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Scott Matthew at Rockwood Music Hall

In a small and cozy dimly light red room at Rockwood Music Hall, Scott Matthew graced the audience with his presence and talent.  The crowd quietly listened to the Australian born New Yorker play his new album, Gallantry’s Favorite Son, at his record release partyThe drums and bass were pushed far back as we listened to Matthew gently strum his ukulele.  There’s nothing more classic than watching a passionate musician only with his guitar, if there only was a fireplace crackling to the side, it would have been the perfect setting on a cold winter’s night.

The intimate environment went well with his personal songs about love and life’s complexities.  He sang some melodramatic melodies about past relationships, threw in some whistles and lightened up the mood.  It’s difficult to categorize his voice which makes it truly is unique and endearing. It features a touch of rasp, but yet feels pure, filled with vibratos and crescendos that create the right mix for his gentle folky ballads.

If you’re in the mellow mood, Gallantry’s Favorite Son is definitely worth listening to.

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