Oddisee – People Hear What They See album review

People Hear What They See is a collection of thoughts that take us into the mind of producer and emcee, Oddisee. The album is a brilliant combination of funky, soulful melodies, and philosophical wordplay that grasps listeners and finally enlightens us to a non-commercial work of hip-hop music. Every spoken word is raw and real… “Picture that from a small town with big dreams/ from flying coach to buying Coach I’m in between/ I’m not a star, somebody lying, I ride the subway as a car”. No fluff, Oddisee demonstrates he is both a talented musician and a true hip-hop artist with this debut album.

The album is astounding, because even in an era where hip-hop has moved in an incredibly mainstream-focused direction, Oddisee has chosen to divert his work from this pathway; the outcome is incredibly sincere. From the soul/funk inspired instrumentalism, to lyrics that include cultural and political themes (alongside specific issues including relationships, greed, and personal struggle), there is much to enjoy. Standout personal favourites include: Do it All, That Real, and Thinking Maybes– but each track offers something unique of its own.

Oddisee is an independent and fearless artist that hip-hop purists will appreciate. His debut album is an experience that I recommend to all because there is something that truly everyone will appreciate in this release. People Hear What They See is undoubtedly one of the best albums to have been released for hip-hop in 2012; this grandiose statement will be clear after you take a moment to listen.