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Duck Down Records Partners with YOUTUBE & The History Channel

Duck Down Records Partners with YOUTUBE & The History Channel

On the wake of announcing its music licensing agreement with ESPN a few weeks ago, Duck Down Records continues attacking the Cable TV programming world by inking a deal with the History Channel’s “Gangland Series”. In addition the label has signed a deal with YOUTUBE, joining their exclusive list of partnered clients, which will include their very own Duck Down Records channel.

Duck Down’s deal with The History Channel’s “Gangland Series” will include Black Moon and Boot Camp Clik’s own Buckshot, commissioned through Man Made Music, creating the original theme and promo music for the History Channel’s popular show “Gangland.” (an MP3 of “Gangland” is attached). Produced by Dirty Elegance, Buckshot was recruited to create a brief intro that would set the tone for the show’s gang related theme. Alternative versions were then created from Buckshot’s original piece; including one performed by Ice-T.

YOUTUBE has extended its exclusive list of partnered clients to include Duck Down Record’s Channel. A content partnership representative contacted the label after seeing an increase in activity on their videos. The new partnership allows Duck Down to highly customize its page, upload larger video files, and receive video placement throughout YOUTUBE’s featured playlists. Dru Ha, Co-Owner of Duck Down Records had this to say about the partnership: “I believe 5 years from now we’re going to look back on Sites like YOUTUBE, MYSPACE, AllHipHop, HipHopGame, HipHopDX, etc and view them as marketing revolutions within the Music Industry. A few years ago (during our Triple Threat campaign) we were phasing videos out, because there were so few outlets for them to air, that it did not justify the expense. Today, we again have a reason to make videos, and while national TV networks like MTV and BET may not offer us coverage, YOUTUBE allows us to put our visuals in front of millions of people. It definitely levels the playing field and gives us a voice. In addition to our traditional music videos we’ve used the platform to air behind the scenes footage, comedy skits, concert clips and day in the life pieces that our fans are eager to see. I mean Sean Price has his own episode of MTV Cribs and Punk’d on the Duck Down /YOUTUBE Channel.”

The Partnership with YOUTUBE comes at a perfect time as Duck Down prepares for the release of 9th Wonder and Buckshot’s upcoming album, “The Formula,” (March 2008). 9th and Buck have already filmed the video to the lead single “NO DOUBT” which stars Charlie Murphy in a series of short skits. Behind the scenes footage from the upcoming albums from Kidz In The Hall, “The In Crowd,” and Buckshot and 9th Wonder’s “Formula” are being planned to air on the channel in conjunction with the release.

View Duck Down’s Channel Here and check out the making of 9th Wonder and Buckshot’s “NO DOUBT” Video featuring Charlie Murphy (Directed by Dru Ha and Rik Cordero) and to hear snippets of the single and the LP cover art:

In other related Duck Down Records news: The label has announced that they have officially re-signed one of its original core groups, Heltah Skeltah, and the duo will release a new album titled D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team) in the summer of 2008. Buckshot, Co-owner of Duck Down Records lamented “It’s a blessing to have the super-duo of Rock and Ruck, a.k.a. Sean Price, back together on Duck Down Records for what will be their 3rd Full-Length release. There is no denying that Sean Price has re-invented himself as one of the premier solo artists in the game, but his legacy is also that of one-half of Heltah Skeltah. Rock and Ruck have been in the studio daily working on this album with early production coming from Marco Polo, Evidence and Nottz; fans can expect that real gritty Heltah Skeltah feel. Trust me these two will not disappoint.”

In addition, Duck Down will be releasing a new album from 9th Wonder & Buckshot titled “Formula”. Co-Owner of Duck Down Records, Dru Ha says “While there has been tremendous growth and excitement surrounding Sean Price over the past few years, not to be lost in the mix is that from a sales standpoint Buckshot and 9th Wonder’s “Chemistry” from our Triple Threat Campaign (2005) has been our biggest independent release to date for the label. The combination of 9th’s production and Buckshot’s rhymes are as seamless as you get”. “Formula” will be entirely produced by 9th Wonder and will feature appearances from Talib Kweli, Raheem Devaughn, Tyler Woods, and a video for the LP’s lead-single, “No Doubt” has already been shot and will also star Charlie Murphy.

Duck Down Records Inks 5-Track Deal with ESPN

Duck Down Records Inks 5-Track Deal with ESPN:

Duck Down Record’s and their various artists were hired by ESPN to create five original tracks for ESPN’s coverage of Men’s College Basketball. Buckshot, of Black Moon, Heltah Skeltah (Sean Price and Rock), Smif N Wessun, and Tek, of Smif N Wessun all recorded original music for ESPN’s College Basketball programming.

The music will be featured throughout the complete season of men’s college basketball, which kicked off this week.

Buckshot “All Business” produced by Tai Dealz
Tek, of Smif N Wessun “Get in the Game” produced by KB
Heltah Skeltah feat Buckshot “Getcha Team” produced by Optiks
Smif N Wessun “Push It” produced by Sic Beats

For more info visit

Below is a link to download the Heltah Skeltah’s “Getcha Team” featuring Buckshot (produced by Optiks).

Heltah Skeltah’s “Getcha Team” was created singularly for this seasons ESPN coverage of college basketball and is not a sample track from Heltah Skeltah’s forthcoming LP “D.I.R.T.” which will be released in the summer of 2008.

Bootcamp Clik Heltah Skeltah Interviews Smif N Wessun Steele

Bootcamp Clik Interview

by Dale Coachman

If you were wondering where the Boot Camp Clik has been the answer is very simple and evident in the music, the studio. Known for getting caught up in label and distribution ordeals, the Camp is back on Duckdown records making hip-hop music independently and always for the people.

MVRemix: What has kept you together for 13 years?

Steele: God first and foremost because we are all spiritual individuals which all makes us humble at some point and before we all started rhymin’ we knew each other. Louisville, Rock, and DJ Logic all lived in the same building. Me and Top Dog are brothers and we lived across the street in the same building. Me and Tek went to school together and I met Buck through his sister and Buck was the last one that joined but what is funny was he went to the same public school that my brother went to. Starang lived around the corner from us, and Ruck lived around the corner from my grandmother, so we all kinda knew each before so I think that played a big part.

MVRemix: Ya’ll just came off a European tour how was that?

Steele: We actually bumped into Percee P. and RA on the tour but they were doing something different, but the tour was nice, it was real dope.

MVRemix: Tek and Steele came out with the X-Files what kind of response have ya’ll been getting, in addition is there an album coming from Smif and Wessun?

Steele: We gonna put that out in ’07. Ruck got his shit comin’ out this year, and we are gonna work this Boot Camp album cause when the Boot Camp album comes out we’re gonna be on tour, and we got like a 35 city tour that’s comin’ up and the album comes out July 18th. So we are already gonna be on the road which is beautiful and when the album drops we come back to New York and we got a show with Mobb Deep, so it’s gonna be crazy. Also me and Tek we put that out because we have been sitting on that stuff for a while a lot of that stuff was music that was recorded when we were with Rawkus, which was fucked up for us ‘cause people was like where ya’ll been? This is where we’ve been, makin’ songs, but we were in a bad position and couldn’t put them out, but it doesn’t stop the music and we were reaching out to the fans.

MVRemix: What have ya’ll learned from that because ya’ll always seem to run into the label problem?

Steele: That’s another thing that kept us together because from the gate we were with Def Jam and a lot of cats that came out with us ain’t makin’ no music right now, don’t have the same management, and don’t have the same homies, and whose group isn’t even together. Then its like the ones who have the potential to move on they either sell they soul sort of speak, like I was watching Cocaine City and Ice Cube was like, “If you ballin’ make your own records don’t sell your rights away make your own shit.” When we fuckin’ with Duckdown that’s what we doin’. We’re makin’ our own stuff. Always work never fall into a depression state never stop doing what you’re doing or what is making you money.

MVRemix: Ghostface was talking about people in New York not standing for anything and ironically ya’ll are comin out with this album The Last Stand what message are ya’ll sending with this album?

Tek: Well our message has always been a message of self determination. When you are determined within yourself and you got a good team around you can accomplish anything, like this is for the common folk, to realize that cats that are under us like you don’t have to be a superhero just be good at what you do. Rap with a passion like what Martin Luther King said, “If you’re gonna sweep floors be the best floor sweeper in your heart.” so for us like every time we together it’s a party so for us just havin’ the determination to keep movin’ forward. We kinda letting people know we’re not gonna stop until we’re dead. So this is our chance to say we are gonna stand up for everything we fuck wit and nobody is going to kill our spirits our hearts.

MVRemix: As far as the producers you have 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Beatminerz and others, how did ya’ll hook up with 9th because I know he did Chemistry with Buck, how did ya’ll first get connected with 9th and Little Brother?

Tek: Before we did the Boot Camp album Dru-Ha had met 9th and he expressed how much he liked the camp and I had a cd out where I had instrumentals on the CD ,and Dru had sent that cd to 9th which he remixed them and Dru fell in love with them. Dru kept in touch with 9th so they set something up and Dru brung the guys down to work with 9th and he let us fuck with his producers and we stayed there for like a week it was real cool.

MVRemix: You’re comin out with Jesus Price Superstar can we expect the same as Monkey Bars or can we expect something totally different?

Sean Price: If ain’t broke don’t try to fix its like Jesus Price is like Monkey Bars on steroids.

MVRemix: Nas is coming out with his album Hip-Hop is Dead do you feel like it is dead or was dead along time ago and what are you trying to do to bring that back?

Sean Price: Hip-hop ain’t dead. People rap about what they want to rap about and the masses choose to listen to. What am I doin? Monkey Bars and Jesus Price, I’m the savior of real hip-hop and I’m goin’ through the slums spreading the gospel of real hip-hop. I’m not on no religious shit and follow me because I’m a lead you the right way.

MVRemix: Do you have any guest appearances on the album?

Sean Price: Buckshot, Rock, Phonte from Little Brother and Sean Don from the Justus League.

MVRemix: How was it working with Phonte?

Sean Price: Oh that shit was crazy, son is nice. Actually when he spit his verse I had to go home and write mine, real talk.

MVRemix: Who came up with the idea to bring the Camp back together for another album?

Sean Price: It was obvious that was the next thing to do, we did the triple threat with my album Buckshot and 9th Wonder and the Smif & Wessun album so the next line album is the Boot Camp album, my solo album and Heltah Skeltah.

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Bootcamp Clik Interviews Smif N Wessun Steele


by May Blaiz

It was dubbed the East Coast Renaissance. Wu-Tang brought the ruckus with 36 Chambers. The world was ours when Nas released Illmatic. Big L, the MVP, came out with Lifestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous. Temperatures rose in clubs when Mobb Deep came out with The Infamous and Brooklyn’s finest Jay-Z released Reasonable Doubt. And when big poppa B.I.G released Ready to Die things done changed. This snapshot in time? 1995. The Hip Hop Revival. Yet let’s not forget – out of the trenches also that year- was the birth of Smif n Wessun.

Following the release of ”Black Smif n Wessun” on Black Moon’s classic Enta da Stage album in 1993, Tek and Steele – collectively known as Smif n Wessun – released what would be the #1 Rap Album, selling over 300,000 copies and even making a #3 spot on Billboard’s R&B chart. This was Dah Shinin’. Can you remember the reggae tones and vivid street tales of “Sound Bwoy Burreil”? The collective chants of the BCC in “Cession at the Doghillee”? And who can forget the powerful uplifting anthem that would brand New York’s concrete “Bucktown”? Y’all better Wreckonize!! Most definitely, this is a classic album to have and keep in your collection because even until now, their sound sets the standard for music makers in hip hop. Its timeless in that their emotion-invoking beats and influence are still heavy to this day. Ahh, it was a beautiful time in hip-hop history that many of us wish we could return to.

And good for us, these hip-hop soldiers are back together. In an interview with MVRemix, Smif n Wessun share the importance of remembering the past, the meaning of resilience in present time and tells the fans what to expect from their 4th LP release, The Album.

MVRemix: Its been 15 years since “U Da Man” on Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage. How do you compare Smif n Wessun then to the Smif n Wessun now?

Steele: Bigger and better.

Tek: I definitely know for a fact that we matured in the game. We experienced numerous good and bad things, won along the way and had a couple of losses. But to be a champ, sometimes you have to get knocked out. Lose the belt in order to regain it again and get this shit on the right track and that’s where we at wit The Album.

MVRemix: Hip hop has changed so much over the years. What are your thoughts on the direction of hip hop? Where is it going?

Tek: That’s definitely what it is, it’s progressing, and there’s nothing slowing it down. The computer era, the decline in record sales, not even the selling of vinyl is stopping it anymore. Hip-hop just keeps movin’ and going.

Steele: We livin’ in a technological era. Right now it seems that the direction of hip-hop is going to the worldwide scope. It’s untamable right now. It’s at a point where now I can communicate with somebody in Japan, right now. I can communicate with someone in Australia. I can communicate with someone in Africa. You can be in a small place in Brooklyn in your desk and you can record music without even going anywhere. You can do podcasts, radio stations, magazines, DVD’s. You can do a lot of things without even leaving the privacy of your own home. A lot of people are seeing this, doing this. We been talking about this since 1999! Here we are, releasing albums without even having actual CD’s anymore. We’re downloading straight from iTunes. Many people don’t even have cable. They just watch our streaming videos directly through youtube.. It’s a phenomenon, I don’t know how big it’s going to get but it’s going to be …it’s going to be infinite.

MVRemix: How does this impact Smif n Wessun?

Steele: It’s been a good thing. We’ve been able to sustain. Especially for us, cuz we don’t get the commercial radio play that many other artists have. We deal directly with our fans. Duck Down has been prominent in the web since Day One.

MVRemix: Over the years, you released “Rude Awakening” as Cocoa Brovas; celebrated the return of Smif n Wessun in “Reloaded” and appear on Boot Camp Click’s “The Last Stand” and “Casualties of War”. What has kept Duck Down tight and BCC going strong?

Steele: A lot of hard work, dedication, our faith in the higher power and our friends and family. Being out there in the streets when kids and people say, “Hey, your contribution to hip hop helped me get through school” or “It helped me get me through issues in my life that was tough for me at the time” and “You inspire me”. If I have that type of power, who am I not to use it? So I go out there and work. And work hard.

Tek: Oh man, it’s a new experience everyday. Still being fans of the music that we are – for the whole hip-hop game. It’s a combination of newer artists coming out, some of the beats just get you in the mood where you have to pick up a pen and write down what’s in your heart and mind at that time and my Boot Camp, Duck Down family keep pushing and that’s what keeps us going. And of course, the love from our fans.

MVRemix: I understand both of you have done some solo projects. General Steele, you have Hotsyle Takeover out and I believe Tek, you have an album called UGP (Underground Prince) . Tell us about that.

Tek: Yeah, that’s right. It’s actually a mixtape, UGP. It’s not out yet, but my partner has the Hotstyle Takeover joint that’s in stores online now.

Steele: That’s official right there. That’s exactly what it says it is. Hotstyle Takeover. It’s out right now, go to and look out for a couple of the videos on youtube. I mean, I’m always doing stuff. I have a couple of artists that I’m working with right now with Bucktown USA, but my focus is promoting The Album. In this day in time, things can go either way. There’s a lot of drama going on in hip-hop and it’s looking real crazy right now. The streets of New York is on fire. Fingers are being pointed out at gangsta rap. It’s a good time and a bad time right now with hip hop and with that being said, it’s a great time for this album to come out. So when people listen to it, it shouldn’t put you in any particular mind state but it should inspire you to just do whatever you’re doing, to live your life, to enjoy your life and do what you do best to the best of your ability. Go in and go hard.

MVRemix: Do you go on any retreats on your own? To just get away?

Steele: The city is my retreat. I can retreat anywhere in the city and no body bothers me, I just blend in. And that to me, I like to be around people. I don’t like to be in some lost, over there, too far away from ourselves kind of place. I like to take the subway too. It gives me a chance to think. The city inspires me. I love the movement. It keeps you sharp and you always have to prepare for the unpreparable. You just gotta learn how to retreat from your own mind when things get crazy.

MVRemix: So with The Album, I understand that you guys went to Sweden to produce this 4th LP release. What should we expect?

Tek: Expect some of the dopest, the hardest, the hottest, the most beautiful symphony of music that you’ve ever heard before especially coming from Smif n Wessun. We didn’t try to go any commercial route to have a song for the females, for the clubs or a New York song. We just got in the studio, locked down and got what we needed to have in there and we made some magic come out. The whole album is produced by our Swedish boys over the water; Tommy Tee, Loudmouf Choir, Collen, Rune Rotter, Soul Theory and of course our boy Ken Ring. There’s magic in the air from all our bodies and our souls as well.

MVRemix: I understand that the producer Ken Ring produced the track ‘Trading Places” from BCC’s Last Stand album as well as “Reloaded” off of your Reloaded album.

Tek: Yeah, exactly. We formed that relationship over the years. He also produced “Timbz Do Work”. They are part of our team so naturally we gave them the exposure they need to get out there. The Album, it’s just blessed with our lives. That’s our life in there. But yeah, there’s joints in there where you can get your hustle on, get your slide on, you can drop it like it’s hot in there and you know, songs you can get your two step on. Enjoy it.

MVRemix: Thank you for your time. Final comments?

Steele: Yeah, to everybody out there in Canada and in the world, support the BCC, look out for Boot Camp in the 08 and buy The Album. It’s in stores right now. Look out for the “Stomp” video that’s out now on youtube with our boys Joell Ortiz & Rock. Too all the people, let’s not forget where we came from. Let’s focus on where we are trying to go. Remember our forefathers in the game, Kool Herc, Afrika Bambattaa and all. Rest in peace to all the souls that ain’t here. 08 Buckdown USA, here we come.

Tek: Canada always shows us love. Every part we go to…. So fans, get at us at and Please support the new album. Stay strong with your boys here at Duck Down and Boot Camp cuz we ain’t goin’ no where, we’re here to stay wit cha… get in ya…ya dig?

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Bootcamp Clik Smif N Wessun Steele Videos

Smif N Wessun Video Stomp featuring Joell Ortiz and Rock

Smif N Wessun Video Stomp featuring Joell Ortiz and Rock

Smif N Wessun’s “The Album” drops tomorrow 10-23-07!!

Bootcamp Clik Smif N Wessun Steele Videos

Smif N Wessun – Gotta Say It featuring Chuckii Star video

The New Smif N Wessun Single “Gotta Say It” Featuring Chuckii Star is from their upcoming LP titled “The Album” In Stores October 23rd, 2007

New Audio from Smif N Wesson, Special Teamz & Away Team featuring Sean Price

“Gotta Say It,” from Smif N Wessun featuring Chuckii Starr, taken from taken from their forthcoming 4th LP, The Album, which will be released on 10-23-07 by Duck Down Records. Tek & Steele getting all political on us? Say Word!!

Smif N Wessun’s “Gotta Say It

“Dirty Money”, from Special Teamz debut, Stereotypez, which is now in stores today via Duck Down Records. “Dirty Money” features a guest appearance from Ill Bill!

Special Teamz “Dirty Money” featuring Ill Bill

Last but not least, new audio, “Psycho Ward,” from the Away Team’s sophomore effort, Training Day, which will be released on 10-30-07 on Hall Of Justus Records. “Psycho Ward” features a guest spot from your favorite rappers favorite rapper–Sean Price!

Away Teams “Psycho Ward” featuring Sean Price

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ON OCTOBER 23rd, 2007


Bucktown, USA—–Duck Down Records announces the return of SMIF N WESSON! Tek N Steele will return on 10-23-07 with the release of their 4th LP THE ALBUM.

Ever wonder who originally coined the phrase “Bucktown,” the slang which has since become synonymous in the Urban landscape to describe the concrete borough? That’s right, SMIF N WESSON’s Tek & Steele.

Appearing under the name, Smif-N-Wessun, Tek and Steele’s first-ever recorded experience dates back to fellow ‘Bucktown’ representatives and Boot Camp members, Black Moon’s stellar LP, 1993’s Enta Da Stage. Textured with the murky, dungeon-core production of Da Beatminerz, and crackling with the flavor of a reggae vocal long-forgotten, the collaboration would set the stage for the unique blend of sound clash street-speak which was to follow. And follow it they did– nearly 2 years later, when the fast-rising pair dropped their groundbreaking Dah Shinin’ debut on Nervous Records. Acclaimed by both hip-hop and pop press alike, the record would feature an abundance of single-worthy cuts, including the now-classics, “Sound Bwoy Buriel”, “Stand Strong”, and “Bucktown.” And the fans liked it too, copping enough copies during its opening week to ensure both a #1 slot on Billboard’s Rap Album chart and #3 debut on its R&B measure– impressive stats for a new artist release in any genre.

By the time Tek & Steele began recording their sophomore LP, Rude Awakening, Duck Down had a new recording home and distribution deal with Priority Records and was the talk of the underground scene. But just as things looked ready to take off, Tek & Steele were served a cease and desist order from gun manufacturer Smith And Wesson, which banned them from being able to record under their original recording moniker SMIF N WESSON; hence, when Rude Awakening was finally released in 1998, Tek & Steele were forced to release the LP as Cocoa Brovaz—a road block which would have crippled most artists with lesser talent. Though Tek & Steele signed a deal with former Indy Powerhouse Rawkus Records in 2000, it was short lived, as Rawkus folded its door’s shortly after Tek & Steele had finished recording their Rawkus debut. Yet, the duo remained busy, as they stayed active by contributing to Rawkus’ Soundbombing II (“Get Up”) and SB III (“Spit Again”) and appearing (“Gun Talk”) on Talib Kweli’s 2002 release Quality.

In 2005, SMIF N WESSON released their third LP, Reloaded, the integral and final piece to Duck Down’s “Triple Threat” campaign (which also included releases from Buckshot & 9th Wonder (Chemistry) and Sean Price’s solo-debut (Monkey Barz) and more recently Tek & Steele added their unique flows and deliveries to collective BCC efforts The Last Stand (2006) and Casualties Of War (2007).

After working with some of Hiphop’s great artists, Tupac, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Talib Kweli and Aaliyah, on their latest opus, THE ALBUM, SMIF N WESSON left their comfortable surroundings in Bucktown to seemingly reinvent their sound, as in a quaint studio in Sweden, Tek N Steele worked diligently for three weeks recording tracks with producers such as Ken Ring (who previously produced “Trading Places” off BCC’s Last Stand album, and “Reloaded” off Smif N Wessun’s Reloaded album), Tommy Tee (who produced “Church” on Sean Price’s Jesus Price Supastar album), Rune Rotter, and Soul Theory. THE ALBUM’s lead-single, “Stomp Thru” f/Rock (from Heltah Skeltah) and Joell Ortiz is already gaining considerable momentum!

After 14 storied years in the rap game, Smif N Wessun are back with their signature name and have created a personal reflection of their experiences in the music industry with THE ALBUM.

“Stomp” f/ Rock & Joell Ortiz

Tracklisting and credits for SMIF N WESSON’s THE ALBUM:

1.) See The Light (produced by Ken Ring and Collen & Webb )
2.) Gotta Say it f/Chuckii Star (produced by Ken Ring and Collen & Webb)
3.) Trouble (produced by Ken Ring and Collen & Webb)
4.) K.I.M. 200 f/Loudmouf Choir
5.) P.N.C. For Life (produced by Ken Ring & Rune Rotter)
6.) Gangsta Prayer f/Million Styles (produced by Ken Ring & Rune Rotter)
7.) Stomp Thru f/Rock and Joell Ortiz (produced by Ken Ring and Collen & Webb)
8.) Who Gonna Save Us (produced by Ken Ring & Tommy Tee)
9.) Still Fighting (produced by Ken Ring and Collen & Webb)
10.) Yeah (produced by Ken Ring & Tommy Tee)
11.) Movie (produced by Ken Ring & Tommy Tee)
12.) Can’t Stop (produced by Ken Ring & Soul Theory)
13.) Can’t Feel My Face f/Loudmouf Choir (produced by Ken Ring & Tommy Tee)
14.) Still Here (produced by Ken Ring and Collen & Webb)

Bootcamp Clik Interviews Smif N Wessun Steele

Steele (Smif N Wessun) Interview

Steele Smif N Wessunwritten by Angus Crawford

MVRemix: When is the album coming out?

Steele: The Bootcamp album, Casaulties of War, comes out August 14th.

MVRemix: Nice. So when all of you get back into the studio together, how do you decide who raps on what tracks?

Steele: How do we decide?

MVRemix: Yeah are you like this sounds like a Smif N’ Wessun beat, let’s do this….

Steele: Well, some of them are ideas that Buck might have come to the table with, some of them were ideas that Dru man come to the table with, some beats we had gotten from random producers in the studio, and we just sifted through a lot of beats. Some beats cats liked.

MVRemix: So how do you decide who is going to be one each song, instead of having eight guys rapping, how does that work out?

Steele: It’s kind of like Chemistry man. Sometimes you just hear beat and you be like “Damn I can hear Louivelle on that, I can hear Top Dog on that, you know what I mean, I can hear Smif N’ Wessun” or sometimes a cat might just get on it and give you a vision or something different. Like with “B.K. All Day” we tried to get as many people as possible on that, like everybody was supposed to be on that and that was a vision that Dan The Man had, saying “We got to start with Rusty” which is the new young gunna we got coming out on Duck Down in ‘08, and it was perfect that 5 [5 Ft. Excelerator] was here, out of prison, and was able to bless that track. Some things just work out good. You got to try shit sometimes and you can’t be afraid to make some wack shit.

MVRemix: [laughs] Smif N’ Wessun has album coming out right?

Steele: Smif N’ Wessun comes out late fall.

MVRemix: Do you guys work on the albums simultaneously?

Steele: Actually we are at the mixing stage right now. We went overseas and worked on some shit with a couple of producers over in Scandinavia, produced by my man Ken Ring who did “My Timbs Do Work” and “Trading Places” on Last Stand. We just stayed with him for a couple of weeks and just traveled around and fucked with him Tommy Chee, two other producers Collen and Web and we recorded 35 tracks and just sifted through which ones we’d think would work and we still in the ending stage. Like we in the 4th quarter of work, we got photo shoots that we trying to finish.

MVRemix: I got to ask you, did you go to Amsterdam?

Steele: Yeah, actually before we went and started working on the album, we were in Amsterdam because we were on the Bootcamp tour, so directly after we left the Bootcamp tour we spent some extra time like four days before we went to work on the album.

MVRemix: How does it compare to the U.S.?

Steele: Amsterdam is dope for me man. Anywhere I can go inside a shop and buy weed without having to worry about police is a beautiful thing.

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