dec. 12th – Ovens Auditorium – Charlotte, North Carolina
Dec. 13th – Durham Performing Arts Center – Durham, North Carolina

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Introducing new Universal Republic artist Cash Cash

Universal Republic Records is proud to present new artist Cash Cash and their digital only self titled EP which you can purchase at iTunes – look for their full length debut early next year. Cash Cash is an exciting techno-pop group who is able to seamlessly tap into 70s funk, 80s anthem pop and 90s mellow alternative all at once. The band will be on tour throughout October and November, see tour dates below.

Party In Your Bedroom” streaming audio

Tour Dates
10/22 – House Of Blues w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Cleveland, Ohio
10/24 – House Of Blues w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Chicago, Illinois
10/25 – Clutch Cargo’s w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Pontiac, Michigan
10/26 – Kool Haus w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Toronto, Ontario
10/28 – Showcase Live w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Foxborough, Massachusetts
10/29 – Nokia Theatre w/ Metro Station & Tyga – New York, New York
10/30 – Starland Ballroom w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Sayreville, New Jersey
10/31 – Sonar w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Baltimore, Maryland
11/2 – The Electric Factory w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11/4 – House Of Blues w/ Metro Station & Tyga – North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
11/5 – Plush w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Jacksonville, Florida
11/6 – Jannus Landing w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Saint Petersburg, Florida
11/7 – Revolution w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
11/8 – House Of Blues w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
11/9 – The Masquerade w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Atlanta, Georgia
11/11 – House Of Blues Houston w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Houston, Texas
11/12 – House Of Blues Dallas w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Dallas, Texas
11/13 – La Zona Rosa w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Austin, Texas
11/14 – Cain’s Ballroom w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Tulsa, Oklahoma
11/15 – Sokol Underground w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Omaha, Nebraska
11/16 – Gothic Theatre w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Englewood, Colorado
11/18 – In The Venue w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Salt Lake City, Utah
11/20 – Showbox w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Seattle, Washington
11/21 – Roseland Theater w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Portland, Oregon
11/22 – The Warfield w/ Metro Station & Tyga – San Francisco, California
11/23 – Senator Theatre w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Chico, California
11/25 – Rialto Theatre w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Tucson, Arizona
11/26 – Soma w/ Metro Station & Tyga – San Diego, California
11/28 – Club Nokia LA w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Los Angeles, California
11/29 – The Grove of Anaheim w/ Metro Station & Tyga – Anaheim, California
12/19 – The Chance Complex – Poughkeepsie, New York

“I never thought I’d be in Oklahoma with a crowd of kids singing our song,” says Jean Paul Makhlouf, lead singer of Cash Cash, in awe over the popularity they have received on their current tour. “It’s a feeling you can’t describe.” Not a small accomplishment for “this little band from Jersey.” In fact, this is exactly the type of moment that occurs when you are a hot band on the rise.

Cash Cash is an exciting techno-pop group from the 2 mile long town of Roseland, New Jersey. The band consists of Jean Paul Makhlouf (vocals, guitar), Alex Makhlouf (keyboards, programming), Samuel Frisch (vocals, bass), and Anthony Villacari (drums, percussion). With a sound that is refreshing, electric and infectious, Cash Cash is able to seamlessly tap into 70s funk, 80s anthem pop and 90s mellow alternative all at once. Their mission, described perfectly by Jean Paul, is to “Bring back some of that 70s funk guitar, mixed in with the life and fun of the 80s.”

And they have done just that.

But how has Cash Cash reached the precipice of stardom? You would have to go back to the third grade, because that is how long Jean Paul has known Sam Frisch. Playing together since they were kids, the band originally formed as The Consequence in 2002, a predominantly studio-based act that released a 5 song EP titled “Your Own Place” in 2003. After releasing a self-titled LP in 2005, the band began to lose focus, using a myriad of musicians as various members decided to go off to college. “Being in our band was like being on the show Survivor, we were going through bass players, drummers, keyboard players …” says Jean Paul. With the future of the band nebulous at best, younger brother Alex Makhlouf jumped on board, and he and Jean Paul began refocusing the band: “I knew I had to get the hell out of school, so I did the complete opposite and dropped out of college,” recalls Jean Paul. “My brother and I knew what we had to do and decided to give it one more stab.”

The brothers decided to spend an entire summer crafting new material and honing a sound, day in and day out, virtually living in Jean Paul’s home recording studio. At summer’s end, they knew they created something special. By fall the brothers, stacked with backpacks full of cds, began an arduous, yet fulfilling campaign to make their music heard. Storming clubs in and around New York City, including Pete Wentz’s AK-47 club, the brothers partied, networked and hustled as many A&R men and record executives as they could find. But the real turning point came when Rob Hitt of Crush Management began DJing their song “Party in Your Bedroom.” The infectious, easy-to-sing-along-with, pop sound of the song began turning heads. Shortly thereafter, Jean Paul’s Gmail account began filling up with offers from record labels. Changing their name to Cash Cash in March of 2008, the band, with Frisch aboard as bass player/art director, and Alex’s friend Anthony Villacari locked in on drums, signed a record deal with Universal Republic records and is poised to premiere an EP in October of 2008. Consisting of 5 songs, including the driving force of “Breakout” and an acoustic version of “Party in Your Bedroom,” the EP has all the hallmarks of a band that not only is burning with confidence, but is comfortable with their own sound.

Having just completed their first tour, a tour which not only expanded their fan base, but further matured and coalesced the band in ways only riding a bus can, Cash Cash is mixing a full-length album and setting their sites for a release by year end, with a much larger tour in 09’ in support of it. Extremely fan friendly and very much aware of their roots and the influences that drove them, Cash Cash reaches out to their fans at concerts by meeting them outside for impromptu acoustic performances. That extra effort, a sound work ethic, their melodic pop songs with fantastic 3-part harmonies, and the confidence that motivates them are all the ingredients that really separate Cash Cash from the rest of the pack. No “get rich quick scheme” for Cash Cash – they’re taking this all the way to the bank.

Tour Dates

Sasha Invol2ver North America Fall 2008 Tour Invol2ver out now on Global Underground

Sasha Invol2ver North America Fall 2008 Tour Invol2ver out now on Global Underground

It’s been a year since Sasha’s last North America solo tour and for several cities on this tour it’s been even longer. Dallas’ last Sasha experience was during the last Involver tour in 2004! Atlanta and Charlotte haven’t seen him since 2005 and he hasn’t touched down in Denver since his Fundacion residency ended in 2006.

“Following up a classic is never easy and you can´t please everyone but here Sasha has done a sensational job and delivers what will surely be hailed as one of the best albums of the year.”

“ ‘Invol2ver’ is a work of DJ art.” International DJ

“Its a precision-tooled work that only a clubbing vet could muster.” Time Out NY

Everyone who purchases a ticket via Wantickets will receive a FREE Sasha download through Beatport.

Invol2ver Fall 2008 Tour

Thurs. Oct. 23 – Denver @ Beta
Fri. Oct. 24 – San Francisco @ Ruby Skye
Sat. Oct. 25 – Los Angeles @ Vanguard
Thurs. Oct. 30 – Charlotte @ The Forum
Fri. Oct. 31 – Atlanta @ Opera
Sat. Nov. 1- Dallas @ Lizard Lounge
Thurs. Nov. 6 – Montreal @ Tribe
Fri. Nov. 7 – New York City @ Webster Hall
Sat. Nov. 8 – Toronto @ Guvernment
Sun. Nov. 9 – Miami @ SET

“The work of a man who is still pioneering the very genre of music he helped create, this whole record seems to thrum with the rhythm of the future, and it sounds good.” Nylon

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Boz Scaggs New Album Out October 28

Boz Scaggs offers his second volume of standards and ballads titled “Speak Low” on October 28, 2008. To support the release, Boz will be stopping by intimate jazz clubs around the country starting on the Oct. 28 at the Napa Valley Opera House in California. See below for more tour dates.

Five years after his first volume of standards, But Beautiful, debuted at # 1 on the Billboard Jazz chart, GRAMMY award winning musician Boz Scaggs offers his second volume of standards and ballads, aptly titled Speak Low (out September 30 on vinyl and wide release on October 28th via Decca).

The multi-dimensional singer, whose 1976 album Silk Degrees was one of the landmark pop titles of the decade, began working on Speak Low several years ago. He’d settled on most of the material, and had developed a rough notion of the sound in his head. “I had a few distinct elements I wanted to hear paired with my voice,” Scaggs recalls, “but I needed an arranger who could bring those textures to life.” He remembers wondering whether he’d ever realize the sound he’d imagined. And then he experienced what he describes as a remarkable coincidence. “It was raining, cold out. I walked by the Blue Note and heard music coming out of the club. It was vibes, string trio, a couple of horns – this was the sound I’d been hearing in my head, exactly. Turned out to be Gil Goldstein and a nonet. After the set Gil and I started talking, and it was just a really nice meeting. When we got together around a piano, that was it. We knew.”

The album was recorded at Skywalker Sound, a state-of-the-art studio that’s part of filmmaker George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch complex. The room is massive, a soundstage big enough to fit an orchestra. Yet Speak Low sounds like it was made in someone’s cozy living room. “The sense of intimacy you get there is quite remarkable,” Scaggs says. “You think you can get closer to the music in a smaller room, but that’s not always true. At Skywalker, the vastness brought us all together…. The quiets in that room are much quieter, and all of the dynamics are really vivid. It’s a great room to sing in.”

Fans can experience the intimacy of this album live as Scaggs embarks on a nationwide tour this fall with multiple shows in most of the cities. This special tour will bring Scaggs to legendary jazz clubs across the country where he’ll not only perform the standards from ‘Speak Low’ but he’ll debut new versions of fan favorites like “Lowdown,” “JoJo,” and “Lido Shuffle.”

October 28 Napa Valley Opera House Napa, CA
October 30 Jazz Alley Seattle, WA
October 31 Jazz Alley* Seattle, WA
November 1 Jazz Alley* Seattle, WA
November 2 Jazz Alley Seattle, WA
November 5 Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant* Minneapolis, MN
November 6 Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant* Minneapolis, MN
November 7 UCO Jazz Club* Edmond, OK
November 10 Blue Note* New York City, NY
November 11 Blue Note* New York City, NY
November 14 Blue Note* New York City, NY
November 15 Blue Note* New York City, NY
November 16 Blue Note* New York City, NY
November 19 Blue Alley* Washington, DC
November 20 Ram’s Head on Stage* Annapolis, MD
November 23 Wilbur Theatre* Boston, MA

* Indicates two performances

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Ill Bill – Society Is Brainwashed video, The Hour of Reprisal album available now through Fat Beats

Ill Bill – Society Is Brainwashed video, The Hour of Reprisal album available now through Fat Beats

The highly anticipated second solo album from Brooklyn’s independent hip-hop kingpin ILL BILL is available now at on the Uncle Howie/Fat Beats label. The former Non Phixion standout and current La Coka Nostra riot-starter has surgically crafted THE very album the hip-hop world has been missing and craving for far too long.

Whether holding it down alongside iconic MCs such as Raekwon the Chef and B-Real, or with their spiritual disciples Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz and Necro, or masterminding stellar collaborations with the likes of the legendary Bad Brains and heavy metal thrashers Killswitch Engage, Bill confidently swaggers the line between genres with fellow visionaries DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, T-Ray, DJ Lethal and others behind the boards. Also, for the first time, a bulk of the production has been propelled by Bill himself.

Along with the album, comes a DVD of ILL BILL annihilating punk rock mecca CBGB, live and direct from the same stage once immortalized by the likes of The Ramones, Blondie, The New York Dolls and so many others. Additionally, the artwork for The Hour of Reprisal has been created by none other than Larry Carroll; the man behind numerous controversial album covers for the mighty Slayer, including their classic Reign In Blood.

Following up his recent 52 date support slot with Tech N9ne and Paul Wall, ILL BILL will head out on a lengthy North American headlining tour with Heltah Skeltah’s Sean Price in tow, beginning September 11th and running until November 9th. Here are the dates:

Oct 9 2008 @ 7:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Icon Pocatello, Idaho
Oct 10 2008 @ 7:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ The Other Side Missoula, Montana
Oct 11 2008 @ 6:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ The Blvd Spokane, Washington
Oct 12 2008 @ 7:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Oct 13 2008 @ 11:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Richard’s On Richards Cabaret Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct 15 2008 @ 10:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ The Starlite Room Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 16 2008 @ 9:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Underground Night Club Calgary, Alberta
Oct 17 2008 @ 8:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Walker’s Nightclub Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Oct 18 2008 @ 10:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Dylan O’Connors Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oct 19 2008 @ 6:30P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ The Aquarium Fargo, North Dakota
Oct 20 2008 @ 8:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ The Cabooze Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oct 22 2008 @ 8:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Peabody’s Down Under Cleveland, Ohio
Oct 23 2008 @ 10:30P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ B.B. King Blues Club New York, New York
Oct 24 2008 @ 8:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Sonar Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 25 2008 @ 8:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Canal Club Downstairs Lounge Richmond, Virginia
Oct 26 2008 @ 8:30P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, North Carolina
Oct 27 2008 @ 8:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ The Soapbox Laundroloung Wilmington, North Carolina
Oct 28 2008 @ 7:30P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
Oct 29 2008 @ 7:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Uncle Pleasants Louisville, Kentucky
Oct 31 2008 @ 9:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Subterranean Chicago, Illinois
Nov 1 2008 @ 8:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Magic Stick Detroit, Michigan
Nov 2 2008 @ 9:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Broadway Joes Buffalo, New York
Nov 4 2008 @ 9:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Revival Toronto, Ontario
Nov 5 2008 @ 9:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Les Foufounes Electriques Montreal, Quebec
Nov 6 2008 @ 11:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Babylon Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 7 2008 @ 9:00P “The Hour of Reprisal” Tour @ Jerky’s Live Music Hall Providence, Rhode Island

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#1 Most Added at Smooth Jazz Radio, #15 Debut on Billboard Current Jazz Chart and #6 Debut on Billboard Traditional Jazz Chart in 1st Week of Release!

Guest Stars Lee Ritenour, Patti Austin, Dave Grusin, Chick Corea, and a “Virtual” Art Tatum Join Powerhouse 18-Piece Ensemble

2-Disc Package Includes 12-Track CD Plus Bonus DVD with Interviews, Live Concert Footage, Photos and More

“… Bristling arrangements with hair-raising virtuosity.” – Time Magazine

LOS ANGELES – Multi Grammy- and Emmy-winner Gordon Goodwin had the nation’s #1 Most Added Song at Smooth Jazz Radio in the first week of release of Act Your Age, the new two-disc set (12-song CD + Bonus DVD) by Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band on immergent Records. The album also debuted in Billboard this week at #15 on the Current Jazz Chart and #6 on the Traditional Jazz Chart.

Their first single – a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” featuring Patti Austin on vocals and the album’s producer, Lee Ritenour, on guitar – also is #25 on the R&R Smooth Jazz Chart. Austin will be making a special guest concert appearance with the Big Phat Band in February at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Taking it higher, Goodwin hosts the Delta Airlines jazz channel as featured artist in its “Tune In!” in-flight entertainment system throughout November-December, with a one-hour program dedicated to Act Your Age, on all domestic flights.

Act Your Age arrives as a big “phat” hit with a powerhouse ensemble and the wide-ranging talents of Ritenour, Austin, and pianists Dave Grusin and Chick Corea. Even the late piano giant, Art Tatum (!) guests in a cutting-edge “virtual” duet courtesy of an electronic process by which a Tatum recording of “Yesterdays” was digitized, then woven into Goodwin’s big band arrangement.

True to form, this is an album of self-penned tunes and standards that have inspired Goodwin to advance a vital tradition. The venerable arranger-composer Johnny Mandel, who wrote for the likes of Basie, Herman and Artie Shaw, after hearing Goodwin play, recently said to him, “You are where big band writing is today.” All Music Guide, noting how Goodwin “cares about reanimating big band music,” raved that the charts on Act Your Age are “punchy and inventive,” adding, “he is abetted by a precise and enthusiastic ensemble.”

Act Your Age, released Sept. 30, includes a bonus DVD filled with extras including interviews, performance videos, make your own mix, solo transcriptions, photos, and games geared toward his devotees. “Floating Home,” the album’s final track, is available as a download-only MP3 on as an exclusive bonus track, not on the CD.

Act Your Age runs the gamut from soul grooves to samba to contemporary New Orleans. There’s a special nod to Herbie Hancock, with the Phat Band’s up-tempo take on his classic “Watermelon Man” that’s in the pocket. Chick Corea recreates his own “Señor Mouse” with the same success as the original, steeped in big band, Latin-style. Pianist/composer Grusin and his longtime associate Ritenour trade riffs on Grusin’s “Punta Del Soul”. The line-up also features alto saxophonist Eric Marienthal, tenor saxophonist Brian Scanlon, the Band’s vaunted trumpet section of Wayne Bergeron, Dan Fornero, Dan Savant, and Bob Summers, trombonist Andy Martin, and drummer Bernie Dresel.

Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band has attracted significant coverage from the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Time Magazine and numerous other media outlets across the continent. The group’s previous album The Phat Pack peaked in the Top 20 on the Billboard Jazz Chart around its release in 2006.

Gordon Goodwin is the modern standard-bearer of big band arranging and composing, having won a GRAMMY Award for his work on Pixar’s The Incredibles soundtrack, and three EMMY Awards for music he composed for Warner Brothers animated films. The eight-time GRAMMY nominee fell in love with big band jazz when he discovered Count Basie in the seventh grade. Goodwin has worked with Take 6, Johnny Mathis, Brian McKnight, David Sanborn, Natalie Cole and Dianne Reeves, was a session guy for Gil-Scott Heron and Louie Bellson, and has played profile venues and festivals including the Playboy Jazz Festival and Hollywood Bowl. And his fans? Count Paul Shaffer, Robin Eubanks, Randy Brecker …check.

Upcoming tour dates that have been announced:
October 11 Laguna Beach Live! Artist’s Theatre, Laguna Beach HS, CA
October 20 The Jazz Bakery, Culver City, CA
November 4-9 The Blue Note, Tokyo, Japan
December 31 Omaha Performing Arts Center, Omaha, NE
February 13 Walt Disney Concert Hall with Patti Austin, Los Angeles, CA
February 21 Friends University, Wichita, KS

1. Hit The Ground Running 4:54
2. Watermelon Man 5:27
3. September – featuring Patti Austin and Lee Ritenour 4:29
4. Yesterdays – featuring Art Tatum 3:18
5. Señor Mouse – featuring Chick Corea 5:00
6. Punta Del Soul – featuring Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour 5:04
7. Act Your Age 5:48
8. Chance Encounters 7:34
9. Backrow Politics 8:05
10. East Coast Envy 5:12
11. El Macho Muchacho 6:10
12. Gumbo Street 6:32
13. Floating Home 6:23 – Bonus Track exclusive, MP3 digital download

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Edrey’s – Get Free video and tour dates

Peace Peoples….. You’ve heard the song, now check the video for Edreys’ single “Get Free”…a completely animated video based off hand illustrations from Edreys himself…

From the upcoming album “Good Morning Amy”
Illustrated/Directed by Edreys Wajed
Animated/Co-Directed by Robert Nicholas Dauphinais

Also Edreys will be hitting the road during the month of November with Prince Po [Organized Konfusion] Check below for dates.

Nov 1 2008 Gordon Best Theatre Peterborough, Ontario
Nov 2 2008 The Boat Toronto, Ontario
Nov 4 2008 Elixir Nightclub Kingston, Ontario
Nov 5 2008 Nine Nightclub Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 6 2008 L’Alize Montreal, Quebec
Nov 7 2008 The Gait Sherbrooke, Quebec
Nov 8 2008 Cousin Larry’s Danbury, Connecticut
Nov 9 2008 Southpaw Brooklyn, New York
Nov 11 2008 One Eyed Jack’s Fairborn, Ohio
Nov 12 2008 Robin Hood Kent, Ohio
Nov 13 2008 TBA Indianapolis, Indiana
Nov 14 2008 Phantasy Nightclub Cleveland, Ohio
Nov 15 2008 Tony’s Bar & Grill Columbus, Ohio
Nov 16 2008 Broadway Joe’s Buffalo, New York
Nov 18 2008 TBA Madison, Wisconsin
Nov 19 2008 Blind Pig Ann Arbor, Michigan
Nov 20 2008 Box Awesome Lincoln, Nebrask
Nov 21 2008 TBA Omaha, Nebraska
Nov 22 2008 Dinkytowner Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nov 23 2008 The Peanut Kansas City, Missouri
Nov 24 2008 Mojo’s Columbia, Missouri
Nov 25 2008 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, Iowa
Nov 26 2008 TBA Iowa City, Iowa
Nov 27 2008 Atomic Cowboy St Louis, Missour
Nov 28 2008 TBA Louisville, Kentucky
Nov 29 2008 Highburry Pub Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nov 30 2008 Reptile Palace Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Tour Dates

Who’s Who of Underground Hip-Hop Scene Join together for “Caltroit” Tour Heavy Hitters Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Bishop Lamont Hit the Road

Who’s Who of Underground Hip-Hop Scene Join together for “Caltroit” Tour Heavy Hitters Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Bishop Lamont Hit the Road

Producer, MC, and vanguard of Detroit’s rising hip-hop scene, Black Milk will embark on a mini-tour of Europe featuring fellow heavy hitters Guilty Simpson and Bishop Lamont and special guests eLZhi and Sean Price on additional U.S. dates. The “Caltroit” Tour will consist of eight dates in major European cities including Amsterdam, Paris and Zurich. The tour is in support of Black Milk and Bishop Lamont’s duo album Caltroit, Black Milk’s highly anticipated solo album Tronic, and Guilty Simpson’s critically acclaimed debut album Ode To The Ghetto.

When discussing the tour, Black said, “It is always good to go to Europe because there is so much energy in the crowd and so much love over there.” Since releasing Caltroit with Bishop Lamont in 2007, the duo have not joined together on a tour. The tour will offer fans a chance to finally see Black and Bishop performing their songs together.

In only a few short years, Black Milk quickly has become one of underground hip-hop’s foremost ambassadors since the release of his debut solo album Popular Demand. Realizing his vast reservoir of talent, both independent and mainstream artists looked to Black to give their albums a raw underground sound. Black has since produced and appeared on tracks for an impressive roster of hip hop artists including Genius/GZA, Busta Rhymes, Pharoahe Monch, Kidz in the Hall, Kardinal Offishall, Guilty Simpson, and Strange Fruit Project, among others. Most recently, Black released two albums, The Set Up with Fat Ray and Black Milk Presents Caltroit with Bishop Lamont. Black also handed nearly all the production on elZhi’s The Preface, an album that is making many critics’ Top 10 lists for 2008 and bringing serious attention to Detroit’s music scene. Black also produces and rhymes as a member of the ground Random Axe with Sean Price and Guilty Simpson and will release a full-length album in early 2009. TRONIC will be released on CD, vinyl, and digitally via Fat Beats Records on October 28, 2008.


Thurs-Oct-9 Aarhus, DENMARK Train
Fri-Oct-10 Zurich, SWITZERLAND Aktionshalle
Sat-Oct-11 Paris, FRANCE Gibus
Mon-Oct-13 Leipzig, GERMANY Connie Island
Tue-Oct-14 Amsterdam, HOLLAND Paradiso
Wed-Oct-15 Rotterdam, HOLLAND Watt
Thu-Oct-16 Cologne, GERMANY TBA
Fri-Oct-17 Basel, SWITZERLAND Das Schiff
Sat-Oct-18 Oslo, NORWAY Bla
Fri-Oct-24 New York, NY Southpaw- “TRONIC” ALBUM RELEASE PARTY
Tue-Oct-28 Detroit, MI The Shelter@ St. Andrews Hall- “TRONIC” ALBUM RELEASE PARTY
Sat-Nov-15 Los Angeles, CA Key Club w/Sean Price