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Infamous G-Unit Artist Nyce Da Future due to Release Third Mixtape

JUNE 4th, 2007- In recent history the “Mixtape” has proved to be the number one way in producing “buzz” and street credibility for hip hop artists signed and unsigned alike. There is no question that it has done just that for, infamous G-Units own, Nyce Da Future. With two mixtapes already circulating, and an intense positive feedback from listeners, it’s no surprise that this
soon to be hip-hop superstar is releasing a third.

The new Mixtape, due to be released for distribution on July 3rd, is titled “United We Stand/Divided We Fall” NBK (Natural Born Killers) volume3, and features artists such as Hot Rod, Mazaradi Fox, Mobb Deep, Affion Crockett (Wildin’ Out), Shortdawg, and Natural Born Killers (NBK). Production on the Mixtape was done by Trackbangas, Shake Em Down, M.Rell, Trademark, NBB and many more.

Nevertheless, the projects don’t stop there. Hip-hop fans can expect two additional mixtapes from Nyce in the near future. One of which includes collaborations with Mississippi’s legendary DJ Aziatikk Blakk, and includes a first single called “Dope Boys” which features David Banner and Hot Rod; and, the second, of which Nyce will join forces with Mazaradi Fox.

Fans can also catch Nyce, in August, on a digital album produced by Shake Em Down entitled “Money Doesn’t Lie to you”. The album will be available to purchase on all major internet music stores, among them, itunes, Rhapsody, Beatport, Msn, Od2, Emusic, Musicnet, yahoo and many more. Visit Nyce’s official site for more info

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50 Cent’s “Amusement Park” video

From “Curtis” coming at the end of June, the official first single’s video.

50 cent Press Releases Videos

50 Cent’s new video for “Straight To The Bank”

From “Curtis” coming at the end of June.

“Straight To The Bank”

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What Would 50 Cent Do?

About a month ago, I wrote a little piece detailing what I would do if I were Jay-Z and President of Def Jam. Basically my premise was that Jay-Z could have helped is artists out more and focused on their careers, similar to how 50 Cent use to assist everyone in G-Unit with a hook for their single, boosting the buzz for that song and the album.

I’m not saying 50 would be a better executive, but what would 50 do (WW50D) if one of Cam’ron’s or The Game’s songs were used to promote his video game? The commercial I saw for the latest Def Jam video game uses Jimmy Jones “Ballin” as its theme music. I pretty sure Jay-Z did not sign off on it (LA Reid probably didn’t either), but I am pretty sure if Jimmy Iovine used “Oh Boy” for the next “Bulletproof” game he would be Steve Stouted in a minute.

And what about R. Kelly being in Jeezy’s (the second most marketable rapper after Jay on the roster) second single and video with that lawsuit out there. WW50D in that situation? You tell me and post your comments.