Yuksek coming to Santos House Party!

Yuksek has done it again with his most recent album Living on the Edge of Time. This talented French electronic producer will playing in New York City on April 5th at Santos House Party. See you there.

The sound from Away from the Sea heavily changed from Living on the Edge of Time. What inspired you to change the sound of the second album?  Did you initially want to make a record that’s a different sound? Or did it just happen naturally through the process?

No, it’s just that I spend most of my time in the studio doing music, and doing the same for 4 years would have been a nightmare… I mean I try, experiment with things, and what I initially wanted was to sing the songs myself and not have features. 

I read in an old interview that you described Away from the Sea as “Sex and sun, love, happiness in the world.” How would you describe Living on the Edge of Time?

Sunset, friendship, journey, and tender lovin’.

How has pairing with Brodinsky changed your approach to music?

To be honest, I didn’t think it changed anything in my approach of music except putting more fun into it, and personally he helps me with “being in society.”

I love the “Always on a Run” music video.  How did you get the idea for the theme?

Most of the time we ask movie production companies to send us projects, and this one was the best! I’m not too much into violence into music videos but their vision was different, more poetic.

In terms of your remixes, do you approach the artists, or do they approach you?

They approach me, or their management or label.

Before you remix a song, are there certain features in the track which you look for that go well with your beats?  For example, tempos, bass, pitch…certain elements in a song that you look for?

Vocals, vocals and vocals… Most of the time that’s the only element I keep from the original track.

What do you like better-live or set DJ?

I’m more into doing live, really playing and singing on stage, and I’m doing 90% of live performances. But I like DJing in clubs sometimes, it’s fun and relaxing.

Any new remixes coming up?

First Serve featuring De La Soul – Must Be The Music, Katy Perry – Peacock, Gold Fields – Moves and The Young Professionals – DISCO.

Who would you want to work with?

The next interesting person I’ll meet. The last one was Stephen “The Magician” Fasano, we released few tracks on Kitsuné and we have new things coming in the next months under the name “PETER & The MAGICIAN”.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Playing kitsch love songs on piano.

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