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Dogg Pound Member, Soopafly, To Release New Album August 30th, Back In Studio With Dr. Dre For Detox

Dogg Pound Member, Soopafly, To Release New Album August 30th, Back In Studio With Dr. Dre For Detox

Soopafly To Release Anticipated New Album “Best Kept Secret” August 30, 2011, Tours With Snoop Dogg, Working With Dr. Dre on Detox

Long Beach, California emcee/producer, and third member of Tha Dogg Pound, Soopafly, is back with the release of his highly anticipated new studio album Best Kept Secret, available August 30, 2011. The album features collaborations with Daz & Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound, Goldie Loc, Maylay, Kokane, Short Khop, Mykestro, Damani, Bad Lucc, J Black, Pilot, Terrace Martin, Toke tha Smoke, and Deacon of the Chuuch, in a series of gritty and polished tracks. Meanwhile as the rapper prepares to release his new album, fans have the opportunity to see him perform live on the international Doggumentary Tour with Snoop Dogg, throughout the year.

Best Kept Secret boasts 18 brand new recordings, which transcend across the vast spectrum of Hip-Hop while staying true to the fundamentals of Soopafly’s signature style. With additional production from Daz Dillinger, Tmg Music Group (Fly2k prod), Tweet, Jelly Roll, 1500, and Stones Throw Records artist Dam Funk, the forthcoming high-octane album has been generating buzz amongst music aficionados since tracks “Best Kept Secret” and “G-Funk Martian”, were leaked.

Soopafly is also currently working on new projects with Short Khop, Latoiya Williams, Mark Morrison, and he’s now back working with Dr. Dre, on the highly anticipated album, Detox, “I’m in studio working with Dr. Dre again. Making sure this Detox sound got my imprint on it too. You won’t be disappointed” says Soopafly.

C.E.O.of his own production company Fly2k Productions, Soopafly, real name Priest Josef Brooks, met Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre during his teens, proving himself with his keyboard skills, which lead to playing keyboards for Dr. Dre and Ice Cube on “Natural Born Killaz”, from the Murder Was The Case Soundtrack. He was soon signed to Death Row Records, and assigned to produce on classic albums such as; Dogg Food by Tha Dogg Pound, Tha Doggfather by Snoop Dogg, and All Eyez On Me by 2Pac.

With two independent albums under his belt, hit singles such as “Like It Or Not”, “Put The Monkey In It” with Daz Dillinger, and “I Don’t Hang” from A Thin Line Between Love & Hate Soundtrack, the multi-platinum music producer continues to solidify his position as one of the most respected rappers/producers in the industry. With his enigmatic charisma and kinetic flow stamped on every track, Long Beach’s original rapper will release Best Kept Secret under his own imprint Fly2k Records on August 30, 2011.


Soopafly – Best Kept Secret (Album Sampler)

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Bake Up Boyz Team With DJ Green Lantern, Prep April 29 Album Release

Bake Up Boyz Team With DJ Green Lantern Prelude to Fresh Out Da Kitchen
Album Release April 29 on Phase One/EMI

FYE In-Store April 29 in Detroit

Detroit, MI — As the date draws near for the release of the Bake Up Boyz’ debut album on April 29, they have teamed with world-renowned DJ/producer Green Lantern to create an exciting teaser for fans. Their 14-track mixtape, entitled The Cook Up – Still In Da Kitchen, offers a fresh approach to promotional songs with full tracks featuring verses from Jim Jones, MC Breed, The Dayton Family and Top Authority.

In promoting their new album Fresh Out Da Kitchen, and single “Now I Can Do That” featuring Jim Jones, the four-man crew has been on the road throughout the East Coast, South and Midwest, connecting their music and Michigan style with American audiences. Their ability to combine club-friendly, thumping basslines with street savvy lyrical flows gives the Bake Up Boyz an edge that few can match in today’s Hip Hop scene.

“The group is a blessing for the streets, explains Young Jino of Bake Up Boyz. “We all say ‘streets’ – but the streets ain’t nothin’ but the world, because everybody is in the streets if you really look at it. From your snakes to your rats to the realest person out there, you’ll find them all on the same block. Bake Up Boyz is that full feeling, it’s like being right there in the hood listening to one of your friends tell you about what just happened. It’s just like living, Bake Up Boyz is life of the streets.”

Fresh Out Da Kitchen delivers rousing performances from Bake Up Boyz (Bub, Loot 75, Dirt and Young Jino), with cameos from Jim Jones and the legendary Dramatics, and will be in stores nationwide on April 29. The group will make an in-store appearance on April 29, 5:00-7:00pm at FYE, 4296 Baldwin Rd #508-M, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

In the meantime, their mixtape can be streamed at

About Bake Up Boyz

Straight out of Michigan emerges a second-generation rap family, The Bake Up Boyz. The group’s line-up consists of four “Wolverine State” natives with an affinity for fortune, fame and flossy things: Dirt, Bub, Loot 75 and Young Jino. As they prepare for their April 29 album release, Fresh Out Da Kitchen, (Farm Music Group/Phase One/EMI), they released the single and video for “Now I Can Do That” featuring Jim Jones and their mixtape The Cook Up – Still In The Kitchen, hosted by DJ Green Lantern.

Fresh Out Da Kitchen is setting up to be a very well rounded album, with guest appearances from The Dramatics and Jim Jones. The inclusion of the classic soul group The Dramatics is an integral part of the album’s vibe as well. Known for a slew of historic chart-topping hits including “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get,” “Me and Mrs. Jones” and “In The Rain,” the Detroit-based group has contributed to the smash hits of rappers from Snoop Dogg to Ice Cube. It was only right for a true Michigan collaboration between Bake Up Boyz and The Dramatics. RJ of Barak Records, a long-time friend of Ron Banks and LJ of The Dramatics, linked everyone up for the track “One Of These Days,” and the magic was undeniable.

Production credits on the album will be mostly attributed to up and coming producers that Bake Up Boyz have hand selected. “We pick the beat first, once a beat is played we hear somebody on it,” explains Bub, who writes many of the hooks and choruses. “You could be playing me a nice song and I instantly hear Young Jeezy or India.Arie – it doesn’t matter what type of music it is, I can hear it.”

Although The Bake Up Boyz have been a group just under two years, the members have known each other for most of their lives. The whole situation and concept came together quite organically. “I was doing my solo record at first,” explains Bub, “and Jino and Loot were already signed to my label. I hadn’t done anything with them in two years, and basically I didn’t want to leave them out just to do my solo, so I formed a group. I brought us all together and came up with the group – it’s been Bake Up Boyz ever since. We have a special chemistry; we got a good recipe together. That’s why they call us the Bake Up Boyz – we’re all in the pot together. Everybody brings a different flavor. The name of the album is Fresh Out Da Kitchen, so really when we say kitchen it’s the recording studio, and that’s where we bake up our music at.”

“Bake Up Boyz is a combination of good ghetto music, good street music, good reality music, ambitious people – family oriented and caring,” adds Loot 75. “That’s what’s really gonna make us get to the top, because we care about each other. We’ve been around each other without anything so we’re going to hang in there when we got something too.”

Dirt, a genuine boss and leader of the family with Master P, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates’ influences, delegates authority while preserving the group’s image with a stylish gangster strut. Known on the block as the Commander-in-Chief, Dirt has been running this dynasty since the early MC Breed days of the ‘90s. “I kept myself in the dark but now I want the lime light / Catch me in Louisiana, dog fight, ten bet or even at a dice game.” Dirt, also known as “Tha Hustler” brings a “front-office-business” swagger to the group.

Bub, Chief Counsel or Consigliore of the clique, has the unassuming style that is often questioned but never confronted. While his poker face masks a “hustle-til-I-die” ego, his lyrics also give you a glimpse of his “poppin’ tags” mentality, “I spent thirty on my watch just to make wrist glow.” For Bub, image is everything: “No matter what you are pushing rocks, houses, cars, or whatever, if you can’t look good doing it, what’s the point?” Ladies love him and hustlers respect him.

Enter Loot 75 – Loot for his “gimmie-the-loot, stick ’em up” approach and 75, paying homage to his hometown off of Interstate 75. Though his addiction to the fast life and fearless disposition granted him a government sponsored vacation (early in life), this rehabilitated Romeo is all about the three H’s: Hip-Hop, honies, and holding down the hood. “I be at the finest spots, shop at the flyest stores, got money in the bank, big houses with plenty floors / I’m all hood and raised in the gutter / Fly ‘til I die, 75 in a fly coupe.” If you don’t want to fall victim, hide your lady and your loot when Loot 75 steps in the building!

Young Jino, is considered the bambino or nephew to the empire. His “in-your-face, I-think-you-got-me-confused” demeanor is present both in his lyrics and stage presence. Jino’s style is versatile. He can spit like a thug from the derty-derty or flip it and rhyme like a west-side cat with NY ties. “Move up out the hood before the feds indict us / But I’m built for the time, immune to the cell / Rob you without a mask, try to undercut / Be staring down a black hole.” He plays a lot, but not when it comes to his money.

Together, the Bake Up Boyz debut album will encompass the range of personalities with a montage of street anthems and club-friendly hits. “The group is a blessing for the streets, explains Young Jino. “We all say ‘streets’ – but the streets ain’t nothin’ but the world, because everybody is in the streets if you really look at it. From your snakes to your rats to the realest person out there, you’ll find them all on the same block. Bake Up Boyz is that full feeling, it’s like being right there in the hood listening to one of your friends tell you about what just happened. It’s just like living, Bake Up Boyz is life of the streets.”

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DJ Muggs vs. Planet Asia – 9 Milli album Trailer

DJ Muggs vs. Planet Asia – 9 Milli album Trailer

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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2008 (1pm EST)


June 11, 2008, 1pm EST
September 10, 2008, 1pm EST
December 10, 2008, 1pm EST
March 11, 2008, 1pm EST

And thereafter on the second Wednesday of each June, September, December and March.

It all started in October 2004. Rick Smith and Karl Hyde (Underworld) were once again sitting in for the late John Peel on BBC Radio 1 while he was on holiday – his death on that holiday provided the stimulus for Rick and Karl to continue and develop their passion for broadcasting.

Says Karl Hyde:

“The first time we did a broadcast in the studio we could see thousands of people logging on. We were playing our own tunes, jamming, chatting, we had a webcam up, a chat-room – people could talk to us. Rick was pulling stuff out of the archive that had never been heard – unreleased, unfinished stuff – oh it was such a buzz”.

In 2005, countless impromptu and occasional radio broadcasts later, Underworld beamed audio and video live to the internet, for free from Tokyo and Osaka. These became the first of many of their live shows to be broadcast for free over the internet – with their performance at Cocoon Club, Frankfurt in 2006 being the first to be available in full-frame TV resolution video. This broadcast attracted over 20,000 viewers around the world.

Says Underworl’s manager Mike Gillespie:

“We’re very interested in the idea of the Long Tail and how that can work for a relatively small outfit like ours. Broadcasts allow us to develop our own language for and means of making regular appointments with people – encouraging interaction between fans, and between fans and us. The quarterly broadcasts provide a new platform for Underworlds increasingly prolific creative process. ”

The Broadcasts will be available exclusively live (and “on demand” after the event) at and negotiations are underway to syndicate the quarterly shows to a number of key radio stations around the world.

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West Coast in April: Coachella Festival (April 27th); NBC Tonight Show (April 28th), CBS Craig Ferguson (May 20th )

Starbucks Entertainment announces retail and Internet campaign to sell ROCKFERRY at 8,000-plus company-operated locations across North America

“MERCY” bulleting up Hot AC and Triple-A charts – video on VH1, VH1 Soul, FUSE, MTV Hits, and mtvU, after premiering on and

(April 15, 2008 – New York, NY) With her first U.S. single “Mercy” bulleting inside the Top 30 this week at Hot AC and Triple-A/New & Active radio formats – on its way to an explosive Billboard Hot 100 debut next week – and the “Mercy” video collecting plays on VH1, VH1 Soul, FUSE, MTV Hits, and mtvU (after premiering on and and currently a You Oughta Know and Discover & Download artist, young Welsh singer Duffy has her sights set on the U.S. release of ROCKFERRY, her debut album which arrives in stores May 13th on the newly re-launched Mercury Records label.

In addition to being available online and in traditional retail stores, ROCKFERRY will be available at Starbucks company-operated locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Meanwhile, on May 12th, the Monday night before her ROCKFERRY’s release, Duffy will make her historic New York City theatrical premiere at the world-famous Apollo. The show climaxes a day of morning and evening TV spots on ABC’s Live with Regis & Kelly and NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien, respectively. Prior to this, Duffy will appear April 28th on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, one day after she performs at the giant Coachella Festival in the California desert, kicking off a week of U.S. promotional appear¬ances. Duffy’s North American summer and fall tour schedule will be announced in the months ahead.

Last month, after a whirlwind weekend at the SXSW Music & Film Conference in Austin, Texas, Duffy made her U.S. nightclub premiere at New York’s swank Hiro Ballroom on St. Patrick’s Day. ROCKFERRY, which shipped near-platinum in the UK the week before, entering the national chart at #1. The album’s first week UK sales were the highest first week album sales of the year there – six times as much as the #2 album, nearly as much as the rest of the top 10 albums in total. Duffy’s set culminated with “Mercy,” which spent five weeks at #1 on the UK and Ireland national charts. In addition to the UK and Ireland, and the Eurochart Hot 100, “Mercy” also went to #1 in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Turkey; #2 in Denmark, Greece, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, and Germany; and Top 10 on the United World Chart.

Guileless and beguiling, and blessed with effortless Motown and Stax chops, 23-year old Duffy has blown away London’s hype-driven music machinery like a gust of fresh air. She was born and raised in the tiny Welsh village of Nefyn (population 2,550 at last census), a place so remote that the nearest record store was a bus ride away and only stocked the Top 40. Isolated, her muse was immaculately conceived and soulfully nurtured. Duffy worked as a waitress, sang in a bar, and cobbled out demo recordings that found their way to Jeanette Lee, noted founder and partner of the Rough Trade record label and manage¬ment company. She encouraged Duffy to write her own material, put her in the studio with like-minded co-writers/producers. She signed to A&M/Polydor UK and Mercury Records in the U.S.

ROCKFERRY was recorded in England with ex-Suede guitarist turned record producer Bernard Butler, Jimmy Hogarth and Steve Booker. “It’s hard for cynical music industry types to get their heads around just how far removed she was from our world,” said Butler, “geographically and in every other way. What you’ve got as a result is someone who acts and sings utterly unselfconsciously and from the heart, a most rare and magical thing.”

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Tye Tribbett back on the Gospel scene with Stand Out

TYE TRIBBETT Stand Out in stores May 6 Columbia Records

AUDIO: “Stand Out


Stand Out
Hold On
Look Up
Bless The Lord
I Need You
All Hail The King
Let Us Worship
So Amazing
He Has Made Me Glad f/Kim Burrell
I Made It Through
Chasing After
Well Done
Good In Da Hood


Anoint (v): to choose by or as if by divine election

When one listens to his lyrics and feels the spirit which encompasses gospel performer Tye Tribbett, it’s easy to see that Tye is indeed anointed. A native of Camden, New Jersey, Tye — whose father was a preacher and mother was a choir director — heard his calling early on. “I always wanted to do something for the Lord,” he acknowledges.

On his third full-length album Stand Out (also available as a DVD), Tye Tribbett and his aptly named choir, Greater Anointing (G.A.), deliver a series of passionate gospel performances celebrating and sharing the glory of God’s Kingdom. Recorded live at Rock Church International in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in August 2007, Stand Out premieres a collection of spirit-filled musical testimonies to the power of the Living Word. With his new songs, Tye Tribbett is ready to stand up and Stand Out for the Rock of Ages. “It’s time,” he says, “for a new normal to be presented.”

Tye, who learned how to play keyboards before he could recite the alphabet, has been making bold declarations with his music for years prior to launching his gospel career.

In 1996, Tye founded a gospel choir, Greater Anointing (G.A.), consisting of a group of family and friends whose hearts were set simply on praising the Creator through the gift of great music. Tye knew from the beginning they’d tapped into something real and glorious. “That first rehearsal blew my mind,” he says. “The musicianship, the quality of the voices and the spirit of the choir, the character of everybody…I knew that this was it. I knew that this is what I was supposed to be doing.”

Today, Tye Tribbett and the members of Greater Anointing are a family united in ministry with everyone from Tye’s beloved wife of ten years to his brothers, sisters and cousins operating in varying capacities throughout G.A.

Tye Tribbett & Greater Anointing broke into the popular mainstream in 1998 with a group of performances on the The Prince of Egypt (Inspirational) album, one of three high profile soundtrack collections released for the Academy Award winning animated film from DreamWorks.

Following that success, Tye Tribbett & G.A. went on to tour and perform with some of the biggest names in the secular pop music world including Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Luther Vandross, Elton John, Don Henley and Jill Scott, among many others. A showcase with Philadelphia neo-soul performer Vivian Green propelled Tye to the forefront when his keyboard skills and buoyant showmanship were recognized by some key players in the music industry. Tye was signed soon thereafter to Columbia Records.

For Tye, the worlds of sacred and secular music were difficult to reconcile and the potential conflict tugged at his heart. During the years between his first two albums, Life (2004) and Victory Live! (2006), Tye suffered two dramatic losses in his life. Tye says that, among these periods of intense grief and deep reflection, he heard the still quiet voice of God state clearly, “Cleanse yourself of anything that could remotely not represent me.” Aware of a higher calling, Tye realized his path had been chosen for him. “A lot of times we don’t know what God wants us to do,” Tye says, “but we know what He doesn’t want us to do.”

Listening to the voice of faith within, Tye stepped out and challenged G.A. to consecrate themselves, forsaking any revenue from secular music for one year, relying solely on the Lord to provide. Everyone in G.A. accepted the challenge and the result was Victory Live! Released in May 2006, Victory Live! entered the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart at #1, generated the #1 Gospel Radio single, “Victory,” and earned Tribbett two Stellar Award wins and three Grammy nominations — Best Gospel Performance (“Victory”); Best Gospel Song (“Victory”); and Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album. Not even a doubting Thomas could dispute the results. Tye Tribbett & G.A. were doing the music the Lord wanted them to do.

“I want to offer the truth,” says Tye. “I want to offer what is superior. I want to present a standard. There is nothing more solid than Jesus Christ and His Word.” Stand Out is a project that delivers not only truth, but the standard that Tye hopes to bring to his audience. “An experience is over once the moment is gone,” he continues. “Once something is established, it will start when you hear it at that moment, but it will never stop. The standard of choosing right over wrong and light over darkness is, to me, the standard. God loves us so much but He is disappointed. I want to present Christ as the standard.”

Produced entirely by SoundCheck, the production entity consisting of Tye and his two brothers, Stand Out firmly establishes the unit as strong songwriters and state-of-the-art producers.

The album’s title song, a reflection of the album’s overall philosophy, is an intentional up-tempo track that delivers a powerful message. “It’s the militant approach to doing things,” says Tye, referring to the punchy drums and brazen horns in the track’s arrangement. “We gonna get in a lot of trouble, but I’m ready,” Tye admits. “This song is about issues that are going on. I’m not lying. My point is I’m going to make it a little uncomfortable, that’s what Jesus did. This word is uncomfortable. Everybody is not going to love it. Somebody got to do it and I’m just bringing up topics.”

Tye isn’t alone on his journey. Throughout the album, you can hear the crowd’s welling enthusiasm as Tye is joined on-stage by some very special guests. Gospel great Kim Burrell lends her jazzy vocal talents to “He Has Made Me Glad,” an updated reimagining of a old church song with Tye creating a unique new arrangement, as if to prove that he can do a “churchy song,” he states laughing.

“Look Up” features gospel singer Kiki Sheard and presents, for the first time, a full-length version of a song that was originally a snippet on Tye & G.A.’s Gospel chart topping album, Victory Live! The public called for extended version and according to Tye, “I felt the pressure to write it as a full song.” Giving all praises to the One who supplies all of our needs, the song emphatically urges us to look above for direction.

One of Tye’s personal favorites is a song originally created during a session for another gospel singer. “The keyboardist played and I started crying,” Tye explains. “I just couldn’t give it away.” “I Need You” is a euphoric worship song with light rock guitar influences that simply acknowledges the Father’s place in Tye & G.A.’s ministry and life.

“Chasing After You,” with its airy guitar strums, is, as Tye explains, for the members of the church. Co-written with one of his fellow SoundCheck band members, the song eloquently expresses, “I’ll forever be chasin’ after You because I’m going to go from faith to faith and glory to glory. I’m not going to get settled or complacent. I don’t want to grow stale. I want more of Him.” The song “All Hail The King” has a high energy intensity that jumps out of the speakers in true Tye Tribbett & G.A. fashion. “God said, ‘Point the song to Me,'” Tye explains. “He’s strong and mighty in battle and there’s nothing He can’t handle. I am braggin’ on Him the whole song. I love that song.”

“Good In The Hood,” a groovy, inspirational track with an R&B/hip-hop feel is, according to Tye, “not a song for the church at all.” The track couples a self-explanatory title with an emphatic synthesizer and horn arrangement underscoring a song Tye was inspired to write after spending 21 days in a New Jersey jail, orange jumpsuit and all, for a stack of unpaid parking tickets. “I chose to shine my light on the good in the inner city and urban communities and for the people who have made the bad choices, but there is still some good in them,” Tye offers. “At the end of the song, I say that maybe you’ve made some bad decisions, but you’ve got another chance, and if I see y’all, God sees y’all. Keep it up, your works will not go unnoticed, you will be rewarded. There is a better way.”

Among the many stand outs on Stand Out is the spiritually uplifting medley of “Hallelujah / Let Us Worship / So Amazing.” After attending the Battle Cry youth movement and witnessing 35,000 young people of different nationalities respond to the Word of God and worship songs, Tye’s bold fervor increased. “Part of me said I wanted songs that related to them and that experience,” he says, “and the other part is I needed to bring this experience into the urban community.”

Sonically, Stand Out commands your attention. Visually, the DVD version of the concert rivets viewer with high energy, dramatic performances and choreography and a selection of additional Tye Tribbett & G.A. classics. “I love what I’m doing. I know this is my job and my heavenly assignment. I love the music and everything about it,” Tye emphatically states and it is clear that he is doing God’s will.

Tye Tribbett — husband, father of two, Gospel singer, songwriter, producer, preacher and business man — has touched many with his message. Recognizing that it is all the “anointing of God,” Tye stands out not only on what believes, but what he wants people to understand about his calling. “I love the Lord and above all I just want everybody to realize how much better it is to do things God’s way,” Tye testifies. “You have to actually have to try it for yourself. You can see how God has blessed me, but I would love for you to experience how much better it is to do things God’s way. That’s what Stand Out is about. Try God’s Way, y’all!”

Press Releases Raekwon RZA Wu-Tang Clan



New York, NY. If you haven’t heard of the Wu-Tang counterpart Wu Latino, you will want to know more right about now. After a few months of deliberations, Wu-Tang Latino [an Urban Latin record label out of NY/LA] has come up with the hottest idea to hit the music scene. On April 25th, the label will be releasing media cards that will be available to an exclusive audience.

The media cards will feature artists from the label’s roster, Fly and Polzino and Rameses for the mainstream lovers, Mangani for the fans of the raw Wu-Tang street spice, exclusive material from our newly formed partnerships with Boyz del Barrio with a fresh Latin R&B sound, and Team Deuce Entertainment artist BURG BRIGANTE. Although just the topping of a huge “cake”, new material from Bobby Digital [The RZA] and Raekwon will also be appearing on the media cards as a bonus download. An additional surprise celebrity guest will be featured on the anticipated download cards and will be announced the last week of April when the label’s first compilation album will also be released.

If you are a huge fan of Wu-Tang, have a passion for Latin flavor, or just cannot wait to hear the fresh new sound of Wu Latino, make sure to cop the album releasing through all major download portals starting April 29th, 08’ and have your eyes open for the free media download cards! “We are about to set a lot of fires with this movement!” Said Rayroq Acosta [owner of the label] Keep your eyes on your computer screens and your ears ready. Wu-Tang Latino is one week away from blowing your mind!

Dizzee Rascal El-P Press Releases

Dizzee Rascal Brings Grime Stateside, Tours with El-P

Dizzee Rascal Brings “Grime” Stateside, Tours with El-P

Dizzee Rascal’s “Where’s Da G’s” featuring Bun B. is already blowing up on the internet, weeks before the stateside release of the British MC’s third full length, Math’s + English, out April 29th via Definitive Jux. The album first hit shelves last year in the UK to a Mercury Music Prize nomination (think the UK’s equivalent of independent music Grammys) and rave reviews from popular British press UNCUT, Mojo Magazine, and more. The US version will include several bonus tracks both digitally and physically, including tracks exclusive to iTunes, eMusic, and Amazon’s digital store.

Dizzee Rascal has been turning heads on both sides of the pond since his 2003 debut album, Boy in Da Corner (which did snag the Mercury Music Prize that year and is lauded as the launching point for the UK grime scene). Since then he’s released a second critically acclaimed album, popped up on a remix of T-Pain’s hit single “I’m Sprung,” held it down with Wyclef Jean, Twista, and Lil Mama on BET’s Cipher for the 2007 Hip Hop Awards, and shared the stage with Bun B, Del the Funky Homosapien, Devin the Dude, and El-P at this year’s SXSW Music Conference. Recently he’s been feverishly showing off his skills with a four minute freestyle on AOL Music and schooling the uninitiated on British slang in anticipation of Maths + English’s U.S. release and an impending tour with labelmate El-P.

See below for full tour dates and audio/video links to “Where’s Da G’s,” Dizzee’s 16 Bars freestyle, and his hip-hop slang lessons on AOL Music.

Listen to Dizzee Rascal “Where’s Da G’s” feat. Bun B from Maths + English (Definitive Jux)

Watch Dizzee Rascal “Where’s Da G’s” feat. Bun B from Maths + English (Definitive Jux)

What the Press is Saying

Dizzee’s despairing wail, focused anger, and cutting sonics places him on the front lines in the battle against a stultifying Britain, just as Pete Townshend, Johnny Rotten, and Morrissey have been in the past. – Pitchfork Media

The best rapper this(The UK) country’s ever produced, period…. Next to Dizzee Rascal everybody looks pale, uninteresting and irrelevant. – UNCUT Magazine

An eclectic, break-dance-worthy Slick Rick reincarnation. – Entertainment Weekly

Brilliantly original. – MOJO

Dizzee Rascal delivered forty minutes of blistering, grimy hip-hop. The set drew heavily from his latest, Maths + English (finally seeing a physical U.S. release April 29 after being out in the U.K. for nearly a year) – Rollingstone Magazine (on 2008 SXSW performance)

Fans were treated to a talented MC with a crew who likes shout-outs and shoes. His set drew as much from excellent early material as it did from Maths + English, and the high-BPM beats kept the show flowing and energetic. – Pitchfork Media (on 2008 SXSW performance)

This U.K. rapper is the reason anyone knows “grime” is a music genre. – Wired Magazine

Dizzee Rascal Tour Dates (with El-P)

May 8- 9:30 Club, D.C.
May 9 – First Unitarian Church, Philly
May 10 – Webster Hall, NYC
May 11- Middles East, Boston
May 12 – New Capital Music Hall, Ottawa
May 13 – Crofoot Ballroom, Detroit
May 14 – The Abbey Pub, Chicago
May 16 – Triple Rock Club, Minneapolis
May 19 – Neumos, Seattle
May 20 – Berbatis Pan, Portland
May 21 – 1015, San Francisco
May 22 – El Rey, Los Angeles

Press Releases Usher

Noel Gourdin – Debut album After My Time coming Summer 08 – EPIC RECORDS

Noel Gourdin – Debut album After My Time coming Summer ’08 – EPIC RECORDS


A gritty, working class city outside of Boston, Brockton is best known as where legendary fighters the late Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler grew up. Unlike Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans or Philly, Brockton doesn’t spring to mind when name checking soul music’s breeding grounds. Yet it’s there that 24 year-old Noel Gourdin first fell under R&B’s spell and his hometown’s tenacity is the force behind his stunning Sony Urban Music/Epic Records debut.

Blessed with roughhewn, down-home vocals that hark back to when rhythm and blues repped for both those components, influences ranging from hip-hop to gospel and songs that are nakedly emotional and truthful, Noel Gourdin states his case on his refreshingly heartfelt debut CD. Featuring production from Kay Gee (Jaheim/Zhané), Raphael Saadiq (D’Angelo/Angie Stone), Mike City (Brandy/Sunshine Anderson), Dre & Vidal (Jill Scott), Butta (Usher), Eddie F (Heavy D), RLES and Trackaddix, Noel’s debut release is soul at its best. Speaking to the vibe he offers, Noel divulges, “It’s about the emotions of the average man. My intention is putting my feelings on the track and leaving everything I’ve got in the recording booth. I want people to think; this is a man that you can feel. That you can slow dance with, have a drink with and cry with. It’s real music that affects your life.”

That’s apparent on the richly moving “The River.” Produced by Kay Gee, “The River” conjures up vivid images of family, faith, tradition and the journey towards becoming your own man. “I had a track, and Noel and his co-writer [Balewa] said they wanted something that sounded like an old-styled ballad,” recalls Kay Gee of their seamless creative process. “I said, `Well, I have the perfect beat for you.’ So, I gave them the beat and they were like, `Alright…bet.’ Before I knew it, they had written `The River,’ which is a great record. A lot of people are scared to do one of those kinds of songs right now, so I think they took a chance and came up with something great.” “We wanted to make a modern-day Negro spiritual,” concludes Noel, of the song’s inspiration. “Both my grandparents lived in Mississippi about 3 hours from Biloxi and I spent every summer with them, so I really soaked up that atmosphere and history. My grandfather had just died and I was really thinking about him, and in the Deep South the river represents something spiritual. The song means a lot because it’s so close to home.”

Emotions also guide the jazzy “Hurts Like Hell”, produced by Trackaddix. “That’s a real pride record. He still loves her but it’s not working out. A lot of fellows wont admit it, but after they’ve broken up they say, `She’s not gonna see me crying.’ That’s real.” So too is the sultry “Summertime,” produced by Dre & Vidal. Featuring lines like “Just cause it’s cold outside/let’s make it summertime,” this is a soft and wet ode that Noel calls “just crazy. In some ways the vibe reminds me of `Let’s Get It On.’” There’s also a hint of a more contemporary singer – namely, D’Angelo — and Noel acknowledges the influence. “I hear the comparison; our voices are similar but you can tell us apart. I get inspiration from a lot of artists: Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke. There’s also a real big Prince undertone. I just filter it all through my own way of seeing things and hopefully come up with something hot.” Hot also describes the up-tempo “Clap 4 That,” produced by Butta. “That’s a `have fun party record’ that I loved doing it.”

The youngest of three kids, Noel grew up singing in church and fully absorbed his father’s classic soul and older brother’s New Jack Swing records. From Otis Redding and the Chi-Lites to Teddy Riley and Jodeci, Noel loved it all, so much so that in middle school he had begun to write his own songs, drawing from what he’d heard coming up. “Listening to so much music from so many different eras really helped me put my style together.”

By high school, Noel was performing in local talent shows, parties and events sponsored by the city. “We’d always keep it true, trying to put it down for the home town,” he fondly recalls. “It was a pleasure performing in Brockton. I did shows for the Boys and Girls Club to help keep the kids motivated.” It was also while in school that Noel hooked up with a local producer, who sensing his talent took Noel to a small studio. While the recording facilities might have been modest, the pay off was enormous as Noel recalls: “I had somewhere to get the music off my chest and after a year I had a bunch of tracks together, doing all the music and writing all the lyrics.”

Following graduation, Noel focused even more on music and further strengthened his commitment to his community by working at a local group home for battered kids. “It was a passion of mine, being able to affect a kid’s life and trying to be a positive role model.” By 2002, Noel and Stalin Entertainment owner Larry “Lucky” Fernandes had built their business relationship and sealed their artist management deal with a handshake. After a year of writing and producing new songs — following a club date in Providence, RI — Lucky introduced the Noel project to producer/artist Tommy Olivera, who, with songwriter Balewa Muhammad, now make up Noel’s production team. Tommy also had a wide range of industry contacts, among them former Naughty By Nature DJ / producer Kay Gee, who is best known for his production work for Jaheim, Zhané and Next. Within no time, Noel was working with Kay Gee at his New Jersey studio. In 2004, Kay Gee asked him to contribute a song to The Cook Out soundtrack; Noel cut “Family Reunion,” which by his own admission signaled a new musical direction. “Working with everyone had really opened up my horizons and I started looking at concepts and listening to music in a different way. I wanted to come up with something that wasn’t out there.” With that in mind, Noel kept writing and amassed close to an album’s worth of material, which he and his team sent out to taste-makers in the music industry. He also met with label executives, which resulted in an introduction to Sony Urban Music’s V.P. of A&R, Chad Elliott in June 2005. Armed with a slew of tracks, including early versions of “Hurts Like Hell” and “The River,” Noel caught Elliot’s ear and by the end of the summer a showcase was set up for the young singer/songwriter. By the fall of that year, Noel was offered a record deal. “Getting signed was unbelievable. I’m very family oriented, so to be able to make them proud meant everything to me. Plus, I think my deal showed other Brockton musicians that it’s not just a pipe dream.”

That dedication comes through on Noel’s emotionally-stirring debut CD, something his seasoned producers recognized early on and played up. “I know a lot of people say this, but I think he’s just a breath of fresh air [right now],” explains Kay Gee. “I think the fact that we haven’t heard singers like him in a while, mixed with the sound of his falsetto, lets us know that there’s something missing in the music industry right now. I think there’s a lane open for his sound.” Raphael Saadiq wholeheartedly agrees, adding, “Noel’s a young soul who can sing in all kinds of different areas. He’s from Mississippi but lives out in Boston, so he’s bringing a certain flavor from both places. His style is really soulful. He’s very competitive and cool, but also has that energy that you need out there in the urban world.” Asked to describe his soulful collection and Noel straightforwardly replies, “It’s emotional and vulnerable, but still strong and secure. More than anything, I wanted to make music that was real, relatable…and timeless.”

Press Releases

Fat Ray & Black Milk – Bad Man featuring Guilty Simpson and Scorpion

The Song:

The future of hip-hop is now and lives in Detroit. Put aside the claims that hip-hop is dead and focus your attention on the underground rap scene that is blowing up in Motor City. Black Milk, Detroit native and regarded by many as the heir to the J Dilla throne, has teamed up with Fat Ray on The Set Up LP. The latest track from the duo is “Bad Man” featuring Guilty Simpson and Scorpion. Taking a reggae-inspired hook and a potent snare-heavy Black Milk beat, the track rips through the speakers with unwavering energy. Lyrically, the song centers on the state of everyday life in the hood of Detroit, as Guilty Simpson rhymes, “You’d better have a vest in place, they still get tech 9’s in section 8 / Get low then let the gat spray, Detroit’s best like Milk and Fat Ray.” Not everything is serious though – Fat Ray shares his sense of humor when talking about other rappers with “They even mix gangsta with gospel / that’s like selling cocaine at a Costco.”

The Background:

Deemed Artist of the Year in 2007 by Detroit’s alternative weekly, Real Detroit Weekly, Black Milk follows up his recent Caltroit and Popular Demand releases with an all new collaborative LP with dirty district emcee, Fat Ray. All 11 tracks of the The Set Up are produced by Black Milk, and include guest spots from Guilty Simpson, Elzhi of Slum Village, Nametag, Scorpion, and Phat Kat. The Set Up is the inaugural release for Black Milk’s own label, Music House. Also due this year are a new Black Milk solo album and a collaborative project with Sean Price and Guilty Simpson. Fat Ray and Black Milk are two-thirds of the Detroit trio BR Gunna, whose album Dirty District, Vol. 2 (2004 Barak Records) was critically acclaimed and sold over 20,000 units.

Bad Man” featuring Guilty Simpson and Scorpion