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Shadow Dancer – Golden Traxe out June 30th Boysnoize Records

SHADOW DANCER ‘Golden Traxe’ Out June 30th

After an impressive whirlwind tour of the US including appearances at both SXSW & WMC, Boysnoize Records residents Shadow Dancer, will be releasing Golden Traxe (BoysNoize Rec) in the USA on June 30th.

Shadow Dancer are creators of convulsive, beat-propelled electro-synth psychosis that has long-since left a combustible trail of sweat, sex and dancefloor euphoria snaking through clubs across the globe.

Liverpool-born brothers Paul and Alan Farrier have been writing music together since childhood, and were initially driven by a love of artists including Kraftwerk, Human League, Pet Shop Boys and Underground Resistance. Equipped with synthesizers rather than guitars they immersed themselves in the life-changing sounds that were emerging from Detroit and Chicago in the late ’80s. They drew upon the European techno scene, built a studio from second-hand equipment, and began channeling those influences into the creation of their own singular sonic landscapes.

By the ’90s, seduced by the city’s celebrated legacy, they found themselves gravitating towards Manchester– which was then perpetuated by club nights such as Bugged Out!, Versivo, Robodisco, and the incomparable Hacienda. At the time, they performed under the name “Pinback”, and built up a solid reputation on their well-received sets in local bars in the greater Manchester area. Eventually they broke through and were asked to perform a headlining set at the 2001 Manchester Music Festival.

It wasn’t until after a three-year hiatus (brought about by damaged equipment and the brothers’ commitment to their day jobs) that Shadow Dancer came into being. They compiled two self-released retrospective digital EP’s, Machine Code and 80somethings, comprised of material self-recorded between ’99 and ’02, and released a third EP, DirtBox, on the New York-based label The Other Cosmos.

Boysnoize Records approached the duo in July 2007 to release what became the Shadow Dancer EP. Once again they found their audience rapidly expanding. Thanks to the symphonic beats of their club hits like ‘Soap’ and ‘Cowbois’ regularly appearing in the sets of such luminaries as Soulwax, Erol Alkan, 2 Many DJs, DJ Feadz, Adam Freeland and Busy P – Shadow Dancer was being heard in clubs around the world. They have subsequently remixed everyone from The Whip to Chromeo, and their tracks have been featured on compilations including Bugged Out’s Suck My Deck, Digitalism’s Kitsune Tabloid, and Adam Freeland’s Two Hours To Jupiter.

Their mutually beneficial relationship with Boysnoize has continued for two further EP’s – Cowbois and Soap – and has reached its current peak with the impending release of the debut album Golden Traxe. The album is a culmination of nearly two decades’ worth of hard graft, dedication and unwavering passion, which makes no secret of the brothers’ affinity for a kaleidoscopic melting pot of influences — everything from electronica to techno to acid and house is referenced.

Golden Traxe collects thirteen pupil-widening assaults on the senses onto one enviably constructed LP. Tracks like ‘Drive Time’ re-imagine the possibilities of electronic music. ‘Soap’ and ‘Poke’ come alive with hypnotic beats destined to alter the chemistry of anyone within earshot, while ‘Infinite Lies’ and ‘The Bad Thing’ evoke orgiastic speaker-stack cacophonies that will tame even the most jaded of club-land hedonists.

Described by I-DJ Magazine as “a fucked-up, futuristic Justice”, and praised by I Love Neon for their “forward thinking production”, Shadow Dancer’s assault on the world’s dancefloors has continued unabated since their debut on the Soulwax Nite Versions Tour, with DJ sets at Bugged Out! and Dollop, and performances alongside the likes of D.I.M., Sinden, Surkin and A-Trak amongst many others. Shadow Dancer is a name undoubtedly destined to become gospel.