Scams – Youngblood video

Scams – Youngblood video

Whether playing to expectant audiences in their adopted hometown of Leeds, or showcasing everywhere from Europe to the US, Scams are rapidly establishing a reputation as genuine purveyors of a unique sound and a dynamic and infectious live act.

From the increasingly rare honesty in performance through to its consistent reflection in each album track, this is pop music without bullshit and without boundaries; more about heartfelt harmonies and searing melodies that carry openly sincere words.

The Scams sound comes from four separate musical backgrounds, years of individual performing, and one common intention. Each note, sound and syllable is carefully arranged but not over-thought, spanning a variety of music styles yet still maintaining an identity.

Frontman Andy Morgan takes inspiration anywhere from early soul to modern dance; Michael Jackson to Four Tet; Marvin Gaye to Underworld. His lifelong fascination with everything musically orientated has allowed a natural ability to evolve freely; trial and error, un-manipulated by the boundaries of classical training. In addition, bassist and vocalist Adam Fenwick – style reminiscent of John Entwistle – refers to his roots in post-hardcore rock, with additional inspiration coming from bands like Deftones, Biffy Clyro and Weezer.

Second guitars, samples and additional vocals come from quietly cool Jamie Macneal. Raised in Ayr on Radiohead, The Cure and The Smiths, Jamie’s seemingly effortless musicianship adds another angle to the influence. Daniel Harvey’s love of 50s rock and soul in combination with everything drum related has shaped a percussionist who offers up technical prowess and pop sensibilities.

The journey spans years and gigs, including SXSW in Texas- whereafter the Austin Chronicle was quick to sing their praises. On the road, illegal passengers have hidden in broken-down vans to avoid breaching inadequate insurance policies, and service station food has been finished from the plates of passers by- forsaking luxury and expense.

As hardworking as any stereotype of ‘the classic British band’, rock may not be their pigeonhole, but it’s a big part of their attitude. By doing away with excess baggage and cutting to the core of what counts, Scams most importantly create music for music’s sake.