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50 Cent video interview addresses issues with his baby’s mother, Young Buck, Ice Cube, Terminate On Sight and more

50 Cent video interview addresses issues with his baby’s mother, Young Buck, Ice Cube, Terminate On Sight and more

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West – Hustleman video featuring Young Buck

West – Hustleman video featuring Young Buck. Young Buck’s first video shot in Cashville, Tennesse since his split from G-Unit and 50 Cent

50 cent G-Unit Interviews Young Buck

G-Unit Interview: Terminate On Sight. Everybody’s competition. Everybody. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo part 2

G-Unit Interview: Terminate On Sight. Everybody’s competition. Everybody. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo

Interview conducted by Hugo Lunny

MVRemix: You lot are very famous for the mixtape grind and what you’ve done now is converted mixtapes into a video form with ThisIs50. Most songs are

now coming out with a video. What inspired the push to go to videos more than just mixtapes?

Lloyd Banks: A lot of the ways is it’s new. It just keeps people from being able to admire the music just through their ears to actually get a visual

to it also, like right now if I had a camera man recording me while I’m talkin’ to you and the website. G-Unit Interview: Terminate On Sight. Everybody's competition. Everybody. Lloyd Banks & Tony YayoThere would be thousands of people that’s payin’

attention every other minute. The computer is on demand, you can demand to see anything you wanna see at any time you wanna see it. From TV to records.

Whatever you wanna hear. I just feel like you have to find new ways to market yourselves as an artist ’cause you can’t leave it all up to the label, when the

label is tryin’ to find what the next way is. So as an artist you’ve got to go out there, and that’s what ThisIs50 does, Instead of just

hearin’ us talkin’ about our world tour and how the experiences are; you can actually see it. We’ve got interactive live feed capabilities, you can see what

we doin’ at the exact time. It’s interesting and we definitely trying to dominate that side of the market.

MVRemix: How many songs in total were recorded for “Terminate On Sight”?

Lloyd Banks: Too many to even place ’em. To be honest with you, when we put out the first mixtape, “Return Of The Bodysnatchers,” I thought we were

workin’ on “T.O.S.” And that’s just because 50 does things like that man, to keep you on your toes. At any given time he can call us out and we’ll be in the

studio for two days recording 16 songs. It wasn’t really… We didn’t go in the studio like that thinkin’, “We’re gonna make records for the mixtapes and

records for the album.” Every record we make we know it could be the quality of bein’ on an album and that’s how it happened. Some records went to the

mixtapes. Some went to the album. Some records that went to the mixtapes turned into singles. We always try to think it big recording every record.

MVRemix: What are you currently listening to outside of G-Unit?

Lloyd Banks: Outside of G-Unit? [Groans] I’m not really listening to anything. I just bought a whole bunch of CDs. I’m one of them dudes that kind of

stays stuck on CDs, so of course I’ve got the Makaveli album in my car, I’ve got “Life After Death” in my car. I got “The Chronic,” the first one. I got

Snoop “Doggystyle” in my car, I got “Illmatic” in my car. I got Prodigy’s album in my car, both of them. It depends with the day, what I’m feelin’ like. But

I listen to the radio also.

Tony Yayo: What I’ve got in my car. It’s crazy. I got Mavado in my car, I got Michael Jackson in my car. I got Alicia Keys in my car… I got “The

Chronic,” I got a whole bunch of shit. I listen to all different kinds of music. Like I said, I got some Jamaican with Mavado, I like Michael Jackson’s

“P.Y.T.” You know what I mean? “Pretty Young Thing.”

MVRemix: How is “Blood In The Sand” (G-Unit video game) coming along?

Tony Yayo: “Blood In The Sand,” that video game is gonna be so sick… If you could see the graphics for it. It’s gonna be compared to like “Grand

Theft Auto IV” You know the way everyone looks at that, that’s the ultimate game to play – “Grand Theft Auto IV.” “Blood In The Sand” is crazy.

MVRemix: What about solo records – I know you’re both working on those as well, do you have any developments on your individual records?

Tony Yayo: Oh of course. You know Banks, we’ve all had solo projects before. Mine was “Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon” – I did 800,000 went on tour. I

was happy about that. I didn’t really get a chance to promote, and you know I’m happy about the forth going project that we got forthcoming and the projects

we got comin’. I got over 60 records, I know Banks has probably over 100. Banks writes like Eminem, I say I write like 50. I have spurts. Banks and Eminem

stay in the studio everyday. That’s why Em will call Banks’ home. Banks is Eminem’s favourite, ’cause their writing capabilities are astronomical. How they

write and how they ride the beat.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on [Barack] Obama being the democratic nominee?

Tony Yayo: I think it’s cool. I mean everybody wants a change. I think it doesn’t matter what colour or race if you can change, get somethin’

different. It’s cool to see a black man in there, you know? It’s cool to see a man of ethnic origin run for candidacy, I can’t call it. I can’t vote ’cause I

have felonies. So I don’t know. I’m really not into the politics.

MVRemix: What do you feel is the biggest mis-conception people have of G-Unit?

Tony Yayo: I know what I’mna say. I’ma let Banks handle it.

Lloyd Banks: I mean, the biggest mis-conception to me is that we ain’t hungry. For some reason I think people seem to feel like we’re content and at

the end of day you control your destiny. I just feel like that’s the biggest mis-conception that fits the business savy. I feel it overshadows the actual

talent. People are sadly mistaken, like all the haters are sadly mistaken if they feel like “This is it.” Or “What else can you do?” Or “Are they still

hungry?” I don’t always go off of the positive – look at all the positive things or how many people are un-informed or… Those things motivate me. But how

many people go to the gravesite motivates me too ’cause it reminds me I’m living. I gotta live to the fullest ’cause I got friends in jail that I ain’t never

gonna see again and in the grave also. I just think G-Unit is more appreciative and I don’t think a lot of people out there understand that. It’s not all

about the cars, the houses and the diamonds. We actually were fans of music since we were little kids.

Tony Yayo: I think the biggest mis-conception is that niggaz is trouble-makers. And so niggaz be like a lot of dramas with Fat Joe, The Game, Buck…

All those things that you see they really be startin’ and so we finish it. So I think that’s the biggest mis-conception – that we start the trouble. In rap

it is competition, so some people get carried away. That’s what “Terminate On Sight” means. Everybody’s competition. Everybody.

MVRemix: A la “Fight Club,” if you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?

Lloyd Banks: I’d fight Bill O’Reilly.

Tony Yayo: You’d fight Bill O’Reilly? That’s a good one. You know who I’d fight?

MVRemix: Who would you fight?

Tony Yayo: That’s a good one, who would I fight… [ponders]

[Lloyd Banks chuckles]

Tony Yayo: That’s a good one. I think I would like to fight Fat Joe.

MVRemix: And why’s that?

Tony Yayo: He’s slow man, I think I could take that guy. He’s slow. See Suge [Knight] just got knocked out. Anybody can get it.

Original G-Unit Interview

G-Unit Interviews Young Buck

G-Unit Interview: Terminate On Sight. Everybody’s competition. Everybody. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo

G-Unit Interview: Terminate On Sight. Everybody’s competition. Everybody. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo

Interview conducted by Hugo Lunny
G-Unit Interview: Terminate On Sight. Everybody's competition. Everybody. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo
From the controversy surrounding Young Buck being kicked out of G-Unit, to the previous issues with The Game, to Yayo allegedly smacking a 14 year old through the countless amounts of speculation and drama… One thing that can’t be argued about G-Unit is that they know how to get noticed.

I decided to avoid the obvious questions that will be answered in every other interview and ask some more open ended ones as G-Unit gear up to release “Terminate On Sight” next month.

MVRemix: In a recent interview I read with Yayo, you were basically quoted as saying it’s “no longer the year of the bad guy,” how do you guys feel

about today’s music?

Tony Yayo: I don’t think ’cause… That was Banks that quoted that…

Lloyd Banks: Yeah.

Tony Yayo: But he’s absolutely right. I’ma let Banks tell you why he’s quoted that.

Lloyd Banks: I just feel like, to be honest, nowadays in music it’s just like everybody’s agreeing to disagree. I don’t know where a lot of the

unnecessary heat comes from or the backlash. I really don’t understand it but it’s one thing nowadays that’s the same with us. We come from a place, an

environment where certain things just 50/50. Nobody’s gonna take disrespect from no angle from anybody. Not even my Moms or my Grandmoms. Like my Grandmom’s

will curse you the fuck out if you deserve to. You understand. You be in a supermarket and another lady is pushing her cart and it rolls over my mother’s

foot and she don’t say, “Excuse me,” she might get a can in her face or something. These are things that happen and you can’t expect anything less or more.

It is what it is. I just feel like it’s the time of day in music today where aggression is being looked at as a problem. We’re dealing with problems every

day; look at the Sean Bell situation.

My closest friends have been murdered on the rise to the top, so people only see the success. They don’t understand what goes on in between times. So like

them stories that should be heard, like my best friends have been murdered or doing 25 or 45 years in prison, I feel like their stories are just as important

and as relevant as anybody else’s. I just feel like everybody’s now pushing that message in reality, and I’m not in denial.

MVRemix: Do you feel like the climate of music has changed as a result? I mean 2003 was really big for G-Unit and more aggressive rap sounds, where as

now it’s gone to sort of a more watered down southern feel. Do you feel G-Unit are still as relevant as you were a few years back?

Tony Yayo: Yeah hold up – I mean, let me answer that Banks. I feel like we’re still relevant, ’cause if you go to and you look at

“Elephant In The Sand” it got over a million downloads in a couple of days. You look at “Return Of The Bodysnatchers,” that got over a million downloads. So

that just tells you there’s over a million people who’s at their computer goin’ to get our mixtapes. Both times. That’s two million people for bodies of work

that we’re just giving you for free. One thing for G-Unit, I feel we paved the way for every artist in the mixtape game ’cause we’re the artists that

monopolized the most. We’re still relevant. We’re definitely still relevant in the mixtape game, you know, and the proof is in the pudding from

how we can put out a mixtape and it can sell more than a guy’s album. We’re giving it to you for free! We’re giving it to you for free. We’ve got another

mixtape coming out called with DJ Drama and DJ Whoo Kid, two of the biggest DJ’s. One from the south and one from New York City; I guarantee that’s gonna

sell crazy. We took a song from “Elephant In The Sand,” “Rider Part 2” and put it on a mixtape. That was chosen, and radio picked it up. So we took a

freestyle record that we didn’t have no plans of making that an album cut, that made it to the album because it got radio spins. Didn’t nobody touch it, it

was just ’cause people liked it.

I think it’s a catch 22 with G-Unit, I think sometimes girl wanna hear “Karma” from Banks and the next time they wanna hear “Warrior Part 2,” a more

aggressive record. You know, they wanna hear “21 Questions” from 50, then they wanna hear “Guns Come Out” or “What Up Gangsta” from 50. Or they wanna hear

“Curious” from me, and at the same time they wanna hear “I Don’t Love Hoes” from me, or “I Know You Don’t Love Me” and stuff like that. So you know, people

like us, we’ve got the talent to make aggressive records, but we’ve got the talent to make commercial records too. It’s a catch 22 to everything.

MVRemix: Where do you see the group in five years as a result?

Tony Yayo: Where do I see the group going in five years time? I see the group, man, we into all kinds of businesses – it don’t stop. We’ve got the

video game comin’ out in the winter time, fourth quarter “Elephant In The Sand” [Blood In The Sand]. We’re all doing movies right now, Banks is into adult

films. He has two AVN awards he had previously. His first adult film was a success, “Groupie Love,” and me, I’m doin’ all kinds of acting. I’m havin’ movies

bein’ thrown at me. I currently been on the set with [Robert] Deniro and [Al] Pacino and 50 for “Righteous Kill,” as well as Donnie Wahlberg. You know, 50

shootin’ a movie with Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone right now.

So our hands is into everything, our hands is into real estate. You know, we own homes… We some smart guys here. I see the next step being films. I can see

myself bein’ a big director or producer or somethin’. ‘Cause you know 50, he’s gettin’ us… That’s like our new hustle. But you know we ain’t never forget

the music ’cause the music is our original love. That’s love. That’s where I lost my virginity to. Music. Anything else in the game that comes along, we’re

just gonna go hard. We just have a lot of things goin’ on. So in the next couple of years I just see us gettin’ more money. Gettin’ more richer… and more.

I know Banks want more, I know I want more and I know 50 always wants more. So I mean it’s all about the hustle.

MVRemix: Going on from that, you’re scheduled to play KRS One in an upcoming BDP (Boogie Down Productions) film. How did that come about?

Tony Yayo: Well people, I guess they see my hypeness on the stage and whatever into G-Unit is the energy. Banks, he’s the punch line king hands down.

He’s like the ultimate songwriter hands down and I’m like the energy out of the group. When you look at KRS one, you see energy. Only a couple of people can

play his part jumping around stage like that. But I’m actually headed towards the city to see about the film right now. I’m ready to see what’s going on with


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Press Releases Young Buck

Decon and Cashville Records team up for the release of Young Buck’s documentary DVD release, A Billion Bucks, in stores June 10th.

Decon and Cashville Records team up for the release of Young Buck’s documentary DVD release, A Billion Bucks, in stores June 10th.

Double-disk DVD / CD to feature 6 exclusive new songs from Young Buck.

New York, NY – G-Unit member and Nashville, TN native Young Buck gears up for the release of his first feature length DVD release, A Billion Bucks. Documenting the life and times of the rapper, the film takes a look at the day-to-day struggles of life as a rap star.

From father to felon, fisherman to poet, hood-hero to introvert, the feature documentary studies Young Buck as he wears his heart on his sleeve, opening up completely to the camera as recommended by his psychiatrist. He willingly takes the camera with him everywhere, in an effort to gain understanding of self, and ultimately find inner peace.

Come along with Young Buck to the South Side Projects in Tennessee, to Cuba for a quick get away, across the U.S. on tour, through the back woods on a fishing trip, and so much more.

“The greatest aspect of shooting with Buck was the mutual respect and genuine curiosity that developed between us,” said Jason Goldwatch, director of the film. “We are such different people, from such different places, and over the course of our travels and experiences finding actually, we are very much the same. And the camera was there to capture the frankness, the dirt, the openness, and the realness of it all. It was an amazing experience. Buck the world.”

The DOUBLE DISC DVD features:

• 3 new exclusive unreleased music videos

• 6 new tracks featuring Young Buck, C-Bo, Tha Outlawz and 615

• complete photo gallery

The release features never before seen performance and behind-the-scenes footage of this infamous G-Unit member as documented over a year’s worth of time out on the road.

A Billion Bucks was shot and edited by Decon’s Jason Goldwatch who is known for combining abstract experimental film techniques, with street savvy storytelling. Jason’s portfolio includes Ludacris’ “The Red Light District”, Young Jeezy’s “Thug Motivation 101”, and most recently he directed The Damian Marley music video “One Loaf Of Bread” shot in Haiti.

Young Buck will be hitting the road in early June in support of the DVD release. Bear witness as the film flips a G to A BILLION BUCKS!

G-Unit Videos Young Buck

Young Buck – Lose My Mind video

Young Buck – Lose My Mind video

“Lose My Mind” is a song by American rapper Young Buck, featuring rapper and producer Swizz Beatz. The song is from Young Buck’s second studio album, “The Rehab,” which was released in 2010.

Here are some key details about the “Lose My Mind” music video:

The music video for “Lose My Mind” was released in 2010 to coincide with the release of the single and the album “The Rehab.”

Director: Jessy Terrero.

The music video features a gritty and intense atmosphere that complements the song’s themes. It includes scenes that reflect the street life and showcase the struggles and challenges faced by Young Buck and those around him. The video captures a sense of chaos, emotional turmoil, and the desire to break free from the pressures of life.

The video includes a mix of performance shots, cinematic storytelling, and dynamic editing. It features Young Buck and Swizz Beatz in various urban settings, including the streets and nightclubs. The visual style of the video matches the energy and intensity of the song.

The music video’s storyline revolves around Young Buck dealing with personal and external conflicts. It portrays his internal struggle and frustration, showing moments of tension and confrontations. The video effectively conveys the theme of feeling like you’re losing your mind amidst the challenges of life.

Guest Appearances: Swizz Beatz, who is featured on the track, also makes an appearance in the music video alongside Young Buck.

Press Releases Young Buck

Sha Money XL & Money Management Group Presents: One Stop Shop 2008!!

Sha Money XL & Money Management Group Presents: One Stop Shop 2008!!

One Stop Crowd

On March 8th and 9th of 2008, hundreds of established and upcoming producers will descend upon Phoenix, Arizona, to attend the annual One Stop Shop producer’s conference, masterminded by Sha Money XL’s production and artist management company, Money Management Group. The conference will feature top industry professionals, platinum track making producers, and new technology trends from companies like Microsoft, M Audio, and Traxxpad. It will also include an itinerary filled, video game tournaments, after parties hosted by NYC’s most noted DJs, and the infamous One Stop Shop Beat Battle. and most importantly the industry workshops/panels.

This year OSS features The Microsoft Technology Panel hosted by Arif Gursel, a software test engineer in the Microsoft XBOX team as well as The Power Management Panel which features Gee Roberson, Derick Jackson, Bernard Parks, Ryan Press and more. The 2008 One Stop Shop also boasts a Tastemaker Panel and a New Producer Panel; so it isn’t surprising that this conference has captured the excitement of producers that have constantly saturated the music game with their talent. “This is the conference for those that are serious about making real moves in the industry… You gotta love it!” – from Kanye West’s mentor, NO I.D.

The lineup for the 2008 OSS include producers; DJ Toomp, Swizz Beats, the legendary DJ Premier, Hi-Tek, DJ Quik, 9th Wonder, No ID, Trackboyz, and Nottz. This year, Money Management Group is honoring the works of Swizz Beats, famed for his unique production and his continuous ability to produce number one hits and Atlanta based Grammy winner DJ Toomp, known for his platinum selling hits with T.I and Kanye West. Other panelists include; Shalik Berry (Def Jam), Conrad Dimanche (Bad Boy), Jean Nelson (Atlantic), Lenny S., (Def Jam), Wendy Day, Chuck Creekmur (Allhiphop), Bonsu Thompson, Julia Beverly (Ozone), Juan Madrid (Sony ATV), Maani Edwards (Universal Publishing) and more. Young Buck, Lil Scrappy, Kurupt, Outlawz, Talib Kweli, and Riz are also slated to make appearances throughout the weekend. “This year is gonna be bigger and better. We’ve got the support of great talent and companies that share our vision.” – Kisha, MMG Marketing Director.

Over 700 producers from around the world attended the One Stop Shop of 2007. MMG had producers flying in from Africa, Bermuda, and the UK. “The future of the One Stop Shop is growth. I want this to go down in Hip-Hop history and be a major conference like Mixshow Power Summit, R&R, Sema or Midem. I want to continue to let new producers find their way through this industry and learn just who the key players are and what networking is about,” Sha explains. Money Management Group teaches producers and artists the importance of branding. “It is so important to brand yourself in today’s environment. You have producers dropping LPs like artists now.” Sha states. MMG’s conference has helped jumpstart the careers of last year’s Beat Battle finalists. “Since the conference I’ve had beat placement on both the Pac and Rick Ross albums” – Jiggolo, OSS Beat Battle Finalist.

Sponsorship for this year’s event comes from a variety of companies and components of the music industry; such as Xpoz Magazine, ASCAP, iStandard Producers,,, Microsoft, Shade 45/Sirius Satellite Radio, Edios Traxxpad, Ozone Magazine, M Audio and Native Instruments.

50 cent Press Releases Young Buck

Tony Yayo Confident As Trial Date Is Set; Promises Eminem, Dr. Dre Will Be On G-Unit LP

“I just came from court, I got my Donald Trump button-up on,” Tony Yayo said with a smile on Thursday afternoon (January 10) while sitting in the G-Unit’s Manhattan office.

Yayo, born Marvin Bernard, had been in court earlier in the day to make an appearance before his upcoming trial on charges of endangering the welfare of a child, assault and harassment in connection with his alleged role in the roughing up of the then-14-year-old son of Game manager Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond in March. According to Yayo’s lawyer Scott Leemon, the district attorney revealed in court that the co-defendant in the case, honorary G-Unit member Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, was interviewed by the infamous New York Police Department “hip-hop squad” following his arrest in the case last year, but that police did not disclose that conversation to the district attorney’s office until recently.

“The DA disclosed today that despite constitutional protections, members of New York’s infamous hip-hop squad interviewed [Fletcher] after his arrest, and he said that Yayo was not the person who hit the boy,” Leemon said. “Fletcher said he was the one who slapped the boy, but the DA didn’t learn about it until last week.”

The judge in the case set a trial start date of March 31. Yayo, whose birthday is actually on the same day the trial begins, said he couldn’t go into details of the court proceeding but that he felt positive about it.

“Everything is good,” Yayo said. “I got top-notch lawyers. I don’t smack kids. I got a kid on the way.”

Yayo’s name also popped up in the news this week when a house belonging to his road manager Barja Walter was not only shot up but had a Molotov cocktail thrown at it. Almost a year ago, Yayo’s mother’s house was assailed by firearms as well.

“He’s good,” Yayo said of Walter. “Truthfully, he don’t live there. He don’t live in that house. Picture my road manager living in the ‘hood.”

Tony’s mom does still live in her neighborhood, in the same house that was violated.

“My moms didn’t move,” Yayo said. “I mean, she went through what she went through. I pray for her, but she made that house. She don’t wanna move. She came here from another country, she bought a house. She did everything for it. She don’t wanna leave. Trust me: She can if she wants to.”

The most energetic member of the G-Unit admits it is difficult to leave your familiar surroundings even once you’ve attained major finances and stardom. To this day, he still hangs out in his old environment.

“A n—a can’t tell me I’m not in the streets,” he said. “Look at the situations. My mom’s crib and all that. I’m in the ‘hood. You know what it is? It’s a Catch-22 to everything in life. You move out of the ‘hood, you deal with racism. People are like, ‘This young black guy dropped out of school. I went to school my whole life, [got a] master’s degree, and this f—in’ guy lives where I live at.’ You have to deal with that. Then when you go back to the ‘hood, you have to deal with people being mad at you because you made it. It’s like the Frank Lucas movie [‘American Gangster’] where he says, ‘success took a shot at you.’ What are you gonna do? Run away from it? Biggie said, ‘Mo’ money, mo’ problems.’

“It’s a whole bunch of sh– you have to deal with, but it’s better than being broke,” he added.

Yayo has been out of the ‘hood for a while. In fact, he hasn’t even been on U.S. soil lately. He just finished a two-month run of the world with 50 Cent, performing everywhere overseas, from Paris to Dubai to Germany to even Kosovo.

“We went to places where they don’t even speak English and they know ‘So Seductive’ and ‘Pimpin,’ ” he humbly boasted. “They don’t know other rappers, but they know us.”

The Southside Queens native is getting ready to go the Cannes Film Festival for a screening of 50’s new movie, “Righteous Kill.” As you’ve heard probably, it also stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

“Who wouldn’t want to meet De Niro and Pacino?” he laughed. “I’m a fan. I went to couple of photo shoots and a couple of things.”

On the music side of things, the entire G-Unit are working on a new group album, the forever-in-the-works Lock and Load.

“Me, [Lloyd] Banks and [Young] Buck went to 50’s house and was working,” he said. “We got a couple joints coming from [Dr.] Dre, Eminem. We’re just working. Fif is still working — he’s working all the time. Oh, man. 50’s a beast in that studio. You never know, it could be his last day [recording,] and he’ll write the biggest record he ever did in his life. Or it can be his first day. When you look at 50, he has spurts. He has moments when he can write incredible records. … He can come with that two or three big records, then fall back, then come with more.”

Lock and Load doesn’t have a release date yet.

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50 cent G-Unit Young Buck

DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent & Chris Rock-G Unit Radio 25: Sabrina’s Baby Boy tracklisting

01. Hood Newz – Madison Square Garden Screamfest (Intro) 02:37
02. 50 Cent – I Get Money (Remix) (feat. Jay-Z, P. Diddy) 05:17
03. 50 Cent – So Seriuos UK Style (feat. Chris Rock) 02:51
04. 50 Cent – Family Matters (Sabrina’s Baby Boy) 03:21
05. Young Buck – Class Is In Session 03:39
06. 50 Cent – No More New Niggas (feat. Eminem) 02:40
07. Hood Newz – Search For Camron 01:14
08. 50 Cent – Dont Wanna Talk About It 02:05
09. 50 Cent – Curtis 187 01:27
10. 50 Cent – Coke Life (feat. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks) 03:12
11. 50 Cent – I Still Kill (feat. Akon) 03:44
12. 50 Cent – Southside (feat. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks) 03:44
13. Young Buck – Get Down 02:48
14. 50 Cent – Officer Down (Original Version) 02:29
15. Hood Newz – Search For Camron 2 (Jim Jones Speaks) 02:23
16. 50 Cent – Im On Some Shit (feat. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks) 03:30
17. 50 Cent – Smile 04:20
18. Young Buck – Ride 03:08
19. DJ Whoo Kid – Pimpin Ken (Skit) 00:54
20. 50 Cent – Part Time Lover 04:07
21. DJ Whookid – Kenny Chesney (Skit) 01:34
22. Young Buck – Personal (Unity) 04:45
23. DJ Whoo Kid – Camron Found (Hood Newz) 01:25
24. DJ Whoo Kid – Down To Ride (feat. Jim Jones) 03:25
25. DJ Whoo Kid – Hot 97 Plug 00:17
26. DJ Whoo Kid – Outro 00:34

Pow Radio Vol. 6: Whoo Kid’s Birthday

01. Whoo Kid – Birthday Intro 00:33
02. Whoo Kid – Movies 00:22
03. 50 Cent – Get Money Remix (feat. Jay-Z, Diddy) 04:09
04. Jim Jones – Bg Roll (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix) 03:48
05. D.O.E. – Bottom To The Top 03:06
06. 40 Glocc – Untitled Track (feat. Tony Yayo) 02:14
07. Maino – I Don’t Fuck Around 03:49
08. Lloyd Banks – Death 02:50
09. Havoc – I Got This (Not On Album) 01:11
10. B.A. – Movin Candy 02:44
11. Jay-Z – Blue Magic 04:10
12. BG – Nigga Owe Me Some Money 04:07
13. Hott Dolla – Who The Fuck Is That (feat. Akon & T-Pain) 02:57
14. 40 Glocc – Getting Richer (feat. Lil’ *******) 03:56
15. Swizz Beat – Money In Bank Remix (feat. Young Jeezy, Eve) 01:57
16. Jim Jones – Pop Bottles (Feat Max B, Mel Matrix) 03:32
17. Young Buck – Money Get Right 03:27
18. Busta Rhymes – Let It Go (feat. Akon) 03:52
19. Young Buck – Teach Em About Playing (feat. C-Bo) 03:30
20. Timbaland Feat D.O.E. – I See You 03:53

Press Releases Young Buck

Young Buck is BACK with a new album, clothing line, and jewelry line!!

Young Buck is BACK with a new album, clothing line, and jewelry line!!

The Tennessee titan Young Buck ushers in a new brand of refreshing hip-hop with the release of “Young Buck Presents: Product Of The South” compilation featuring 615, Outlawz and more.

Hot off the heels of his recently released sophomore album, “Buck the World,” Young Buck returns to the scene with the release of “Young Buck Presents: Product Of The South” compilation on his very own Cashville Records. The album features the mic-wielding of 615 and Outlawz, among others. More than just a musical force to be reckoned with, Buck will also be entering the world of clothing and jewelry by the end of year, illustrating the type of triple threat he is becoming.

In addition to the Young Buck Presents: Product Of The South compilation, Young Buck is poised to expand his outreach beyond the rap game with the launch of his jewelry and apparel line, a line he’s chosen to name David Brown Clothing.