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Lil’ Kim – La Bella Mafia review

Lil Kimby Low Key

Sex sells and LiL Kim is living proof of that. Back in 1996 when LiL Kim released her debut album “Hardcore”, it was proof that the Queen B could hold her own and rightfully come out of the shadows of her mentor The Notorious B.I.G. For many “Hardcore” was like a slap in the face to an audience not familiar with the more sexual side of female emcees. While not the first to openly flaunt her sexual escapades, LiL Kim definitely brought it to the forefront like no other. She openly let you into the world of LiL Kim with her sexual filled verses of oral sex and female pimping. Kim’s ability to say what others were too afraid to made her an instant star. The Hip-Hop community, especially females, gravitated towards Kim as the next great female emcee. However, after the tragic death of Biggie, it looked as if Kim had lost all her motivation forever. Her sophomore effort “The Notorious K.I.M.” was disappointing, especially those expecting a sequel to “Hardcore”. But LiL Kim had changed forever, for better or worse. She was no longer that ghetto princess from around the way but rather a fashion/sex icon. While the rap game will always be her calling, Kim no longer needs Hip-Hop to live off of and this is evident throughout her third installment in the LiL Kim legacy “La Bella Mafia”.

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