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BLOKHEDZ: Animated Hip-Hop Adventure Premieres On

BLOKHEDZ: Animated Hip-Hop Adventure Premieres On

BLOKHEDZ comes alive!
Debut episode is premiering right now!
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“My lyrics sound how [Blak] looks…The pyramids, the projects, the doves from God’s Son…as soon as I saw it I said ‘that’s me right there.'” – Nas

“The artwork is fantastic and the story couldn’t be any more real.” – Stan Lee

“Hip-Hop has a new way to express itself and this vehicle comes in the form of a new comic book, called the BLOKHEDZ.” –

“At the forefront of a fast growing movement, which as embraced both comic book and hip-hop culture, is a production company, Street Legends Ink.” – Format Magazine

“BLOKHEDZ is a hit in the hip-hop community, where it garnered praise and marketing support from impresario Russell Simmons, who has promoted the comic book through his Hip Hop Summit Action Network.” – Black Enterprise

From the creative minds of Street Legends Ink and ImajiMation Studios, Inc, BLOKHEDZ, the legendary comic and toy line comes alive today only on Gatorade’s!

Follow the eye-popping animated webisodes chronicling the saga of Young Blak, a 17 year-old superhero in the form of an aspiring rapper. Blessed with the mystical gift of turning his rhymes into reality, Blak and G-PAK, his crew of friends, are on a mission to both hold down their neighborhood and manage Blak’s out of control super powers.

Each thrilling episode of BLOKHEDZ features an array of Hip-Hop stars. Talib Kweli, RZA, noted Hip-Hop ambassador Bobbito Garcia, comedian Affion Crockett (Mad TV, MTV’s Wild N’ Out), actress Lauren London and Def Poetry Jam’s Mayda Del Valle are just a few of the big names that will be popping up. In addition, heralded producer DJ Khalil (50 Cent, Jim Jones, Xzibit, Nas, Busta Rhymes) provides the sonic backdrop for each episode.

Episode 1, “Thinking of a Master Plan,” finds Young Blak and his crew on a journey uptown armed with only their wits and Blak’s mysterious powers to fix Audio2, the crew’s boom box. The box holds their ticket to enter the D.O.R. AKA the Dungeons of Rap competition. First prize, Instant Stardom.

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