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Necro Leaves Sounds Of The Underground

From Necro:

I decided to leave the tour collectively with my manager and booking agent (both tour organizers) because we felt the tour’s demographic was not receiving hip hop well. I was facing hostile, disrespectful crowds and was returning the same energy back ten-fold by being more aggressive than them. It was making a lot of people in the tour crew nervous and there was concern someone might get hurt (NOT ME). It was also being suggested that maybe I tone down my live show and not antagonize the already antagonistic crowd. I couldn’t roll with that as it’s not my style. I was holding back enough as it is but there is a line. All the bands on the tour loved us and everyone behind the scenes knew we displayed major heart and never once got phased by the hostility. We finished every show with middle fingers up and a big fuck you to the crowd.

I will make one thing clear for the haters: we NEVER got booed OFF the stage.

Not once. Yes a ton of emo kids booed us at every show, but we had a twenty-five minute set every night and we stayed on stage for every minute of it, and we represented. Every show had at least 100 to 200 Necro fans in the pit tearing it up, and our meet and greets were incredible!

It’s just a shame these little kids are so close-minded. The majority of the hate was coming from mop top emo sixteen-year olds who have no clue who the originators of metal are, and didn’t respect my rest in peace chant to metal legends (Dime, Cliff, Chuck, Piggy, SOB).

As far as the tour organizers and I are concerned, you are my peoples so it’s all love and I’m thankful for the opportunity to prove I can murder it in the worst of situations. This actually did a lot for me and is just one move in many my team will make to blow Necro up.

Check Necro’s myspace ( for major world tour announcements and to stream ‘Some Get Back (Revenge)’ off his new record “Death Rap” which hits streets September 11 via Psycho+Logical-Records.

Press Releases

Koch gets Pyscho+Logical Records

Necro(Port Washington, NY) June XX, 2007 – KOCH Entertainment Distribution is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Psycho+Logical-Records. Under this agreement, KOCH is the exclusive physical and digital distributor of the label in North America.

Rapper Ron Braunstein, better known by his stage name, Necro, started Psycho+Logical-Records in 1999 at the age of 23. He released his first disc I Need Drugs and sold it through a loyal staff of fans that would sell the record for a share of the profits. In 2001, when sales started to pick up, Necro struck a deal for his second album Gory Days. This album solidified Necro’s growing fan base and his developing style of dark, raunchy lyrics over gritty hip-hop beats. The record went on to sell over 30,000 copies with no touring and very little promotion. From 2002 through 2003, Necro released a CD/DVD special edition of Gory Days, the porno Sexy Sluts, a compilation album and his first mixed CD. His third solo album, The Pre-Fix For Death, released in 2004, featured the first hybrid between real hip-hop and real metal. 2005 saw the release his sex-themed album, The Sexorcist.

Expanding Psycho+Logical-Records catalog, he produced solo albums for all 3 MC’s of the critically acclaimed underground hip-hop group, Non Phixion. These releases included his brother Ill Bill, Sabac, and Goretex. He also produced an album with hip-hop artist and hype man, Mr. Hyde and put together the Circle of Tyrants album, a super-group featuring Necro, Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, and Goretex. In the following year, Psycho+Logical-Records released instrumental albums for nearly every one of the past albums Necro produced. Necro’s forthcoming CD Death Rap will be released via KOCH Fall/2007. Necro will also be a featured performer on this summer’s Sounds Of The Underground Tour.

“We are proud to present and be a part of the Koch family, since Koch is making so many moves in the indie game, basically turning the indie world into a major game and leveling the playing field,” said Necro. “Koch had the best situation to offer as a distribution partner so we decided to work with them. We feel they see our vision and we will fit well in their business model at retail.”

“We’re very excited to be working with Psycho+Logical-Records,” commented Eric Lemasters, VP Business Development for KOCH Entertainment. “As KOCH continues its domination of the urban market, Psycho+Logical and Necro’s releases will compliment our efforts in that genre and the added marketing crossover potential into the metal scene is a unique situation that will only add to their value.”

KOCH Entertainment is the leading and fastest-growing independent music company in the U.S. and its operations encompass record and video labels as well as physical and digital distribution companies in the U.S. and Canada. KOCH Entertainment is the market leader among independents in both the U.S. and Canada and its record label KOCH Records had the largest number of Billboard-charting albums among independents for the last six years in a row (2001 – 2006). KOCH Entertainment is owned by Entertainment One Ltd. which has recently been listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market (ticker symbol “ETO”). For more information, please visit the Company’s website at