Foxy Brown


As you may remember, Foxy Brown booted her boyfriend back in June after discovering he was a pimp. He then apparently sicked his hoes on her and she was beat down and robbed outside a Brooklyn housing project on June 23. The latest in this saga is that the Big Bad Mama has gone missing.

According to TMZ, friends and family of the rapper have not seen or heard from her in more than a week. She was last spotted on June 29, on a London-bound flight, where passengers reported that she held up the plane for almost an hour as her entourage boarded.

One week, huh? Considering she’s had to deal with everything from medical to legal woes in the last little bit, and now she’s got a band of hoes trying to kill her, seven days is not a long time to be “missing” for. She’s probably in an Antiguan spa getting getting a full body rub-down with a happy ending. Leave her be.

UPDATE: …Annnnnd she’s been found. Apparently she performed at the Urban Music Awards in Manhattan Saturday night, though “perform” is hardly the world that one reader would use:

So ironic that you would post something about this floozie the morning after we saw her “perform” at the Urban Music Awards in Manhattan on 7/7/07! Foxy was supposed to be the co-host for this new event brought over from across the pond, but couldn’t muster up the ability to not use the N-word, B-word, or H-word long enough to present a couple of awards. Anywho, she was late as can be expected for someone that lives in the city and has nothing to do. When she got on stage it looked like she was smuggling 3 melons under her dress, the third being where here tummy should have been. She graced us with her presence twice where each time she used inane profanity and took the opportunity to take cheap shots at Rah Digga, Remy Ma, and just about any female rapper who has actually had an album come out in the past 2 years (btw she is claiming to be a member of the Rocafella click). When she finally decided she was over the crowd she turned off her mic and instead of exiting the stage, she took to downstage left where she proceeded to ask us to take her picture while posing in what can only be described as a “I need love” stance. All around horrible!

Phew. Well wasn’t that a close one.

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