Interviews RZA Wu-Tang Clan

RZA interview with DJ Semtex

BBC 1xtra’s Dj Semtex interviews the Rza. The Rza talks about:

*How the Clan came together.
*The 8 Diagrams, the new album.
*Being hated on by the South.
*HipHop vs Hollywood. The difference betwen producing albums and producing for films.

*Keeping the Clan focused.
*Ghost’s reluctance to be on the 8 Diagrams.
*Raekwon’s comments about the Rza and the album.
*Working with Danni Harrison, Erykah Badu, dude from the Red Hot Chili Pepers on the Heart Gently Weeps.
*Why the Marley Marl joint didnt make the album.
*Sampling on the SP 1200

*How he got away with the Wu-tang tattoo in American Gangster.
*Bar Brawls with Russell Crowe.