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Away Team – Greedy video

Brand New video “Greedy” from the Away Team off their new album “Training Day” in stores Oct. 30th

New Audio from Smif N Wesson, Special Teamz & Away Team featuring Sean Price

“Gotta Say It,” from Smif N Wessun featuring Chuckii Starr, taken from taken from their forthcoming 4th LP, The Album, which will be released on 10-23-07 by Duck Down Records. Tek & Steele getting all political on us? Say Word!!

Smif N Wessun’s “Gotta Say It

“Dirty Money”, from Special Teamz debut, Stereotypez, which is now in stores today via Duck Down Records. “Dirty Money” features a guest appearance from Ill Bill!

Special Teamz “Dirty Money” featuring Ill Bill

Last but not least, new audio, “Psycho Ward,” from the Away Team’s sophomore effort, Training Day, which will be released on 10-30-07 on Hall Of Justus Records. “Psycho Ward” features a guest spot from your favorite rappers favorite rapper–Sean Price!

Away Teams “Psycho Ward” featuring Sean Price

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It’s been over two-years since they released their debut, “National Anthem”, but The Away Team (Sean Boog & Khrysis) are finally back and have readied their highly anticipated sophomore release “Training Day.”

Sean Boog has already contributed noteworthy appearances on Foreign Exchange’s critically acclaimed debut, Connected (“The Answer”) the Justus League’s highly circulated mixtape NC State Of Mind and an appearance on 9th Wonder’s forthcoming solo LP Dream Merchant Vol. 2. Continuing his ascension up the Hiphop production ladder (Khrysis’ previous production credits include Jean Grae, Big Pooh, Masta Ace, Sean Price, Smif N Wesson and Little Brother) Khrysis supremely handles all of the production duties on Training Day.

While The Away Team’s chemistry is undeniable throughout, they introduce unofficial third member, Nervous Reck, and also collaborate with Dilated People’s Evidence, Sean Price, Black Milk, Supastition and Darien Brockington on Training Day.

The Away Team’s sophomore LP, Training Day, will be released on 10-30-07 via the Hall Of Justus Music Group with distribution by Fatbeats.

Tracklisting and credits for The Away Team’s Training Day (all tracks produced by Khrysis):

1.) Scream Out!
2.) Look At Me f/Nervous Reck
3.) Sum Of Me f/ Evidence of Dilated Peoples & Darien Brockington
4.) Awesome f/Billionz
5.) The Odds
6.) Steppin On Toes
7.) Chitter Chatter f/Black Milk
8.) Rock A Bye f/Supastition & Nervous Reck
9.) Greedy
10.) Don’t Wait
11.) Psycho Ward f/Sean Price
12.) I’m A Fool

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Debut album from Justus League’s Median

Halftooth Records Presents:



Every so often a musician comes along who uniquely captures the attention of the listener in a personal, heart-felt manner. MEDIAN, born James Livingston, has done just that. MEDIAN is part of the North Carolina based Hip-Hop crew The JUSTUS LEAGUE, which also consists of members Little Brother, The Away Team, Cesar Comanche, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Edgar Allen Flow, Chaundon and more.

MEDIAN first received a tremendous amount of attention and critical acclaim in 2003 when he emerged on the Hip-Hop scene with his memorable guest appearance on Little Brother’s certified-classic debut album, The Listening. MEDIAN made an even stronger impression on the Hip-Hop community with his classic 2005 single “Comfortable” (produced by 9th Wonder) b/w “2 Sided Coin (Remix)” (produced by Khrysis), as well as his outstanding songs such as “Visionary” and “MEDIAN Alleviates the Drama (M.A.D.)” from his critically acclaimed independently-released debut EP entitled The Path to Relief EP (2005). MEDIAN has since received even more recognition from his stand-out performances and quotable verses on albums including The Foreign Exchange’s Connected, Rapper Big Pooh’s Sleepers, Kenn Starr’s Starr Status and Cesar Comanche’s Squirrel And The Aces, leaving fans yearning for more material from the gifted lyricist. Now, with the recent release of his new chart-topping single “Rize” (produced by Khrysis) b/w “Love Again” (produced by Koen) & “How Big Is Your World?” (produced by 9th Wonder), as well as the forthcoming release of his debut full-length album MEDIAN‘s Relief, MEDIAN is well on his way to proving himself as one of Hip-Hop’s brightest talents and one of Hip-Hop’s future stars.

MEDIAN‘s Relief features outstanding production from 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Nicolay, Ant B, and more, as well as guest appearances from the likes of Joe Scudda, Chaundon, L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Spectac. From thought-provoking tracks like “Powershift,” “How Big Is Your World?” and “What Would You Do?” to uplifting songs like “Rize” and “Strides,” to captivating storytelling songs like “Brenda’s Baby” and “Personified,” MEDIAN’s Relief covers a wide-range of emotions and subject-matter that is sure to engage and connect with the listener in a distinctive and electrifying way.

According to MEDIAN, “MEDIAN’s Relief is a journey through some of my life’s experiences thus far. Some of the songs are like excerpts from my personal journal. Other songs are just feel good records; sometimes I even touch on political and philosophical concepts, but always with the goal of making dope music.” MEDIAN‘s Relief is a genuinely special and unique work of art that is sure to secure a place as one of the most notable, original and influential Hip-Hop albums of its time.

Tracklisting and credits for MEDIAN’s Relief:

1.) Love Again f/Real Love (produced by Koen)
2.) Simile (produced by Zo!)
3.) Collage (produced by 9th Wonder)
4.) Personified (produced by 9th Wonder)
5.) Rize f/LaDehra (produced by Khrysis)
6.) What Would You Do? (produced by Ant B)
7.) Powershift (produced by Nicolay)
8.) Brenda’s Baby (produced by Nicolay)
9.) Right Or Wrong? (produced by Centric)
10.) Choices f/Joe Scudda & Chaundon (produced by 9th Wonder)
11.) How Big Is Your World? (produced by 9th Wonder)
12.) Strides f/Mark Wells (produced by Nicolay)
13.) Pardon Me Dude f/Louisha (produced by C.Keen)
14.) 2 Sided Coin Remix f/Spectac & L.E.G.A.C.Y. (produced by Khrysis)
15.) Personified (Super Charged Remix) (produced by Khrysis)
16.) Comfortable (Midnight Remix) (produced by Koen)