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Ill Bill – The Grimy Awards album review

If there was ever a trophy to be handed out for raw, unpretentious boom bap, Brooklyn Vet Ill Bill would be nominated, so it’s fitting he stake his claim on The Grimy Awards (Fat Beats Records), his personal gritty gala.

On the early standout “Acceptance Speech” Bill pays homage to his career’s influences over Junior Makhno’s shrill symphonic chops. He plows through shout outs, from god to snakes in the grass to “Ace London studios for letting us rehearse when we ain’t have nothing.”

Ironically (on an album named Grimy) these reflections are where the album shines. Bill can certainly hold his own in a no holds barred cipher, but the lyrical funnel cloud his free-association flow creates pales in comparison to the openhearted, borderline vulnerable recollections and analyses that set the project apart from the typical 100-boasts-a-minute boom bap CD. “Paul Baloff” is a strong song in a vacuum, yet in the context of such a thoughtful album that and a cacophony of other overly sinister content falls short.

Over El-P’s venomous bass guitars on “Severed Heads of State”, Bill verbally acknowledges his artistic ascension by noting it’s “time to clean our house and take our corner back, put a message in the music –this is more than Rap.”

The album features legends of production, who pillar dusty drums under sophisticated samples and provide a strong sound scape for Ill Bill’s weathered growl.

On “When I Die”, he delivers on a majestic Pete Rock backdrop to discuss appreciation for his grandmother and uncle Howie, who he notes as the namesake for his record label. DJ Premier comes through to receive his own roses-while-you-can-still-smell-them moment on the thumpy “World Premier”, and DJ Muggs and Large Professor also provide vintage boom bap with “Power” and “Acid Reflux/Canarsie High” respectively.

Features wise, the Awards’ guests are beacons of “griminess”. Vinnie Paz and Lil Fame help turn up the energy on “120% Darkside Justice” and “Vio-Lence”, and Cormega and OC come through on the aforementioned “Power”, which is both introspective and motivational.

Power” is an example of another tone this album takes successfully, as tracks like “Canarsie High” and “Exploding Octopus” which discusses over-consumption and reliance on electronics, displays Ill Bill’s penchant for analysis and observation (most importantly) with solutions.

They say with age comes experience, but Bill is proving that it’s not just experience, but the ability to meaningfully articulate them that grows with age. The Grimy Awards is a versatile excursion through Ill Bill’s mind that in itself is worthy of award consideration.

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Ill Bill’s guide to the apocalypse

Brooklyn rapper Ill Bill gives us sneak peak at the future in his video for “How to Survive the Apocalypse”. It seems pretty grim out there, so I’m already stockpiling my bunker with girl scout cookies and dehydrated milk.

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Ill Bill talking about his new album “Grimy Awards”

Check out ILL BILL as he discusses working with the legendary DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Large Professor on his new album “The Grimy Awards”. First time those 3 dudes have been on the same album since Nas’s Illmatic.

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Potluck Streaming Entire New Album Online Featuring Glasses Malone, Murs and Mistah FAB, Ill Bill, and Slaine

Potluck Streaming Entire New Album Online Featuring Glasses Malone, Murs and Mistah FAB, Ill Bill, and Slaine
To celebrate the release of their new album, Humboldt hip-hop royalty Potluck have partnered with AOL Music to stream “Rhymes & Resin” in its entirety online at The record lands in stores this week through Suburban Noize Records and burns with sticky musical chemistry from Glasses Malone, Murs and Mistah FAB, King Gordy, Ill Bill, and Slaine.

“We got a whole Potluck movement going on across the country. If someone doesn’t know about Potluck they just don’t know what’s been happening on the underground. We’ve been doing nationwide tours and selling units by being out on the road and in people’s faces.” commented 1 Ton. “We out there shaking hands with fans, rocking shows, and campaigning to the masses. We on the grind, and it’s paying off.”

Potluck’s grinding blue collar work ethic, unwavering perseverance, and grassroots campaign to build a fan base is one of the most impressive stories in hip-hop. UnderRated handles most of the production and has produced tracks for many top 200 billboard albums. They are both multi-talented artists, they are DJ’s, rappers, and avid hip-hop junkies. The group has spent the last four years on the road consistently performing for hip-hop diehards all across the globe on tours with Tech N9ne, La Coka Nostra, a 40-date co-headlining tour with platinum rappers D12, and most recently the group was seen on the Strange Noize Tour with Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun and Saigon.

Potluck will also be appearing at the following FYE locations signing copies of their new album:
Jun 22 – Salt Lake City, UT at FYE @ 6:00 pm
Jun 23 – Portland, OR at Music Millennium @ 6:00 pm
Jun 25 – Eureka, CA at FYE Bayshore Mall @ 4:00pm
Jun 25 – Eureka, CA @ Red Fox Tavern w/ Ishi Dube, Berel Alexander

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Prepping for the Debut of Diabolic’s Liar & a Thief Viper Records sets the worldwide release of Diabolic’s debut album, Liar & a Thief, on April 6th, featuring Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, John Otto of Limp Bizkit and more.

Prepping for the Debut of Diabolic’s Liar & a Thief Viper Records sets the worldwide release of Diabolic’s debut album, Liar & a Thief, on April 6th, featuring Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, John Otto of Limp Bizkit and more.

Diabolic has toured across the globe for over 5 years without having an official release, but now he awaits his premier debut, just as much as his fans. On April 6th, Viper Records will release the long anticipated album from Diabolic entitled Liar & a Thief. This 16-track CD includes features by Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, and Canibus. Taking it to another level in music, Diabolic incorporates the reggae melodies of Deadly Hunta and rock thumping sounds of world-renowned drummer John Otto of Limp Bizkit.

“Its been a long time coming and I know its overdue. I put everything I had into this album to make sure it lives to the expectations I set for myself.”- Diabolic

*Official tour dates are yet to be announced, but will include both a US and European tour.

Album Track Listing
|01..| Stand By
|02..| Frontlines (Ft. Immortal Technique)
|03..| Riot (Ft. Deadly Hunta & John Otto?)
|04..| Reasons?
|05..| Soldier’s Logic?
|06..| Order & Chaos (Ft. Ill Bill)
|07..| I Don’t Wanna Rhyme?
|08..| Truth Part 2
|09..| Nikolas Ros to the Goul (Interlude)
|10..| Not Again (Ft. Vinnie Paz)
|11..| Loose Cannon?
|12..| 12 Shots (Ft. Nate Augustus)
|13..| ?In Common (Ft. Canibus)
|14..| Modern Day Future (Ft. Deadly Hunta)?
|15..| Behind bars?
|16..| Right Here
|17..| Self Destruction (Outro)

About Diabolic
Diabolic, an unrestrained rapper from Long Island, New York, arose to underground fame in the early 2000’s through a series of high-profile victories in the rap battle scene across the U.S.A. Despite not having released a single nor an album, Diabolic’s fame and underground cult status has never left him – but then Diabolic isn’t your average underground battle emcee. Diabolic speaks to the disillusioned rap fan who is embittered by the state of the mainstream and unsatisfied with the alternatives offered by the underground. The reason his voice impacts unyieldingly is because Diabolic is one of the disillusioned… but his identity will change events that of his own realm.