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MOTOR Unleashes Hyper Machine (Hyper Machine out on Dim Mak)

MOTOR Unleashes Hyper Machine (Hyper Machine out on Dim Mak)

Download and enjoy the track “Kick It

After a successful run supporting Depeche Mode in Europe for their 2009 tour, New York and France-based dance-metal band MOTOR will release their third album, Hyper Machine, on Dim Mak Records, this February. Featuring MOTOR’s signature mix of metal, tight guitar riffs and funky techno beats that defined their previous releases, Klunk and Unhuman, the album also represents sonic growth for the band.

MOTOR is a two-man duo based out of both New York City and Nice, France. Although Bryan Black and Mr. No live on separate continents, their vision for their music is the same. “We wanted it to carry on the spirit of those first two records, but at the same time we had to break new ground. We knew after producing just a few rough demos that the new record was going to be seriously off the wall,” says Bryan. “We wanted to get back into the clubs with a fresh sound.”

“Kick It,” the first single off Hyper Machine, is an acid techno monster of a track that rocks. While all ten tracks on the album are high-energy dance tracks, the band insists they are not a trendy club act. “We try to be pioneers and work outside that scene,” says Bryan. “In doing that our music will hopefully have a more timeless quality.”