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Outkast – Aquemini review

Outkastwritten by Hugo Lunny

I have been waiting since ‘ATLiens’ came out for a follow up. I know it was only their second but I never really listened much to their first. It seemed as if Big Boi and Dre came out with ‘Aquemini’ within minutes after I’d seen it advertised. But its been in the works for a while.

I got really annoyed because when I saw other reviews, for example the review in The Source – 5 mics? And reviews at such places at the Krib ( – 5 stars, I thought to myself now they’ve gone to a stage greater than anything ever. I’m not saying this album isn’t dope, no not in the slightest. But, think of it this way, 5 mics, 10/10, 100% all refers to something that cannot be improved upon. Even though I love this and even though I can’t really think of a way that it could be enhanced, I still don’t think it deserves a flawless mark.

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