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Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, Talib Kweli and more speak on their love for Novel

Get a deep look at both the man & the artist in Novel’s EPK
In the video, Novel’s very talented fan-base of Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Talib Kweli, Leona Lewis, & Joell Ortiz speak on his dedication to the craft

“The first time I heard any of his music… there’s just a zone about it that I really got right inside of” – Alicia Keys

“He makes decisions based on musicality. A lot of people make decisions based on how they want to sell. His decisions are strictly creative based and that’s rare in today’s industry” – Talib Kweli

Find out why Novel is your favorite artist’s favorite artist, plus get an exclusive sneak peak of a track from Novel’s debut album “The Audiobiography”.

Novel EPK

“I Am…Future Black President” EP – Available Online Now
“The Audiobiography” in stores March 24 2009
Capitol Records