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Bisc1 Releases The Strange Love Project, A Study of Audio and Visual Relationships 20 Visual Artists and 10 Producers Reinterpret Bisc1’s When Electric Night Falls; Music & Art Available as Free Download

Not just a collection of songs, The Strange Love Project is a study of the individual experiences that many can have with same music. As Bisc explained it himself, “As a writer, a designer, and a lyricist I was curious to see what others saw when the record was played.” For the remix portion of The Strange Love Project, Bisc gave ten producers the vocal tracks from WENF. The rest was up to them. Visually Bisc took a similar approach, enlisting the help of twenty artists to create pieces with the only requirement being that the artwork be square in shape. Featuring musical reinterpretations including the work of Cassettes Won’t Listen and Snafu (of Junk Science), and visual reinterpretations by renowned artists, including James T. Murray, Karla Murray, Cern, and more, TSLP invites fans along for a ride of intertwining audio and visual relationships that breathe new life into an already stellar album.