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Outkast – Speakerboxxx / The Love Below review

Outkastwritten by NewJeruPoet

Outkast are the most unique and most innovative force in Southern hip-hop today. These 2 dope Atlanta boys who love Cadillacs started out with pimped out Southern hip-hop with their debut album “Southernplayaliztikcadillacmuzik” but they slowly changed and evolved through each album. While “ATliens” did show them pushing boundaries, it was not until the almost perfect classic LP “Aquemini” that their extremely unique music and styles took form. They were doing something extremely different. “Stankonia” took the experimentation even further with electronic and jungle beats that were both sloppy and tight at the same time. “B.O.B.”, “Ms. Jackson”, and “So Fresh, So Clean” were huge hits. Every album they did had major hits that earned them tons of radio play and video play. While Big Boi grew up lyrically and delivery-wise, he basically always rapped on his songs (with the exception of a couple of tracks). He always had that “guy next door” vibe. He loved cars, women, strippers, etc. He just happened to be a millionaire and a modern hip-hop legend.

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