Danny Brown – XXX review

One of the most talked about artists in the Hip-Hop/Rap game has just dropped his latest effort XXX. The 30 year old lyricist  Danny Brown almost signed with G-Unit, but with his unique look, it didn’t happen. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson loved the music, as he should.  XXX takes us in to the dirty and unclean world of the poor in the city of Detroit. XXX is a truly unique listening experience for many of the right reasons. Truly something we haven’t heard in the world of the genre.

Danny Brown’s lyrics are described as unclean and dirty. A lot of the record is crazy, lewd, and in your face. His love for the ADHD drug to make you focused, Adderall can be heard in the track “Adderall Admiral.” The opening few lines in the track really do express his love, “Eating on an Adderall, Wash it down  with alcohol. Writing holy mackerel, Actual all factual.”  The track “Die Like A Rockstar” is a grim look at drugs and the stars the died who had drug problems.  Another standout on the record lyrically, is “Pac Blood.” Some of the most in your face, hard, uncensored lyrics ever. Talking about the Pope, the Virgin Mary, and the infamous Sarah Palin in unflattering ways.

The production value isn’t Grammy winning material, but still complements the wacky, honest lyrics. Nothing over the top like some of the music that is out in the main stream, but enough to get you replaying the record. The beats on the record serve as a soundtrack to the lyrical content that Brown spits into the microphone. He absolutely kills it on some of these tracks like “Radio Song” and the drug anthem “Blunt After Blunt.”

XXX delivers something special, and is really something to give a serious listen to. It’s not everyday you hear stuff like this in music. Danny Brown is an artist to watch in the future. If anything deserves to be at the top of your must get records of the year, totally get XXX.

Danny Brown’s XXX is now available on Fools Gold Records for free!