Polyvinyl Records To Release Aloha Home Acres On March 9, 2010! Download “Moonless March” From Home Acres On Stereogum now!

Polyvinyl Records To Release Aloha Home Acres On March 9, 2010! Download “Moonless March” From Home Acres On Stereogum now!

Polyvinyl Records will be releasing the highly anticipated Aloha record Home Acres on March 9, 2010. Check out the first single “Moonless March” (along with an interview with Aloha’s Tony Cavallario) on Stereogum

Aloha began with Tony Cavallario and Matthew Gengler in the summer of 1997 in Bowling Green, OH. One of the few bands to ever actually get a record deal based on a demo tape, the band has operated from a number of bases, doing their writing, rehearsing and living in Cleveland, Chicago, Washington D.C., Cincinnati, Rochester, Pittsburgh and Altoona, PA. Aloha is renowned for their intense, non-stop live shows and extensive touring, as well as their homemade T-shirts and self-reliant ethic. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Q And Not U, Ted Leo, and Clinic, as well as Cex and Joan of Arc, two bands in which drummer Cale Parks has been a member.

Cavallario and T.J. Lipple began playing together during a lull in Aloha’s schedule in late 2002, when they both lived in Pittsburgh. Lipple joined the band in May of 2003, when Parks, Cavallario and Gengler joined him at his grandpa’s empty house in Altoona, PA. There they began writing the songs that would eventually become 2004’s Here Comes Everyone. With Lipple came a more focused approach to making music and a host of new tools including marimba, homemade mellotrons, organs and tape manipulations. Lipple’s skilled drumming also allowed Parks to move to the piano on occasion.

While the four members of Aloha are scattered across the eastern half of the country, they spend most of their time making music together. Some Echoes is the second Aloha album since Lipple joined the band, and was recorded, mixed and mastered at Silver Sonya with Chad Clark (Beauty Pill) in Arlington, Va.

In late 2007, Aloha set out to record a surprise album for fans, acting as a thank you note for years of a lasting commitment to the band. The resulting 7-song Light Works, is an ambitious piece, meshing moody, detached rhythms with the graceful tones of Cavallario’s acoustic guitar. Mixed by Aloha percussionist Lipple, Lights Works contains the elements of an organic recording process in its free-spirited nature.

On 2010’s Home Acres, Aloha expands on the graceful acoustics of Light Works with an ambient, energetic offering. Overflowing with a sense of slow-building intensity, Home Acres, is the band’s biggest album to date. Home Acres reaches beyond the limitations of past influences towards a brighter, bolder future.

Lyrically, Home Acres (named for a quaint old suburb of Rochester, NY) tries to sort through the wreckage of the Great Lakes region and a way of life. Left abandoned “waiting for a getaway car that never came” in the record’s arena-rock-by-way-of-Silver Apples closer “Ruins,” we’re left to think that maybe we ought to have dreamt bigger and fought the urge to disengage. A suggestion that Aloha has taken to heart for its biggest, brightest record to date.

“Like a computer geek with a romantic streak, Ohio’s Aloha straddle the line between trad songcraft and proggy virtuosity.” – Entertainment Weekly

“It’s prog without pretense, pop with a brain; every perfectly recorded note is necessary in order to propel itself into the next, leaving it impossible to focus on any particular instrument or voice without being immediately and happily drawn to another.” – Under The Radar

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