Tone Blare “Digital Dreams”

A hardcore Hip Hop head, whom always felt he should produce. Once Tone Blare took it upon himself to focus on production, he quickly became the go-to guy for The Beat Ministry and others. Providing soothing sounds combined with powerful drums to deliver that classic feel. Often referred to as the Truth, “If Beats Had DNA, His Would Be Herculoid” says MyGrane McNastee.

From producing for The Beat Ministry, MyGrane McNastee, Murdoc, Kap Kallous, C-Rayz Walz and more; Tone Blare is in high demand. Most recently, Tone Blare orchestrated the lead single “Prophet” for Shinobi Stalin’s “Zombie Skool” album.

You also may have heard him MC over beats with Drive By Cinema, or Vets of Kin. Holding his own rhyme skills down, on stages along side Wu-Tang Clan, The Clipse, just to name a few. From the beats to the mic, Tone Blare represents to the fullest. Tone invites us to venture into the depths of a digital era, hence Drive By Cinema presents “Digital Dreams”. Let’s doze off…just for a short while.

Stay tuned for Digital Dreams remix contest coming soon…

Free Download: “Digital Dreams”