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Black Milk’s Cousin Releases First Video From Forthcoming ‘For Namesake’ LP

Black Milk’s Cousin releases first video from forthcoming For Namesake LP

Nametag grew up in Detroit’s east, west, and north sides, constantly being shuffled around with his mother to avoid repercussions of his father’s drug addiction. He dealt with the familial struggles and nomadic lifestyle by burying himself into his notebook, penning lyrics about his experiences and drawing inspiration from legends like Rakim. He quickly became the latest member of a family chockfull of R&B and gospel vocalists, rhyming with his friends and relatives such as his cousins, Black Milk and Black Beethoven and he got involved in Detroit’s hip-hop history early, and in a big way: his first placement was on Slum Village’s ‘Dirty District Vol. 1’ compilation.

From there, Nametag continued to body other Motor City classics such as Slum Village’s Dirty District Vol. 2 & his cousin’s Black Milk’s ‘Popular Demand’ and ‘Caltroit.’ But while contributing to others’ artist’s projects, Nametag continued to build his own footing with a collection of critically-acclaimed mixtapes, EPs and a full length album, ‘The Name Is Tag’; which eventually earned the respect of indie rap heavyweights and publications such as XXL, 2DopeBoyz, Detroit Free Press & more.

With appearances by Motor City vets (Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Miz Korona) and youngsters (Mahd, Jahshua Smith) alike, ‘For Namesake’ continues to cement Nametag & Nameless as one of Detroit’s fastest rising talents.

“For Namesake” will be released on 4-16-2013

Link to Nametag & Nameless f/ Mahd “Hookless” video

MP3 Link

Tracklisting and credits for Nametag & Nameless’ ‘For Namesake’:

1.) “Indo”

2.) “Hype Break”

3.) “Reaction” f/ Miz Korona

4.) “How It Get”

5.) “Notchs” f/ Mahd

6.) “Feelin’ Good + Feelin’ Great

7.) “Cease & Desist” f/ Jahshua Smith

8.) “Stress Relief”

9.) “Nay Day”

10.) “Oxymoron” f/ Black Milk

11.) “Hookless” f/ Mahd

12.) “Raw-Dirty-Filth” f/ Guilty Simpson

13.) “Blaow”

14.) “The Teacher” f/ Chell

15.) “Outdo”

***All Tracks Produced By Namesake


Random Axe – Random Axe album review

When a musical collective is labeled a supergroup, there is definitely a lot to expect. Random Axe is without a doubt a supergroup, and they confidently wear that label with bravado and unquestionable swagger. Comprised of Black Milk, Guilty Simpson and Sean Price, Random Axe is anything but random. Talented MCs coming together to create a unified album that delivers like a full-force axe, Random Axe’s self-titled debut album is a nice introduction to the group.

From the start, the production is choppy, eerie and somewhat dark, but fits for the hard, dark-humored rhymes of Simpson and Price. “Black Ops” features explosive snares, and a guest appearance from Fat Ray. “Chewbacca” and its spooky, flowy synths, contribute to Roc Marciano’s stream of consciousness delivery, his narrative mysterious, yet effective.

“Everybody, Nobody, Somebody” addresses issues ranging from cultural, to political. The eerie, minimal production on this track, is almost as haunting as the subject manner. “Jahphy Joe” combines cracking drums, theremin sounds and guest appearances from Melanie Rutherford (who lays down a great chorus) and Danny Brown, to create a track that is just absolutely intimidating.

“Never Back Down” showcases Simpson’s ability to hold down a track all by himself. He manages to state his greatness in 47 seconds; effective, and precise, it is obvious that Simpson means it when he says, “My ego’s big,” and defends the statement with such a tough guy delivery, that you can’t help but agree.

“Another One” is absolutely crazy, especially when Trick-Trick spits over it. His delivery is uncontrollable and untamed, a verbal onslaught that is just so hardcore, you might not be able to get through the rest of the song.

Overall, this trio is mind-blowing. Black Milk’s production is minimalist and eerie at times, bringing to mind those such as, J Dilla and RZA. Other times, it can be electro-influenced, grabbing sounds from the realms of Kraftwerk, and specific artists such as Brian Eno. To be able to cultivate a sound like that is commendable. Add in Simpson and Price’s impeccable and intimidating flow, and you have an album that is great in so many ways. At times the group does falter, and some tracks may not stand out as much as others, but the album is definitely listenable. The guest appearances are a great contribution to the album, and the diverse selection brings a different energy to each track. Random Axe’s self-titled, debut album is a warm welcome into their world, and these guys confidently show it off for everybody to see.

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SKYZOO “The Salvation” In Stores September 29th Production from 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, Nottz, Ill Mind, Black Milk, Needlz, and more

SKYZOO “The Salvation” In Stores September 29th Production from 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, Nottz, Ill Mind, Black Milk, Needlz, and more

Brooklyn-raised emcee Skyzoo is here to remind Hip Hop fans that the music can still be true to life and heartfelt. With numerous Mix CDs on his resume, most recently, The Power of Words with DJ Drama and Statik Selektah, Skyzoo is currently preparing his first national full-length LP, “The Salvation,” in stores September 29th, via Jamla Records/Duck Down.

The Salvation will be set apart from Skyzoo’s previous Mix CD releases in various ways, however Skyzoo explains that “it’s another constant sign of elevation and growth, and it’s the most personal work I’ve ever done.” Although in the past he has released records such as “The Bodega,” “Stop Foolin’ Yourself,” and “Extreme Measures,” which were all true to life, Skyzoo promises that they will not reach the personal extent that the tracks on The Salvation will bring to listeners. Songs such as “For What It’s Worth” and “Metal Hearts” help contribute to the feeling that Skyzoo expects his audience to have; that their $15 was well spent on the album, they could relate to it, and that the project will stand the test of time.

A tactic taken by Skyzoo to emphasize the personal aspect of The Salvation was to not load the album up with features from other rappers. He states, “The moment you pick up a pen or start rhyming as a kid, all you think about is getting an album out. This album isn’t exactly the way I planned it out at 9-years-old, but it tells my story. With that being said, no one can help tell my story better than me. The Salvation is about me.”

Alongside the extremely personal element of The Salvation comes the conceptual side of the project. Theme was the name of the game for Skyzoo’s debut album, and this is evidenced in how the production was handled. According to Skyzoo, “it wasn’t really a ‘who’s hot, who’s not’ type of thing. It was more so ‘just get what sounds right.’ I got a lot of big name producers, and I also got a lot of up and comers.” Included in the production credits for The Salvation are Washington D.C.-based production team Best Kept Secret (who work in-house for Wale), Seattle’s Eric G (who some may recognize as providing a few beats to Torae), and Cyrus tha Great, as well as 9th Wonder, Nottz (who produced the single “Popularity”), Just Blaze, Illmind, Needlz and Black Milk.

Fans have seen a sneak peek of Skyzoo’s first LP in the form of a video for a track entitled “Beautiful Decay,” produced by 9th Wonder. The video is directed by Artemus Jenkins, and sets out to reflect life in the various boroughs of New York.

When all is said and done, The Salvation should provide listeners a more intricate view into Skyzoo’s life, as well as what has gotten him to where he is today. While telling his story and painting a picture in the audience’s minds with his words, the diverse range of production and the auto-biographical nature of the album will set it apart from his previous Mix CD releases. By late September the world will get to know a different side of Brooklyn’s Skyzoo.

Track Listing:

1) The Opener (produced by Cyrus Tha Great)
2) Return Of The Real (produced by Just Blaze)
3) The Beautiful Decay (produced by 9th Wonder)
4) My Interpretation (produced by Best Kept Secret)
5) Popularity (produced by Nottz)
6) Like A Marathon (produced by 9th Wonder)
7) The Shooter’s Soundtrack (produced by Cyrus Tha Great)
8) Under Pressure (produced by 9th Wonder)
9) Penmanship (produced by Black Milk)
10) Dear Whoever (produced by Illmind)
11) For What It’s Worth ((produced by Eric G)
12) The Necessary Evils (produced by Needlz)
13) Easy To Fly featuring Carlitta Durand (produced by 9th Wonder)
14) Bottom Line (produced by Eric G)
15) Metal Hearts (produced by 9th Wonder)
16) Maintain (produced by Nottz)