Azari & III – Azari & III review

Electronic music is one of the most popular genres of music of our time. Almost every DJ will play some sort of electronic music in his or her’s set. Some good. Some bad, and sometimes absolutely amazing. Canada’s own Azari & III released their self titled record recently, and lets just say…the sound is so retro, its like they stepped into a time machine and went back to 80s.

Azari & III released something that can be only described as a blast from the past. Each track on the record is something you would find playing in clubs all over the world back in the 80s and early 90s. It’s not hard to really let go of everything inside you and dance your heart out.

The 11-track album is a stand out on its own. There is no single track that outshines the other. Each track offers its own odyssey into the night of clubbing. This is a perfect and fitting soundtrack to and from the city where you are dancing your tales off. The record makes you want to find a way to build a time machine yourself and travel to 1986 New York City. Big hair, bright clothes, 50 dollars, and a feeling of being free, this is how the record makes you feel.

The production is top notch. Nothing over done like some other recent releases from electronic artists. The collection of drums, keys, and vocals will have you dancing wherever you are. You can tell Azari & III are real dedicated to their craft. Their skills are proven to be well to par with the top artists of today.

Azari & III’s self-titled record is a masterpiece in itself. It doesn’t hide behind the boring, old, and cliché rules of music that we are use to today. It brings you back to a time where things were a lot different, and to a scene that was like no other. Its rare to find an artist that makes you feel the way these guys make you feel. If you are into great electronic music, beats to make you want to dance the night away, this is the record for you.