Ormonde – Machine album review

When most people think of rock, they think of speaker bursting bass riffs, glass shattering guitar chords, and powerful vocals. Let me sit you down for a second to explain to you that not all rock is like this and Ormonde is the answer.

Upon listening to Ormonde’s new album, the first thing that came to mind was their distinctive sound. The duo has a unique style of rock. Their musical style exemplifies mellow rock instrumentation, vocal harmony with minor key tonality to fit the pace of their mild rhythmic syncopation, acoustic guitar and acoustic rhythm piano. It is actually quite relaxing and aesthetically pleasing to listen to.

In their new album Machine, American duo, Robert Gomez and Anna-Lynne Williams have successfully created a sound that redefines rock. Their mellow tones found in most of their songs, but are found to be more pronounced in songs like, “I Can’t Imagine,” “Cherry Blossom,” “Machine,” and “Secret”, create a sense of natural peace. The harmony found between the vocals and their instruments is the epitome of cohesiveness. They are in perfect sync, which gives their overall sound a bit of mystery and mesmeric undertone.

I encourage you to listen to their new album to a get a feel of the difference between stereotypical rock and mellow rock. There is an art behind both styles, but even rock can create a sense of beauty and peace and is not all hateful, black, and punk like we are used to stereotyping.

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