2pac/Tupac, Reviews

Makaveli – The 7 Day Theory review

Tupac Shakur- the name means a whole lot these days. It carries more weight than almost any other Hip-Hop artist in history. He is looked at in so many different ways it is tough to actually grasp his legacy or figure out what to think of him. But one thing is for sure, while he was with us, 2pac was one of the most influential rappers in the history of the game.

2pac/Tupac, Reviews

2pac – Nu Mixx Klazzics review

Leave it up to the geniuses at Death Row Records to continue finding new ways to tarnish the legacy of 2pac even years after his death. With no new material coming out of the company they are forced to come up with even more extreme ways to release 2pac material just so they can make some money. This years disgrace to 2pac comes in the form of a remix album entitled the “Nu Mixx Klazzics”, where Death Row’s production team, Tha Row Hitters, try and remake 2pac’s classic material off of “All Eyez On Me” & “Makaveli”.

2pac/Tupac, Reviews

2pac – Better Dayz review

While he was here on this earth 2pac was one of the most influential, controversial, and hardest working artists in the Hip-Hop industry. This uncanny work ethic has lead to what seems like a never ending release of posthumous releases from 2pac. While some have been memorable such as the 2pac/Outlawz album, most have been lackluster such as his last album “Until The End Of Time”. The main problem with “Until The End Of Time” was the album’s production staff’s decision to remake most of 2pac’s unreleased material. Instead of releasing the exact material 2pac made when he was alive, they tried to cash in on a quick buck and liter the album with guest appearances, corny R&B hooks and worst of all new production that didn’t match anything like the original. While most prayed that this trend would not continue on this year’s edition of 2pac album’s entitled “Better Dayz” it has and to everybody’s disapproval it has gotten worse.

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