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Esthero – Everything is Expensive album review

“Music is my genre” Esthero explains, which answers nothing but tells us everything.  This Canadian songstress’ music has been described as hip-hop, jazz, pop, electronic, and indie among many others.  And her third studio album ‘Everything is Expensive’ is no exception to her wide range in vocal and musical stylings.  Esthero, born Jenny-Bea Englishman, started performing when she was only 15 years old, and joined forces with producer Doc McKinney shortly after turning 18.  The two began recording and releasing tracks as “Esthero” in 1998.  Finally picked up by Warner Bro. records, Esthero released “Wikked Lil’ Grrrls” in 2005 featuring Andre 3000, Cee-Lo Green, Gnarles Barkley, and Sean Lennon, to much critical acclaim.

The first single from her latest album, “Never Gonna Let You Go”, features a driving piano melody, a touch of synthesizers, and super-pop chorus.  The song swings so well, you will be swept up into the groove too quickly to realize she is singing of her love for a boy – so strong she’s resolved to capturing him and keeping him in her closet when he wrongs her.  But I mean, who hasn’t been there once or twice, or six times in their lives?  The video for the single features a very adorable girl, playing the part of Esthero’s daughter torturing a Ken doll much like Esthero describes throughout the song.  It’s charming and impossibly catchy, given the dark tone of both the video and single itself.

The rest of the album is beautiful, and is built of more ballads than the pop/dance tracks the artist is more commonly known for.  “You made a simple mistake, now you’re paying for it with your heart” Esthero sings out of love and loss over 13 exceptionally produced, three-dimensional songs.  All with the ability to challenge you heart with her melodies, and your mind with her flawlessly chosen lyrics.  Her voice is sweet and silky, and stands on it’s own over a seriously stellar mix of piano, Spanish guitars, trumpets, and solid drum tracks.

If you elect to purchase the album, do so through where Esthero has created one-of-a-kind packages with your purchase.  Some packages include a Skype session with Esthero, a bedtime story, or even some of her original artwork; with a portion of the proceeds going to a charity of the singer’s choice.  Even if you purchase just the album alone, it’s well worth the money for this flawless effort from a star we have only seen the beginning of.

By Katie Keller

I'm a cute redhead who is constantly getting into trouble and making bad decisions. I play drums, sing songs, and dance badly. I like Death Cab, Motion City, Foo Fighters, and anything else that makes me jump up and down.

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