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D-12 – D-12 World review

There is a good reason why no one knows the name of Eminem’s band, and “D-12 World” is proof why. The highly criticized sidekicks of Eminem; Proof, Bizarre, Swifty, Kon Artist & Kuniva, have lived under a microscope ever since they stepped foot in the Hip Hop industry. It’s tough enough for a group of talent less emcees to make it, but when you have to follow in the footsteps of an individual the likes of Eminem, the journey is even harder. While their debut album “Devil’s Night” was a solid offering that capitalized off of the groups shock value, there was no question that without Marshall Mathers the album would have never been equally as good. In fact, the entire world knows that D-12 is a group completely run by Eminem. The only problem is the rest of D-12 must have missed the memo.

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