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Pretty Good Dance Moves Interview

Pretty Good Dance Moves are about to release their new full length album, Limo, on February 7, which is divided between 8 different magical Movements.  Luckily, they have residency in New York City’s venue, Pianos, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to check them out.

Are you excited for the touring circuit?

PGDM: We are excited to get on the road and out of NYC for a minute. You know the best part about leaving is coming back. I’ve been locked in the studio all winter working a few different projects so it will be fun getting out with some PGDM tracks again.

What’s your favorite thing about being on tour?

PGDM: Meeting new people and playing every night. Good combo.

Can you talk about the 8 individual Movements in the album? 

PGDM: The record was originally supposed to be 1 track with no breaks but we decided we should give the option to skip around.

Did you ever have the urge to title the songs differently? 

PGDM: TNo, not at all actually. If we break the record up into “tracks” we can’t title them because then it would be defeat the purpose of what we are going for. We didn’t want to release singles but a full record to be listened to from cover to cover.

What are the main differences between Limo and PGDM EP? 

PGDM: The EP was just a handful of tracks we  picked from about a dozen that we recorded one winter.  The tracks all had there own thing and it was more synth popped. Limo has it’s own vibe. Originally, it was going to be an instrumental record (till Sabina blew us away). We didn’t go in trying to make songs, but just surrounded ourselves with Moogs, a prophet, Wurlitzer, bass guitar, drum set, sequencer, Juno etc… And whatever we had after weeks of tracking is what we would go with. Just experimented.

I love the playful theme of your video “Dancing Demons.” Do you have any ideas for upcoming videos?

PGDM: A 32 minute long music video directed by Antoine Wagner that’s shot here (in NYC) and in Paris. It’s the first video we didn’t do completely ourselves. It’s in the editing phase now, and it looks good.

What are the perks of being an electronic based band? 

PGDM: Hmmm, probably the best stuff we have ever recorded we have never released because it’s too “out.” We are saving it for a different project I guess. This band is great because it’s a collaborative project and we get to work with different people. My favorite artist/record is probably Edan’s “Primitive Plus.” We would love to step in that world next. That would be sick. Growing and getting better.

I have to ask, what would you say is your favorite dance move? 

PDGM: Copter.

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