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LONG LOST ALBUM FROM BOSTON HIP-HOP PIONEER AND PERCEPTIONIST DJ/PRODUCER, FAKTS ONE, FINALLY SEES LIGHT OF DAY Long Range, featuring Little Brother, Mr.Lif, Army of the Pharaohs, Boot Camp Clik, Planet Asia, Souls of Mischief and more hits stores July 22nd on Greenstreets Entertainment

New York, NY – Although most of the details are sketchy, the one thing that’s certain is that the once highly influential underground hip-hop DJ/Producer and Perceptionist member, Fakts One, one day, simply disappeared. Some blame problems with his record label that folded right before the scheduled release of his debut solo album. Others say the stresses of the unstable music industry led Fakts to turn his back on hip-hop as a profession. Whatever the reason, he decided to make a clean break from the music and many of his closest friends in the industry haven’t heard from him since.