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L-Boogie at the 25th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Concert Series in Brooklyn Monday.

Lauryn Hill talks more…

Lauryn Hill talks more…

Wyclef: “Lauryn Is Straight Up The Problem”

From the new Scratch:

What’s going on with the Fugees reunion, or lack there of?
WYCLEF: I’m officially Paul McCartney from the Beatles now. If the Fugees wanna come back, and Lauryn wanna come back…you can’t break the format. Don’t come back and be like, “I wanna produce a beat.” That’s like me saying I wanna sing an R&B vocal. When we was working on the album, I was like, [to Lauryn], “You need to do this like this.” [And] she says, “How do you know what’s relevant? I haven’t heard anything from you in the past like three, four years?” The minute she said that I was like, I gotta go back to working.

So what’s ultimately holding you guys back?
Lauryn is straight up the problem, bro. She wants to be a producer. Don’t come telling us how to chop up beats so you can get credit for it.

What makes you think she would take the credit?
We did a remix [with] Lauryn for John Legend, for the record “How High.” John Legend was saying our names. You know what she had [him] do? She was like, “Take off Wyclef and Jerry’s names.” Because she wanted people to think that she was the one doing the beat…I’m a producer and I’m a beatmaker with my cousin Jerry Wonder, and I’m a writer. She’s a writer, a vocalist, [and] a great [vocal] composer. And she’s great at picking out samples—she got 20 billion samples but can’t chop ’em up to save her life.

So she hasn’t made any of the beats she got credit for?
It’s real simple—if you did the beats, where are the beats? Show us one beat that you did. If you bring ’Clef to the studio, put an MP, put an SP, put a bunch of stuff, bring a bunch of cameras [and] say, “Clef, do a beat in two minutes.” The beat’s done! Bring Lauryn Hill in the studio with the same camera, say we give you three hours. Matter fact, fuck it, we’ll give you a month—do a beat. She can’t put it together!

Lauryn is still insane

From SOHH:

According to sources at Lauryn Hill’s Norway concert this weekend, her crazy demands are even more out of control. apparently she demanded that all her security guards be black, none of them could look at her–even from backstage, no one around her could speak to her unless she speaks to them first, and no one could walk past her backstage. Chick clearly has some issues.

When one security guard forgot one of the rules and said something to her, she allegedly lost her damn mind nd started throwing water bottles at him. And after the power went out in the venue–Lauryn refused to continue once the power came back on. Folks had to get a refund.

Pras: Fugees dead, Lauryn “on some bullshit”

From the new issue of Billboard:

Pras also expressed frustration about the status of the long-awaited Fugees reunion, which seemed on track as of last fall. “We went in the studio and recorded a couple records that were incredible. But, to put it nicely, it’s dead,” says Pras. “Me and Clef, we on the same page, but Lauryn [Hill] is in her zone, and I’m fed up with that sh*t. Here she is, blessed with a gift, with the opportunity to rock and give and she’s running on some b*llshit? I’m a fan of Lauryn’s but I can’t respect that.”