Caveman at Bowery Ballroom

After seeing Caveman perform at the Bowery Ballroom, I now understand why it was a sold out show.  To put it simply – it was amazing.  All of Caveman’s unique features were enhanced during their set.  If you are like me and have listened to Coco Beware for the past five months on loop, seeing Caveman made me Decide how Thankful I was to have such a Great Life.  Ok, I’ll stop having fun with song titles and try to portray how these New York natives put on such a colorful performance.

Each member of the band played an integral part with the ensembles. The keyboards, tambourines, two guitarists, and multiple drums added many layered elements to their four-part harmonized songs. The talented lead singer, Matthew Iwanusa, mastered the multi-tasking while he covered songs using drums and tambourines while singing each high note right on pitch.  Although I’m not aware as to the meaning behind their band title, I can rightfully say, the show/members embraced caveman-like tendencies.  Slightly hunched, Iwanusa ardently banged on the single drum while the rest of the sounds beautifully rang through the ballroom as if it were inside an echoey cave.

Compared to their album, the show had several psychedelic components to their set. The long resonating outros to certain songs reverberated throughout the venue and had a powerful impact on the listener.  On top of some new songs they performed, they played their entire album.  They ended with Great Life and brought some of their talented friends to beat the drums with them on stage. Not only did I slightly feel I was watching a mini drum circle, but was intrigued by this spiritual experience.  Although it was just a couple of guys having fun and jammin’ to a great song, it was a moment that every concert attendee pays and prays to see-the organic development of watching the performers getting lost in the music. Priceless.

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