The Boom Booms live in Victoria

This previous Saturday I was lucky enough to sit down with the fellas from the boom booms followed by their concert at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria.

Prior to the interview and concert I was excited as The Boom Booms are an up and coming band who seem to be perpetually expanding in song choices and career moves. Their success grew further recently as they were awarded the high up in the Peak’s “Top 20 BC Bands of 2011”.

The boys have remained humble and focused during the process of further recognition. They explained to me that they are doing what they have always done, but now they have greater recognition from the public and thirsty record producers. This of course feels nice to the band but is not the foundation of why they approached the music industry.

Every member of the six piece rock/Latin/reggae band emanates something musical, in their gate and the way they speak and the way they communicate with one another. They all complement one another in conversation and on stage. This is evident of a band that chooses members that are suitable and compatible. They have travelled extensively together and four of them live in the same house in East Vancouver, while the 2 members live within shouting distance. When asked how they manage this they explained cohesively; they have become used to one another and being together just feels comfortable.

The boys are taking off to Brazil this week to expand feed their musical curiosity, expand with their music and shed light on the current issues that attack one of the most influential countries in the world.

The Boom Booms live is an interactive experience, they make it their responsibility to get limbs loose on the dance floor which is exactly what happened in the packed in the Raptors venue. They each interact with the crowd and make sure the audience is connected, this connection is what makes their performances electric and lithe.

Their set lists are commonly designed before each show based off of who they are playing with and how they are feeling, allowing authenticity to each performance. The fellas include choreographed dance sways, sing alongs and even Nelly covers. The underlying foundation of the Boom Booms is fun, I anticipate this quality to stick with further musical evolvement during their time in Brazil.

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