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Big Shug: Second Time Around Interview

Long story short — Gang Starr Foundation, alum, Big Shug, nee Cary Guy, grew up in Boston, MA’s rough-and-tumble section, Mattapan, appropriately nicknamed, ‘Murderpan.’ After his mother abandoned the family with his hard partying father, the young and impressionable youth turned to the tough streets of ‘Beantown’ as an only means of survival. Along the way, he met a wayward kid, then, Keithy E the Guru, an aspiring emcee from the ‘other’ side of the tracks. Although Shug would soon catch a lengthy bid for his criminal behavior, Keithy E, who started going by the shorter stage name, Guru, persevered, and eventually went on to link up with a Houston, Texas based deejay that called himself Waxmaster C. The duo later became known as Gang Starr. After his release from jail, Big Shug first appeared on the Hard to Earn [1994] track ‘F.A.L.A.,’ a fan favorite, and talks of a solo project began. Two more favorable cameos followed, ‘The Militia,’ also featuring Freddie Foxxx, from ’98’s Moment of Truth, and “Capture (Militia Pt. 3),’ which is taken from Gang Starr’s latest, and FINAL, group effort, The Ownerz, both of which ultimately sealed the deal. By fall of ’05, Who’s Hard? , his solid, but commercially overlooked, debut was released. Fast forward nearly two years later and Big Shug has returned…

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