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Raheem Devaughn’s 368 Music Group Presents Phil Ade’ – “Hollywood” + BTS Photos and Video

Phil Ade’, the first artist off of Raheem Devaughn’s 368 Music Group label, recently shoot a video for “Hollywood” a track off his mixtape Starting Out JV. The music video, coming next week, was directed by DMV’s Tabi Bonney. You can see all the behind the scenes photos for the video shoot here

AUDIO: Phil Ade’ – “Hollywood

PICS: Phil Ade’ – “Hollywood” Behind the Scenes

VIDEO: Phil Ade’ – “Hollywood” Behind the Scenes

MIXTAPE: Phil Ade’ – “Starting Out JV

But DC rapper Phil Ade isn t ordinary. A creative talent, to say the least, he is poised to reign over the Nation s Capitol, releasing his sounds on anyone who is smart enough to listen. Not focused on
cross-over appeal, Phil Adé s easy-going subject matter and genuine flow is a welcomed addition to the underground hip hop community.

Born Philip Adetumbi, Phil Ade comes from an interesting mix of wordly culture. His Grenadian mother and Nigerian father made sure to keep him close to his strong family heritage. Before settling in the DC metro area, Phil Ade lived in California, Alabama and Florida while his father took various positions in different cities. These experiences, matched with the cultural influences that his parents
made sure to incorporate in his life, gave Phil Ade a valuable and international outlook on the world around him.

Always a performer, Phil Ade spent his early years singing and dancing for anyone who d watch. He started rapping during his junior year in high school, and the hobby soon morphed into a bonafied
craft. Phil Ade took notice, and like a true artist, started studying the artform, paying close attention to the works of veteran rap legends like The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. Phil Ade found his own artistic identity and, with the encouragement of close friends, noticed that his newly developed talent could actually be a legitimate career. Fate stepped in and met Phil s music hustle in January 2009 when a friend introduced him to Tennyson T Richards, owner of Paper Boyz Management and close friend to Grammy nominated recording artist, Raheem DeVaughn. DeVaughn s interest was immediately sparked when Phil Ade rapped for him.

Phil has earned the distinction of being the first artist signed to DeVaughn s DC-based independent label, 368 Music Group, which he co-founded with DC talent manager/A&R Andre Dre The Mayor Hopson. Phil Ade s grand introduction to the music industry couldn’t have come at a better time. His first major showcase was opening for Interscope recording artist and fellow DC rapper, Wale, a worthy accomplishment. Phil Ade recently finished his debut mixtape project entitled, Starting on JV, which dropped July 10 and features guest appearances from DeVaughn with production by Mark Henry and Dope Sunny. His lyrics have been praised for not being common clichés that we always hear on the radio.

As the rising star in a local music scene that has yet to receive credit like other metropolitan cities (NYC, Atlanta, Miami), Phil Ade is set to further bring attention to the Nation s Capitol, solidifying it as a major force in the country s hip-hop landscape. But, in the meantime, he is staying humble and focused, working hard to present his music to as many people as he can reach. Phil Ade is constantly perfecting his craft and patiently waiting for his official entry into the world of hip-hop&

Its not every day that you get to experience a talent such as Phil Ade . Listen carefully and enjoy the ride!