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Lil’ Wayne – Tha Carter IV review

With the flick of a lighter and Wayne’s signature pot-head giggle, Tha Carter IV kicks off like the distinctive whistle of an atomic bomb in a high speed plunge toward earth. In less than fifteen seconds, the self-proclaimed “King of Hip-Hop” will have you cowering beneath your kitchen table with your head between your knees in tumultuous anticipation of the lyrical explosion that is undoubtedly on it’s way to fuck up your world…

Unfortunately, the record begins not so much with a bang, but with a whimper.

Tha Carter IV’s hackneyed inaugural track “Intro” is a rigid, mid-tempo washout from the moment Weezy starts into his indolently written verse, until he finally puts the track out of it’s misery. Had he simply scrapped Intro all together and started off with the album’s second track Blunt Blowin’ Tha Carter IV would have had the volatile, momentous launch that is the God-given right of any release from the Young Money war chest. After all, Intro, Blunt Blowin’, and ten more of the record’s other eighteen songs start off with the exact same ‘lighter click, inhale’ combo anyway.

Despite the negative picture I’ve painted thus far, Lil’ Wayne quickly redeems himself, with an album whose track list is not only lyrically substantial but fearsomely catchy and addictive. Creative and original cuts like the chilling, pseudo-political President Carter and evocatively emotional Mirrors add humanity, depth, and dimension. Songs like How to Hate bring humor and edge, while its sister track How to Love provides us with a rare and momentary glimpse of the more sensitive side of the hip-hop powerhouse. If nothing else, Tha Carter IV is unquestionably, an album of layers and refreshing complexity.

So, once again I find myself on the opposite end of the spectrum from my music reviewing peers, who have unexplainably been foaming at the mouth, spitting licentious vitriol all over Tha Carter IV. In this writers humble opinion, Tha Carter IV, as a whole, is a much needed return to form for Weezy, especially after the half-witted rap-rock monstrosity that preceded it, Rebirth. If you can work your way passed its bumbling, snooze-worthy beginnings, and a few irritatingly repetitive and ridiculous production decisions.
Tha Carter IV is a great album.


DJ Khaled – Welcome To My Hood (Remix) featuring Ludacris, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Mavado, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B & Waka Flocka

Artist: DJ Khaled featuring Ludacris, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Mavado, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B & Waka Flocka
Song: “Welcome To My Hood (Remix)”
Producer: The Renegades
Album: We The Best Forever
Director: Dayo

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Monique Moy Gets Personal with Bag Lady! New Street Album Coming March 7 via Hudson Records Featuring Drake, T-Pain, Pitbull, Trina, Paris Bennett and More

Monique Moy Gets Personal with Bag Lady! New Street Album Coming March 7 via Hudson Records Featuring Drake, T-Pain, Pitbull, Trina, Paris Bennett and More!

Minneapolis, MN — While it seems all the rage in 2011 for ladies in entertainment to rant and rave dramatically to garner public attention, there are still those artists who would rather connect with fans through uplifting messages without resorting to theatrics. Enter Monique Moy, a gifted songwriter and performer who delights in sharing her positive energy through music.

On March 7, 2011, Moy will unveil her new street album Bag Lady, presented by Florida’s DJ Rell via Minneapolis-based Hudson Records. The insightful project offers 13 original tracks from Monique Moy, with guest appearances from Drake, T-Pain, Pitbull, Trina, Mr. CG, Supa Chino, T-Hud, American Idol season 5 finalist Paris Bennett and more.

For production, Moy united a number of sounds from the likes of trio The TrackSlayerz (T.I., Jim Jones, Lloyd Banks), CP Hollywood (Trina, Lil Boosie, Triple C’s) and Covea Jiles Music Group (Omarion, Brutha). She’s also nabbed some unique national flavor from Mississippi’s J.Skillz da Bandman, Chicago’s The Cubist, Houston’s Juven and more.

The Hudson Records team has worked tirelessly with Moy to develop the Bag Lady project, especially CEO Troy Hudson, also known as T-Hud. Hudson personally produced four tracks for Moy, and even laid down some vocals for the anthemic “Mean Shoe Game.”

Born in Philadelphia, raised in Chicago, and currently living in Minneapolis, Moy’s experiences around the country have given her a unique voice in music. In 2010, she wrote 50Tyson’s hit single “Don’t Know How to Dougie (But I Know How to Diddi)” ft. Nerdy Star, and performed the hook. As a follow-up, she tested the waters in December 2010 with the release of her first mixtape, Been There Done That hosted by Germany’s DJ Cosinus.

The buzz single from Bag Lady, “Okay,” features a lively chorus from international superstar Pitbull and a standout verse from Hip Hop’s ‘Diamond Princess’ Trina. Monique will follow with a video for the first official single “Superstar” which features songbird Paris Bennett.

Songs on the the project range from magnetic dance tracks to poetic personal reflection, and Moy hopes that other women be inspired to find their own brand of independence through her lyrical testimony.

“Bag Lady is catered for every single woman. Explore your femininity, and be tough and confident!” Monique explains. “The handbag represents ‘us’, and what’s inside of it depends on individuality. I started writing about my life, my needs and my wants, and what I wrote needed to be written. We only have moments in time, so I am grateful to God for every one of them.”

Download “Okay” ft. Pitbull & Trina, produced by Covea Jiles Music Group

Bag Lady track list

01. I’m Lady – prod by J.Skillz Da Bandman
02. Kill The Game Mo – prod by Trackslayerz
03. Can’t Nobody ft. Supa Chino – prod by The Cubist
04. So Fly ft. T-Pain – prod by Roscoe Wii
05. Bag Lady ft. Paris Bennett – prod by T-Hud
06. 24 Hour Champagne ft. Drake – prod by Beatgoonz
07. Take It Off ft. Laura Bell & Mr CG – prod by V.I.
08. Come Over – prod by CP Hollywood
09. Okay ft Pitbull & Trina – prod by Covea Jiles
10. Mean Shoe Game ft. T-Hud – produced by T-Hud
11. I Wish You Would – prod by T-Hud
12. Superstar ft. Paris Bennett – prod by T-Hud
13. Other ish ft. Malachi – prod by Juven
14. *Bonus track: Chris Brown “Deuces” Remix

The Bag Lady Mantra

Inside my bag is strength, courage, beauty, elegance, intelligence, exuberance and creativity. My handbag represents me!

When I carry my bag, I am displaying a woman of confidence, and no matter how my day went or what critics say, I know who I am. I make the bag look good.

I am fly from head to toe! I wear success, crisp and fresh like my latest Louie, and I wear it well.

What’s in your handbag?

I am proud to be a woman, and I embrace my femininity. My music represents every side of me.

Everyone wants to have the power of self-worth, and every woman is a bag lady. Handbags, not baggage.

What’s in your handbag?


A pretty face is always welcome in music, however it seems as though female Hip Hop artists often have to set their natural femininity aside to appear stronger alongside their male counterparts. As a lyricist, singer and songwriter, Monique Moy understands how easy it is for young ladies to lose themselves in the business.

With her new mixtape Bag Lady, slated for release on March 7, 2011, Moy puts her craft first and foremost in the music, but confidently maintains her femininity for the total package.

Throughout the conceptual Bag Lady project, Monique Moy boldly poses the question to women everywhere: What’s in your handbag?

Monique offers music fans the versatility of style and sound from her years living in Philadelphia, Chicago and Minneapolis. She began singing at just four years old, and despite early family troubles in Philly, a move to Chicago renewed Moy’s energy for entertainment. She eventually inked a deal with Minneapolis-based Hudson records, and began her professional recording career.

Moy’s galactic flow is equally relatable and artistically fresh, and she credits several female lyricists as inspiration for her work.

“I’ve learned so much from every single lady who grabbed the mic before me,” explains Monique. “MC Lyte taught me how to rip a track. From Lil Kim I learned how to be fashionable, from Queen Latifah I learned how to be a strong beautiful Black sister, and from Foxy Brown I learned how to be aggressive but sexy. Nicki Minaj has taught me how to conquer the masses, Shawnna and Nuisance bring that hustler mentality, and both Trina and Khia showed me that it’s ok to be provocative and explore my femininity.”

While most new generation MC’s feel that they are bringing everything new to the game, Moy feels that respecting what’s been done before her time is very important.

“I don’t feel that hip hop is missing anything, I am just an addition to it,” she asserts. “This generation is complex but fun, just as the generation in the ‘90s Hip Hop music offered similar diversity. Every topic in life gets explored, whether fun, catchy hooks or more serious political topics. I represent futuristic Hip Hop – I am diving into unchartered waters, and I’m not afraid to talk about it all.”

DJ Khaled Lil Wayne Plies Rick Ross T-Pain Videos

DJ Khaled – Welcome To My Hood video featuring Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Rick Ross and Plies

DJ Khaled – Welcome To My Hood video featuring Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Rick Ross and Plies

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Mams Taylor – King Amongst Men featuring Snoop Dogg, E 40, T Pain, Game

Mams Taylor – King Amongst Men featuring Snoop Dogg, E 40, T Pain, Game

Mams Taylor has just released his album “King Amongst Men” for free last week. The album has Mams teaming up with some of the biggest names in hip hop, electronica and R&B including Snoop Dogg, E 40, T Pain, and Game, as well as DJ Tiesto, Bobby Valentino and Christina Millian. Check out the complete track listing below and link to the free album, which includes the album art work in the link.

Mams Taylor, “King Amongst Men: The Lost Album


Who Killed Auto-Tune?

Jay-Z knows what’s on your mind. And on mine too, come to think of it. What is with you Rappas Ternt Wannabe-Sangas?” Why you gotta drown your songs with a sorry excuse for a voice that’s so annoying that the only reason people aren’t bleeding out of their ears at the club is because they’re too wasted to notice the (T-)pain their ears are in? Hova’s new single, “Death of Auto-tune,” is stirring up almost as much controversy in the hip-hop world as Chris-Brown’s-fist-versus-Rihanna’s-face. I know, I know; it’s a stretch, but you know what I mean. Jay-Z knows how to get attention when he wants it. Just in time to sell some Blueprint 3 records too.

Make no mistake; auto-tune’s made its rounds since way before hip-hop’s less vocally gifted jumped on the bandwagon. Remember Cher? Ever since T-Pain came onto the scene with Rappa Ternt Sanga, he brought with him that wonderful little program called Auto-tune, and detonated it all over the face of hip-hop. To give T-Pain credit though, he does know to write a catchy hook. That’s why “Buy U a Drank” was on every radio DJ’s database, “Blame It (on the goose, gotchu feelin’ loose)” was hot at the clubs, and “Freeze” was spewing out of every kid’s iPod ear buds. The guy knows what he’s doing.

But when you start having Lil Wayne and Snoop “singing” about erupting lollipops, we’ve got a problem. For the fans who love the electric atmosphere of a good hip-hop concert, no matter how good those songs sound now, they’ll never be performed live. Well, they might, but it won’t sound anything like the album version – I promise. Kanye West would know. His entire 808s & Heartbreak album was auto-tuned to pitch-perfection, and it did phenomenally on the charts when it first came out and everyone was oohing and aahing over the utter craziness that is an album fully saturated with voice distortion. While I have the utmost respect for Kanye as an artist, ego or no ego, “Heartless” and “Amazing” didn’t last long in my playlist after the novelty and catchiness wore off. I have an Auto-tune Quota, and “Love Lockdown” unfortunately filled most of it.

Back to Jay-Z’s declaration of war on auto-tune: he’s careful to not name names, but really, you know who you are (i.e. any rapper who’s tried to actually sing one of his auto-tuned songs live and have it turn out like a half-rapped, half-shouted mess). Ironically enough, Kanye is producing most of Blueprint 3, though he promises to keep the auto-tune far, far away (is that why Jay-Z didn’t call him out?). Whenever you pour on the hate though, you always get some back, especially if dissing you means instant publicity. Jay-Z’s gotten his share of criticism for “D.O.A.” already from younger rappers who think he’s getting too old for the game, but I have to give Jay the last word: “Get back to rap, you T-Pain’n too much.”

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True to the Game Album Sampler featuring Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Ludacris, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Yung Joc, Mario and more

You’ve already seen the stellar tracklist! Now get a chance to hear the tracks from Stadium Entertainment’s first release, True to the Game, in stores and online March 24th!

Preorder on Amazon!

True to the Game, Volume 1

1. Knock It Out Da’ Park – Yung Joc
2. Flyaway – Raiyn and Talib Kweli
3. Beam Me Up – Tay Dizm, T-Pain and Rick Ross
4. Still Hurts – Macy Gray and Marsha Ambrosius
5. The Big Screen – G.L.C. (Gangsta L. Crisis) and Kanye West
6. These Past Days – Sam Chris and Big Boi of OutKast
7. Pretty Girl – Jarvis and Ludacris
8. Make Your Way To The Dance Floor – Ziggy Nina and Chingy
9. Sweetest Taboo – Mikkey Halsted and Klass
10. If I Told U – Porta Prince and Ray J
11. The Bigg League – The Hustle Boyz and Snoop Dogg
12. Ghetto Love – Mario
13. Don’t Know How 2 Act – DJ Pharris, Shawna, Paul Wall and Lil Scrappy
14. I Don’t Wanna – Brandon Hines

About Stadium
Stadium is unique from other emerging independent record and consumer entertainment companies, with the majority of Stadium’s releases providing a revenue stream that will raise funds for a select list of grassroots and philanthropic organizations. With this mission and its focus on philanthropy, Stadium will generate projects featuring award-winning, gold and platinum recording artists, many of whom are on the forefront of today’s musical landscape.

The first release, TRUE TO THE GAME, Volume 1, will benefit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM).

Official Album Cover

A Collection of Track Masters
Stadium Entertainment

Busta Rhymes Videos

Busta Rhymes – Arab Money Remix video (Behind The Scenes) featuring Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Akon, Spliff Star, Rick Ross, N.O.R.E., Red Cafe & Reek Da Villian and Lil Wayne

Behind The Scenes look at Busta Rhymes “Arab Money Remix” Featuring Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Akon, Spliff Star, Rick Ross, N.O.R.E., Red Cafe & Reek Da Villian and Lil Wayne. Directed By Rik Cordero

Akon Busta Rhymes Lil Wayne Puffy Swizz Beatz T-Pain Videos

Busta Rhymes – Arab Money Remix video featuring Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Akon and Lil Wayne Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes Look at Busta Rhymes “Arab Money Remix” Featuring Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Akon and Lil Wayne. Directed By Rik Cordero. Video Coming Soon.

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LOS ANGELES-Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication, a new CD and workbook from Spark The Mind that melds the world of Hip Hop and R&B into an innovative collection of hook laden tunes geared to teach kids of all ages their multiplication facts will be released April 22, 2008 via The product is being marketed directly to educators and schools and will be released to major retail outlets later this year. The brainchild of creators Alex Nesmith, a longtime music producer and Christine Smith, a former school teacher, the CD is a compilation of songs covering multiplication facts from 0 to 12 using the back beats of radio hits by some of today’s most popular music artists including Chris Brown, T-Pain, Soulja Boy, Akon, and Cassie, to name a few. The songs are performed by students who were chosen after they met the challenge of successfully learning their multiplication facts and displaying the ability to write their own lyrics.

The CD alone is priced at $17.99 and the Teacher Edition double CD and its companion Student Workbook will each sell separately for $29.99. Bulk discounts and Teacher Answer Key’s are also available to education professionals. The Teacher Edition double CD is an extended version of the Hip Hop Multiplication CD and includes an additional song for each recording that’s only the multiplication facts isolated for teachers to use in their classrooms. The double CD has the instrumental version of each song for the students to practice their multiplication from memory. There is also an enhanced CD with a Lesson Plan Video of How to Use Our Products Effectively for teachers, a presentation about Spark the Mind, a preview of “Smart Shorties Math Facts – The Movie.” And a bonus track, “Riding The 50 States,” which was inspired by Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty” single, all included in the Hip Hop Multiplication Teacher Edition double CD. The companion Student Workbook is a great way to follow along with the Teacher Edition double CD and is sold separately. In addition to being purchased online, the products can also be ordered by calling 800-880-9839. The CD’s and workbooks were designed to give teachers a cool, modern educational tool that students would enjoy learning with while also being affordable for parents to utilize as an educational supplement at home. Unlike the typical workbook, Smart Shorties is printed in full color and uses symbols such as blinged out headphones, musical notes, sports cars and other highly identifiable emblems of hip hop culture which have proven to hold kids attention.

Smith and Nesmith met while Smith was teaching inner city children grades 4th – 6th in Toledo, Ohio. She approached Nesmith, known for producing hit records for a diverse group of artists ranging from Akon and Outkast to Keith Sweat and Charlotte Church, about turning her math lessons into songs to help her students memorize their facts. “I couldn’t understand how my kids couldn’t grasp these math equations, but they were able to recite every line from the most difficult hip hop songs,“ say’s Smith. She and Nesmith decided to have the students write their own lyrics using the beats from popular music as a key to the student’s ability to memorize and easily process math problems. This process was an immediate hit with the students so they formalized the first song into a professional workable classroom program and they found the scores on the standardized math tests showed marked improvement.

-Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication, a new CD and workbook from Spark The Mind that melds the world of Hip Hop and R&B into -Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication, a new CD and workbook from Spark The Mind that melds the world of Hip Hop and R&B into
-Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication, a new CD and workbook from Spark The Mind that melds the world of Hip Hop and R&B into

A pilot study utilizing Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication materials was recently performed in Washington D.C. public schools, amongst the nation’s lowest performing districts. The school exposed to the Smart Shorties product out performed the control group by 25% after initially testing 42% lower than the same control group.

Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication is just the first of what will be a multi-product roll out for Spark The Mind. The company plans to develop a series of educational CD’s and workbooks across critical curriculum areas.

The full track listing on Smart Shorties Hip Hop Multiplication includes:
1. 1s Always The Same (inspired by Akon’s “I Wanna Love You”)
2. Me and 2s (inspired by Cassie’s “Me and U”)
3. Crank Them 3s (inspired by Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”)
4. Throw Some 4s On It (inspired by Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s”)
5. 5s This Is Why I’m Smart (inspired by Mims’ “This Is Why I’m Hot”)
6. 6s Math Facts Teacher (inspired by T-Pain’s “Bartender”)
7. 7s Ballin’ (inspired by Jim Jones’ “We Fly High”)
8. 8s I Know You Know It (inspired by Yung Joc’s “I Know You See It”)
9. The 9s Trick (inspired by Jibbs “Chain Hang Low”)
10. 10s Work It Out (inspired by DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out”)
11. 11s Double Double (inspired by Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss”)
12. 12s Tell Me What You Know (inspired by E-40’s “Tell Me When To Go”)
13. 0s Clear It Out (inspired by Webstar’s “Chicken Noodle Soup”)

Spark The Mind is an edutainment company based in Maumee, OH founded by Christine Smith, a former elementary school teacher and Alex Nesmith, a popular music producer who share a lifelong commitment to early childhood education. Founded in 2006, the company’s goal is to harness the international power of hip hop music to inspire kids to learn at every grade level while having fun.